Ormhon “Gryphon’s Talon” (Magical Sabre Halberd):

Not many think of enchanted pole arms when discussing magic weapons. They are far more rare than most enchanted weapons, especially swords. Still, there are a number of interesting and well known enchanted pole arms. An enchanted sabre halberd, it is believed that Ormhon was made only several century prior, a relatively new enchanted weapon. The sabre halberd is believed by most to have been enchanted by an alchemist in the Western Empire.

It is generally thought that the sabre halberd was made original for a skilled mercenary soldier named Rakbdar. Interesting, it is suggested that the owner actually retired instead of being killed like many. Since the original owner retired, the weapon has passed through a number of different hands since having been created with most of the wielders treasuring the weapon.

The weapon is an especially beautiful weapon, one reason why the sabre halberd is so treasured. Most enchanted pole arms are relatively plain. The blade itself is polished, almost silvery in color. On each side of the axe blade of the head of the halberd, there is an inlaid design of a gryphon. The design is extremely artistic. It has been suggested that the original owner was an illegitimate child of a noble where the gryphon was the symbol of the noble house. The handle of the sabre halberd is of an almost golden wood, also highly polished and smooth.

Most believe that the weapon was crafted by an extremely skilled dwarven weapon smith. It is an extremely fine weapon, both incredibly well balanced and extremely sharp. Few weapons can be considered the equal of the enchanted pole arm and warriors find themselves fighting better than with any normal weapon.

As with many enchanted weapons, the sabre halberd is indestructible. Neither the blade or wooden shaft shows any signs of wear. The weapon also is extremely sharp and penetrates deeper than most weapons. Often the weapon will penetrate even deeper than normal for the sabre halberd. The weapon actually inflicts as much damage as many rune weapons.

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