Ring of the Spider Goddess (Enchanted Ring):

These rings are extremely prized magic items among the worshipers of Tark, the Spider Goddess. The first ring is believed to have been created by the same Alchemist who created "The Sword of the Spider" although legend also says that he taught the skill of making the rings to several of his apprentices. There are several of the rings which are directly attributed to him and they are prized beyond that of other "Rings of the Spider Goddess." The apprentices created more of these magic rings and they also passed the skills to the next generation of Alchemists serving the Temple of the Spider Goddess. There are no rings which can be definitively dated to younger than half a century and some scholars who study the religion believe that the secrets of making the rings have been lost. Other scholars disagree, pointing to several of the rings which don't have any known history which they believe to be recent. The reality is that outside the Temple of the Spider Goddess, most of the information known is based on rumor. There is not even a firm number for how many of these rings have been created. There could be thousands hidden in temples and no one outside the temples would know. The temple itself keeps such information very quiet. One thing that is know is that most high ranking priests and priestesses of Tark as well as powerful assassins who worship the Spider Goddess have "Rings of the Spider Goddess." In many places, wearing one of these rings openly will make most consider you to be a member of the Temple of Tark. Of course, where the temple is outlawed, wearing the ring openly can be very hazardous. Unlike most outsiders, members of the Temple of Tark do not consider wearers of the rings to be automatically members. Many of the rings have been lost or stolen over the years. There is no official temple mandate to keep the rings from profane hands but due to the high value that the temple place on the rings, worshipers of Tark will often attempt to get these rings from the hands of who the consider infidels. Any method is considered acceptable with murder and theft being their favorite tools.

The centerpiece of the rings is a black onyx figure of a spider. The spider is intricately carved and incredibly detailed and lifelike. The figure is almost an inch long on most rings. Many are patterned after black widow spiders and have a red hourglass pattern on the underside. The ring's band is a mesh in the pattern on spider webs. The silver band will tighten so it fits snugly but can be removed by simply pulling hard.

The rings are believed to be indestructible and many have been abused or attempted to be smashed by a hammer yet show no sign of damage. Another reason why these rings ger abused is because they are used almost like a weapon. When the name "Tark" is called by the wearer of the ring and the spider touches an opponent, the mandibles of the figure attempt to grab and inject poison into the target. The injecting of poison is limited to three times per day but addition to other effects, causes paralysis. In addition to the ability to inject poison, the ring gives partial protection against poison. The person is not effected by spider venoms and is resistant to other venoms. Another special ability is the ability with a gesture to cast the spell "Entangle" up to three times per day. A final ability allows the wearer to climb walls like her or she is a spider.

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