Bracer Weapons (Transformable Weapons):

Bracer weapons are weapons that appear to be decorations on a bracer until activated and the weapon is summoned from the bracer. The weapon is activated by the wearer grasping the weapon with the opposite hand to the one wearing the bracer and uttering a command word specific to the bracer. This command word is unusually but not always inscribed on the inside of the bracer. The weapon is deactivated by touching the weapon against the bracer and uttering the same command words which activated the weapon.

In some ways, the bracer weapons are similar to transformable weapons but has advantages and disadvantages. There are only four different types of bracer weapons including Dagger, Sword, Polearm, and Shield. This limited number of weapon types is compensated by the fact that the weapons have magical properties similar to those of normal magic weapons. The enchantments are fixed for each type of weapon but normal weapons of transformation have no special abilities beyond being able to transform. It might be possible for alchemist to replace the magical enchantments but there are none known to do this. There appears to only be a small number of alchemists capable of The weapons are all of high quality and of incredible balance.

There is an incredible variety of appearance of the bracers and weapons. Some appear to be simple iron, others have bronze bracers with a steel inlaid weapon. These are commonly owned by people who wish to keep their value secret and are popular with thieves and other rogues. There are variety of different appearances denoting value from there. The most attractive are incredible fantasies of gold, silver, and even precious gems. The expensive ones are often worn as jewelry that can be used as weapons as well. These are often carried by nobles and other wealthy individuals. Whatever the appearance, both the weapon and the bracer are indestructible.

Note: Weapons inflict S.D.C. in S.D.C. Worlds and inflict M.D.C. in M.D.C. Worlds.

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