Ring of Mending (Enchanted Ring):

This magic item is extremely popular with adventurers who often cannot get armor repaired while in the field. As such, it is a fairly common magic item. Of course some Alchemists do not like to sell these magic rings because it allows the wearer to repair magical armor and is less expensive than the regeneration feature is, when available, for magic armors.

This ring allows the wearer of the ring to repair inanimate objects by touch. The enchantment will only work on physcal damage (not software in high tech setting, nor living creatures), and cannot restore shattered, mangled, flattened or completely destroyed items (must have at least 20% of its original S.D.C. or M.D.C.) However, it can seamlessly adhere the broken arm, nose, or other appendage of a statue back together without a crack, fill cracks and chips, repair cuts and holes in metal (including body armor), remove dents, restore metal from rust and tarnish, restore worn or torn fabric or leather, repair ceramics, fix cracks and chips in glass, and even remove stains from fabrics.

The ring can be activated up to three times per day. On each activation, the ring allows the wearer to repair up to sixty S.D.C. on a single touch (or one M.D.C. in M.D.C. settings) on a single object. Mending the abject completely (restore all S.D.C.) will make it look like new. Any leftover S.D.C. from an activation is wasted. As that it will only repair a single M.D.C. per activation, its usefulness in Rifts is limited although extremely useful for fantasy settings. S.D.C. materials cannot be changed into M.D.C. materials or improved in any other way, other than restoring it to like new condition.

Cost: 30,000 gold

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