Elmradage the Flaming Halberd (Enchanted Sabre Halberd):

This weapon is believed to be old, many scholars suggesting that it dates from just after the Great Elven Kingdom collapsed. Still, it is an excellent weapons. In general, enchanted pole arms are less common than other enchanted weapons, especially spears. In the right hands however, a halberd is an incredibly dangerous weapons. While a few knights carry them, halberds are more often carried by the common soldier.

There have been a small number of similar weapons which have been made over the years by alchemists. As a result, one has to examine the weapon careful to identify which weapon it is. Interestingly, many of the enchanted sabre halberds with similar enchantments are actually far more elaborately decorated.

While often called “The Flaming Halberd,” it is actually a Sabre Halberd. It has the standard axe like blade of a Halberd but also has a long sabre like blade which can be used for stabbing. The wood of the shaft is a dark wood, almost ash grey in color. The head is a bit darker, an extremely dark metallic grey in color. Engraved into each side of the blade is the design of flames rolling down the blade. Still, the weapon looks more like a true weapon than a work of art as many enchanted weapons look to be. There is no signs of wear on the weapon, most likely indicating that the weapon is indestructible.

As with many enchanted weapon, the pole arm is exquisitely balanced. It is the equal in quality of the finest Dwarven masterwork weapons. Many warriors who have wielded the enchanted sabre halberd have commented that the weapon seems to fit perfectly in their hands. In addition, the weapon is extremely sharp, as sharp as the finest conventional blades.

Other than the sabre halberd being indestructible, the enchantments of the weapon are based on flame powers. When activated, the weapon will burst into flames. The flame vastly increases how much damage it inflicts but can only be activated three times per day with a duration of twelve minutes each time it is activated. The weapon can also be used to throw fire balls up to three times per day.

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