Black Axe of the Shooting Star (Magical Axe):

A couple of thousand years ago, a group of adventurers found a large block of metal that fell from the sky Eons before. The adventurers could find no way of cutting the stellar rock and decided that the only solution was to transport it whole. After many fiascos, including the ship carrying the meteor almost sinking in a storm due to being overloaded, the group were able to get their prize to civilization. When they attempted to get the object melted, they could find no forge hot enough to melt the metal. It was not until an Alchemist found a magical means of softening the super dense metal that a way was found to forge the into objects. The Alchemist created about four dozen battle axes and about a quarter as many suits of plate armor. Due to the incredible strength of the metal, many other adventurers have looked for more of the material but no more has been found. Virtually the entire area where the first and only meteor of the material has been dug in hopes of finding more of the metal. Some scholars think the rock may have come from another dimension and that there is no more of this material to be found on the Palladium World.

Both the armors and axes are covered with runes and are black with a light metallic sheen on them. While the Black Axe is not a true rune weapon, its appearance is similar to that of some known true rune axes. The appearance is similar enough that some individuals have been deceived by the weapon's appearance. The Battle Axe is double bladed and while it can be used effectively with one hand, most wielders prefer to use two hands due the weapons weight. Surprising the Battle Axe will feel like it is balanced for throwing as well. The whole axe appears to have been forged as one piece and there is no connection seams between the handle and the blades of the axe. The handle is long at about three feet in length and the handgrip portion is crisscrossed with grooves to make handling the axe easier. Some wielders have wrapped the hand grips with leather to improve their grip further but the regular handgrips are well designed.

The axes are of extremely high quality and are well balanced. Due to the natural properties and the enchantments laid on them, the axes are as deadly as lesser rune weapons and many an owner will tell you that they prefer these axes due to the fact that they do not talk back. Due to some unknown reason, maybe the enchantments or maybe an innate property of the metal, the axes tend to inflict damage on normal weapons that are used to parry them or are used to parry the battle axes. Most magical weapons are not effected. The Black Axes themselves are enchanted to be indestructible. As previously mentioned, the axes are designed to be thrown even though they are heavy and are enchanted to return when thrown.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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