Dagger-Spear (Transformable Weapons):

This magic item appears to a simple heavy bladed dagger, often highly decorated. Daggers are carried by almost everybody. Nobles, merchants, scholars, and laborers all carry daggers. They are as much tools as they are weapon. Often, they are the last line of defense. The problem is that a wielder of daggers, unless they are experts, are at a disadvantage when fighting those with longer weapons such as swords.

The dagger-spear is designs so that when the command word is given, the dagger handle extends and becomes around seven feet long. The dagger simply becomes the head of the spear. This gives the wielder a much longer weapon which is effective at keeping opponents at distance. A second command is given for the handle to retract and the weapon become a daggers again.

These weapons are fairly common and can be found in extremely plain form to extremely decorated and jeweled versions. Because they are extremely expensive and only the wealthy can normally afford them, decorated versions are more common than plain versions. Plain versions are more common for those who want to hide their wealth. Enchanted daggers are relatively common and cause little attention to those who can detect magic. As daggers, they also get less attention from the city guard than carrying around a spear would.

The weapons are well balanced, equal to those crafted by Dwarven weapon craftsman. Enchantments on the weapon beyond the ability to transform include that the blade is always incredibly sharp and the weapon itself is indestructible. Several alchemists, mostly in the Western Empire, know the secret of how to make these magic items. Many of the same alchemists know how to make bracer weapons as well.

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