Crystal Heart (Magical Long Sword):

These magical long swords are constructed of solid crystal and are made by a famous Elven alchemist named Eldron. He was always very reclusive and no one knows what happened to him but no magic items can be verified to be younger than 200 years ago. There are rumors that he moved to the Elven Island but there has been no verifiable evidence of this. He created a huge number of other magic weapons which incorporate crystal or were created of solid crystal. One of his most famous other creations is the Staff of the Phoenix. He knew many secrets of in making crystal weapons which has never shared with others. Several other alchemists have attempted to create crystal weapons but none have been able to accomplish as much as he has with crystals. All of his creations are considered works of art and are much in demand. Unfortunately, this also makes the items often the targets of thieves.

Crystal Heart seems to be caved from a single crystal with the blade, hand guard, and handle showing no lines that indicate that they have been connected. The sword is slim and very well balanced. The handle has grooves carved into it which makes it easy to grip even when slick from sweat or blood. The features of the weapons that most attract people looking at it is that the inside of the blade appears to have a fire burning inside of it. The fire heart of the sword is about as wide as a large coin and appears to burn about a hand length above the guard of the sword and causes the entire sword to glow softly. The light is only equal to a few candles but some adventures like the feature because they do not need to carry a lantern or other source of light in addition to the sword. The sword illuminates an 10 foot (3.05 meter) area.

Like most of Eldrons creations, Crystal Heart is balanced as well as the finest swords made by Dwarven weapon smiths and is incredibly sharp. The long sword never dulls and the incredible sharpness is partially due to the high quality construction and due to additional enchantments. As might be expected, the crystal sword is enchanted to be indestructible. Otherwise, it is likely that the weapon would shatter the first time it is used as a weapon.

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