Kym-Evora (Magical Spear / Omi-Yari):

While sword often get the attention, more fighting men and women are armed with spears than with swords. The Elven Kingdom was the same way. While the eleven warsabre is what they are often known for, elven spears were far more common. They were some of the finest spears ever made with longer heads than most more modern spears. As with the elven swords, most of those that were not enchanted have long rusted away and only a small number of enchanted spears remain.

While the enchanted elven spears are quite prized, there were a number of even more spectacular enchanted spears. One of these is know as Kym-Evora. The spear appears to be made from crystal, both the shaft and head. While there are a number of crystal magic items, most are believed to have been made by an elven alchemist who went by the name of Eldron although there are a handful of exceptions known. Kym-Evora appears to be one of those item. Nobody knows who actually made it but it is believed to be much older than the Alchemist, possible dating to early in the Elven Kingdom's history. This spear has woven itself through history, sometimes appearing and at other times disappearing for decades or even centuries.

Most scholars believe that in fact the spear is made from the forged blood of the Dragon God "Kym-nark-mar." There is also a sword which is said to have been made using his blood but it is also believed to be a holy weapon. Instead, this one appears to be more or less a conventional magic item. It is as fine a weapon as any of the other enchanted spears others, extremely well balanced. While mainly designed as a melee weapon, it is also well balanced for throwing.

As far as appearance, it is a work of art although most eleven weapons from that period, at least those that remain, are. The shaft and head of the crystal spear appears to be made from a single piece of crystal. It has tiny grooves along the shaft which are in the design of vines and leaves. This enables the spear to not slip through a wielder's hands. The design of the head of the spear is engraved with designs of the Aligarn flower. Even though ancient, the spear shows no sign of the ravages of time and looks as new as when it was first made.

As far as anybody call tell, the spear itself is completely indestructible. It also inflicts greater damage than any normal spear and in fact seems to be as able to inflict damage as a less rune weapon. This though is not the spears most spectacular ability. The spear's most spectacular ability is that it penetrates armor as if it is paper or thin cloth. Blows will usually damage the armor while also cutting into the person wearing the armor. The spear is enchanted so that it can be thrown and will return to the hand of the person who throws it. In addition, the spear is able to travel twice as far as it should when thrown.

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