Arrows of the Phoenix (Magical Arrows):

These arrows are some of the most sought out magical arrows and there is believed to have only even been a half dozen of these arrows ever created. They may have been more at one time and they have simply been lost in time. There arrows appear to date from before the time of the Elf and Dwarf Wars although these arrows are not rune weapons. Stories are told about similar arrows from those time and many scholars believe based on those tales than many more existed at one time . Like many ancient magic items, the magic used to create these arrows is lost although several alchemists have tried to recreate the magic involved in more recent times. No one has possessed more than a single one of these arrows in recent times although there is a legend of an archer having four of these mystic arrows. These arrows are extremely prized by both long bowman and rangers. These arrows can cost in the same area as rune weapons. A few hundred years, one of the rulers in the Eastern Territories had an archery contest with the prize being one of these flaming arrows. The event attracted archers from as far off as the Western Empire. In the end, the arrow was stolen by a thief before it could be presented.

These arrows appear to be indestructible and show no sign of wear from the millenniums since they have been made. The head of the arrows is a single broad head which appears to be forged from some sort of red metal. The color is wrong to be copper and there intricate designs of fire carved into the arrow head. The feathers of the arrow mimic this theme and are a mixture of reds and yellows. The fletching almost appears to be on fire from the way the colors interact. The actual shaft is constructed of some sort of black material which does not appear to be either wood or any type of metal. These arrows are incredibly well balance and are the equal of any arrow crafted by an Elven fletcher. Shooters find that they are able to hit targets with far better accuracy than with lesser quality arrows.

The biggest magic of these arrows is that arrow heads burn with a constant fire. Special quivers must be made for these arrows and they must be kept from other arrows so that they do not catch fire as well. This translates to doing more injury to whatever they fire the arrow at unless their opponent is impervious to fire. The arrows also return when fired, teleporting back into the quiver of the archer who fired the arrow or into their hand if they do not have a quiver. Range of the arrow is not effected.

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