Skull Rings (Enchanted Ring):

These enchanted rings are most common in the Western Empire but can be sometimes found elsewhere. They are pretty popular in the Land of the South Wind as well. Anyone who might want to use animated dead might have one of these rings. Necromancers, Wizards, Dark Priests, and Demon Thralls (Witches) might use these rings because they do not use the possessor’s magical energies. In some cases, a warrior may also carry them to create his or her own small force of the dead.

Many alchemists who create these do not like it to be known and will keep it quiet. There are a number of more powerful magic items which can animate the dead but these rings are one of the few magic items that a number of alchemists know how to create.

Most of these rings have the design of a skull on them and appear to be made from bone or ivory. They are in some cases also made from metal as well especially silver.

These rings allow the ability to animate up to twelve dead at any one given time for a duration of up to thirty minutes. The ability can be activated up to three times per day. Otherwise, the animated dead are identical to the standard wizard spell.

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