Crystal Star (Magical Shield):

Once there was an extremely skilled Elven alchemist who loved to create magic items out of crystal. He made swords, knives, and staves from the material among other magic items. One of the most fabulous magic items he is known for is the Crystal Staff of the Ankh. Even though many have tried, None since him seem to be able to reproduce the incredible items which he did. His name was Eldron and the most recent magic items which can be positively identified as his work come from around two hundred years before the present day. What happened to him is unclear with some rumors that he is still alive and living on the Elven Island of Refriume. Even though his magic items are comparatively recent, his magic items are considered extremely valuable and the least of his items are works of art. Of course this makes his magic items popular targets for thieves. Crystal Star is considered one of his more mundane magic items even though it is both extremely beautiful and quite functional at the same time.

Crystal Star is a medium round shield of incredible balance. The shield appears to be constructed from a single piece of clear crystal and there is no signs of tool marks on this fantastic magic item. Even the handles of the shield have no seam showing where they connect to the body of the shield itself. On the face of the shield is the design of the constellation which the elves call "The Knight." Each star is connected by a line etched into the surface but what is extremely special is that each of the stars glow with their own light. The combined glow of the star pattern is equal to several candles. The soft glow will illuminates an 10 foot (3.05 meter) area.

Any shield constructed from crystal should be too fragile to survive battle and would likely shatter on the first blow against it. Crystal Star has been enchanted so that it is indestructible and shows no signs of wear from when it was enchanted. In fact, there are tales told that several normal swords have actually broken when they struck the shield. The round shield carries two additional enchantments beyond being indestructible and glowing. These are that the shield can produce a blind flash up to three times per day. The other is that the shield will never be dropped while in combat and the possessor cannot be disarmed. Finally, the shield is equal in balance to the finest shields made by the Dwarves.

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