Hair Pin Dagger - Magical (Transformable Weapons):

These are a fairly common magic item. There are also hair pins which transform to daggers which carry no additional enchantments. These items are quite popular with woman, especially those of the noble and wealthy merchant classes. There are some female assassins who favor them as well. As much jewelry as weapons, they are often quite ornate and decorative in a vast number of different styles. While some are bronze, others are silver or gold. Some are works of art. Even though fairly well known, they are still often overlooked by opponents.

While in their untransformed form, they appear to be long and thin hair pins (about four to six inches long.) As soon as drawn from the hair, they transform to become a normal sized stiletto type throwing dagger. These daggers are of the higher quality as weapons and are extremely well balanced as well as being extremely accurate when thrown. While primarily for throwing, they also can be used effectively in hand to hand combat.

These enchanted daggers, when commanded, will return back to their hair pin form. The dagger only have two enchantments commonly beyond the ability to transform. The daggers are completely indestructible by any normal means and they also return after being thrown. There is an alternate version available mostly in the Western Empire which are not indestructible, although like most magic items, are extremely hard to destroy. Instead, they are enchantment so that they can inject poison up to three times in a day. Most common poison available is Basilisk Eye due to being the most effective in most respects.

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