Basilisk Tail (Magical Whip):

As one might expect from the enchantments of the weapon, this whip is quite popular with assassins. In addition, a fair number of dark priests and demon thralls often wield these enchanted whips. The alchemists who make these weapons are generally extremely secretive. Such alchemists are treated with suspicions at best and often arrested. Mostly this is due to the alchemists having strong ties with assassin’s guilds. Due to the reputation of the weapon and the rarity of the enchantments on the weapon, these whips are extremely expensive.

The weapon appears to be a black braided whips, usually around eight feet in length. In most cases, the leather the whip is made from is from some kind of supernatural creatures. Not too many are actually made from the hide of the basilisks dragon but more common supernatural creatures. One item that sets it apart from a normal bullwhip is the fact that the tip of the whip has a number of small spikes. Often, the hand of the whip is in the design of a basilisk or has the design stamped into the sides.

Even though it appears to be made from leather, these whips are generally enchanted to be indestructible. This makes them quite useful in combat for disarming an opponent, even one with the sharpest of swords. While the spikes on the whip do not inflict a great deal of damage, they are enchanted so that they can penetrate almost any armor. When, the spikes penetrate, they are enchanted so they inject the poison basilisk eye. This is limited to three time per day. Still, the poison often paralyzes the victim.

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