Bracer of Defense (Transformable Weapons):

A single bracer, or basically an arm band that covers virtually your entire forearm, that is normal worn on the persons off hand arm (most often left arm). The bracer looks like a standard bracer although it can be quite ornate. The bracer will appear to be constructed from steel, bronze, silver, and/or gold. Some expensive bracers will even have gems inset in them. If an individual uses the spell or ability of detect magic, the bracer will clearly show that it is enchanted. The bracer is enchanted to be indestructible and can only be removed if the present wearer concentrates on removing the bracer or the whole lower arm is removed. The second choice obviously is not desirable by the current owner.

The special nature of the bracer becomes apparent when either a verbal command word or mental command is given for it to activate. When this happens, a round shield appears using the bracer as an arm brace. This shield can be activated or deactivated as many times as the wielder wishes and has no duration. The shield can be used like a normal shield and shares being indestructible with the bracer. The wearer of the shield cannot lose the shield due to being disarmed. Along with being able to parry melee weapons, arrows, and other missile weapons, it can be used to parry bullets and energy blasts from modern setting. Although the shield does not normally inflict M.D.C. in an M.D.C. setting, a being with supernatural strength may inflict his strength damage in M.D.C. without damaging the shield. The shield also gives a +2 bonus to parry.

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