Frost Sabre (Enchanted Elven Warsabre / Katana):

In general, few alchemists have tried to recreate Elven Warsabres although there have been a handful of them created. One of these is a weapon known as the Frost Sabre. It is actually less than a hundred years old, made by a skilled Elven Alchemist in the Western Empire. Even though the enchantments are relatively common among the Empire, there are no known attempts to copy the weapon although there a number of more common sabres with the same enchantments.

As with all Elven Warsabres, the weapon is quite similar to a Japanese Katana. The key difference in the weapon is that the back spine of the weapon is sharpened for one fifth of the weapon’s length. This makes the weapon a better stabbing weapon. Both the main blade and the spine are incredibly sharp. The blade itself is polished silver in color with the design of white snow flakes along the blade. The guard is also silver with the design of white snow flakes. The handle of the sword is made from beautiful white ivory. Along the handle also are carved snowflake patterns. As with the more common Elven Warsabres, the weapon shows no signs of wear and tear.

The weapon itself is almost certainly made by a skilled Dwarven weapon crafter and is of incredible balance. In general, since the Dwarf and Elf war which devastated both races, Dwarves will no longer make these weapons. Still, in quality one much describe is as good as the finest elven sword made many millenniums ago. The handle is designed as a “hand and a half” sword which allows the weapon to be used with two hands or with just one hand.

As with the majority of enchanted weapons, the elven warsabre is enchanted to be indestructible. While this weapon is relatively modern, many of the original Elven Warsabres are millenniums old. The second is that the blade is by far sharper than the sharpest blades which can be made conventional. No matter what is done, the blade will not dull. With the enchantment, the blade will often cut deeper than one might otherwise expect. While elven alchemists of old knew the secret to such sharp blades, this is now mostly limited to the Western Empire. The final one is an enchantment one can expect from the design of the blade. Three times per day, an enchantment of numbing cold can be activated. If the person struck is effected, they are at a distinct disadvantage from the numbing cold.

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