Seraph Bow (Enchanted Long Bow):

There are stories about an Elven ranger who had a number of encounters with demons. Unfortunately, the name of the ranger has been lost in the mists of history. After a few such encounters, decided to commission a special enchanted long bow to deal with demons and their thralls. It is said that in the ranger’s hands, several dozen demons and a number of demon thralls were also slain. It is also said that the ranger was ambushed by a small army of demons and finally slain but still took down many.

The servants of the demons tried to hide the weapon and it is believed to have disappeared for decades if not for almost a century. It was able to be traced eventually to a secret hidden fortress of dark priests worshipers of demon lords. From some whispered rumors, a ranger and her companions were able to discover the location and defeat the servants of the dark.

That archer, unlike the first was human. Eventually she got too old to effectively carry the bow anymore and passed it on to a son. This son was unfortunately slain in battle and the bow wound out drifting through various hands. Since then, the long bow has been carried by several rangers and longbowman. Considered extremely valuable. The enchantments are not too uncommon and several bows with similar enchantments have also been made.

As with many magic items, the bow is extremely beautiful. A slim long bow, the main body of the bow appears to be made from golden wood. The grip and arrow rest are in the design of a female Seraph with her wings swept back. Her design is incredibly detailed and carefully painted. Her wings are snowy white, her hair is a similar white, and she is wearing what appears to be reddish gold armor. Her facial features are just as intricate and she is quite beautiful although threatening at the same time. The bow notches are in the design of flames with each painted a mixture of golds and reds so that it almost appears as if they are on fire. Finally, the string itself is black. As with many enchanted bows, the bow never needs to be unstrung. It also shows absolutely no sign of wear, making it most likely the weapon is indestructible.

Many archers will use enchanted flaming arrows with the bow but in fact the bow itself does not create flaming arrows. Still, it is a spectacular weapon. The bow is extremely accurate, as good as the best long bows made by elven weapon craftsmen of the Palladium world. The bow will adjust to the strength of the archer. A stronger archer will be able to sink an arrow deeper than one who is less strong. Even so, the arrows seem to sink even deeper than just explained by the archer’s strength. Each arrow glows with a golden light when fired. Probably most spectacular is that arrows seem most deadly against demons. The arrows have also been know to effect demon thralls (witches) in a similar manner, those who tied themselves in a union with a demon lord.

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