Nivesash (Enchanted Berdiche):

Stories tell that Nivesash is several hundreds of years old. Compared to many enchanted weapons, the enchanted Berdiche is not especially old. While there are some conflicting stories about the weapon, many believe that the weapon was made for a powerful Wolfen general. Over the years, the weapon has been carried by numerous wielders, including a number of human wielders.

Nivesash is an enchanted Berdiche, a pole weapon with an extremely long blade. In some cases, the Berdiche is considered a long bladed pole axe. The blade is over two feet long. The blade itself is a dark grey with the design of a skull facing the opposite direction of the blade as the upper socket of the blade. Even though the weapon is believed to be hundreds of years old, the blade shows no signs of wear.

Unlike most enchanted weapons, the handle is not part of the enchanted weapon. The handle is around five feet long. While a variety of different handles have been used over the years, the most recent being made from yellow wood. The handle is likely decades old and even though yellow would is incredibly tough, the handle shows some minor signs of wear from the huge number of hands who have wielded the weapon over the decades.

As with most enchanted weapons, the Berdiche is both extremely sharp and well balanced with a wielder able to get the most from the weapon. Even so, the weapon is not considered to be of the finest Dwarven quality but instead it is believed to be of the best Kobold quality weapons.

The enchantments on the weapon are reasonably common. As previously listed, the blade of the Berdiche is enchanted to be indestructible even though the handle is not. In addition to being extremely sharp, the weapon seemed to inflict greater damage through the magic of the weapon. Finally, the weapon is enchanted to be especially effective against opponents who are considered good. The weapon is extremely devastating when used against good opponents.

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