Dragon Forged “Shadow Blades” (Lesser Magic Weapons):

Dragon Forged weapons are made using dragon dust during the forging process, replacing the carbon which is usually used in the creation of steel blades. Such weapons can be made by normal weapon smiths but are considered enchanted weapons. Such weapons inflict greater damage than normal weapons and are extremely durable. In addition, they are extremely resistant to corrosion. Still, such weapons are neither indestructible or completely immune to corrosion. Few Dwarven smiths will make such weapons with most made by Kobold smiths.

In comparison to weapons made by alchemists, they are far less expensive. In addition, they tend to be more common even though most people think of enchanted weapons made by alchemists when they think of enchanted weapons. Many of these Dragon Forged weapons are of extremely high quality and are works of art and are extremely well balanced.

There is a special class of Dragon Forged weapons known as “Shadow Blades.” These have a special enchantment which makes the weapon invisible. While the enchantment is similar in its basic effect to those made by alchemists, the weapons are not visible to the wielder unless they can see the invisible themselves. As a result, the owners of such weapons need to train in order to get a feeling for the length and balance of the invisible weapons. Most wielders however have an amulet of “See the Invisible” so they do not lose the enchanted weapon.

While usually called “Shadow Blades”, strictly speaking such enchanted weapons can be other types of weapons such as hammers, morning stars, and maces. Still, by far most “Shadow Blades” are bladed weapons of various types. Most common are sword, sabres, and daggers.

The actual “Shadow Blade” is made by the weapon smith by the standard method. Most are made by Kobold weapon smiths. The enchantments however are made with the aid of a Ward Master, also sometimes known as a Diabolist. Some might also be wizards or they might work with a wizard to create such weapons. The handle of the weapon is usually made partially from dragon bone although there might be an inlay in some cases instead. In whatever case, the dragon bone carries a ward of permanency and the spell of simple invisibility.

In many ways, these enchanted weapons are comparable to “Ward Scored” armors although the only common enchantment is that of invisibility. Otherwise, while such weapons are far more expensive than standard Dragon Forged weapons, they are still far less expensive than a similar enchanted weapon made by an alchemist. Theoretically, the invisibility enchantment could be placed on a normal weapon but is virtually unknown.

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