Sabre-Arm (Magical Transformable Weapon):

This weapon is usually carried in it smaller “sabre” form, a single bladed sword of moderate length with a slight curve to the blade. While not as innocuous as a dagger, a sabre is less threatening than a pole arm is and less of a concern to guards. In addition, they are much easier to carry than a pole is with a common length around six feet. As a sabre, they can simply be carried on the side of the person.

The enchantment on the weapon is similar to that of the dagger-spear. When a command is given, the hilt simply expands to around five to seven feet in length. The extended handle tends to be shorter than that of the dagger-spear. The weapon in this form is similar to the Russian Sovnya or Japanese Naginata. In the pole arm form, the weapon gives a better swing and is more effective against mounted opponents. Simple command is also used to cause the weapon to retract back into being a sabre.

These weapons can be plain or highly decorated. With the Sabre-Arm being extremely expensive, only those quite wealthy can afford them including nobles, wealthy merchants, and adventurers. Those who wish to hide their wealth and more likely to carry plain versions. Plain weapons, even magical ones, are less likely to attract thieves than a highly decorate. Still, many owners want to show off their wealth and many are works of art with highly decorated handles and engraved blades. Many are also jeweled.

Plain or highly decorated, these weapons are finely crafted with balance equal to almost any weapon made by Dwarven weaponsmiths. In addition to the enchantment that allows the weapon to transform, these weapons are enchanted to be indestructible and as sharp as a razor. One can easily shave with the blade of the sabre. While alchemists knowing the art of making these weapons are most common in the Western Empire, there are a scattering in other lands as well. Most of the alchemists who can make these weapons also can make dagger-spears, dagger-swords, and bracer weapons.

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