Winter Crown (Enchanted Crown):

This slender crown is of comparative recent creation, only a few hundred years old. It was made for the favorite mistress of the Emperor of the Western Emperor. Legends tell that her name was Syrelle and she was a powerful sorceress. She was a shadowy figure but it is said that she was the power behind the throne. Extremely beautiful, It is said that she was a cold individual but somehow all the more attractive because of it. She was said to have blue eyes and platinum blond hair. Some scholars believe that Syrelle was an adventuring companion of the Emperor before he took the throne and that while they were both deeply in love, they could not marry due to political reasons. The crown is thought to be a gift from the Emperor made by the most skilled alchemist for centuries.

Legends are silent about what happened to her. Some scholars suggest that she died while others suggest that she became too much of a liability and was eliminated. There is also some debate if she was not exiled to far off lands. There is a whisper that she had been pregnant at the time and that there may be decedents of her who could have a claim to the Western Empire. There have been suggestions that the Emperor has an archivist who keeps secret records of just what happened to her. If the Emperor does not know, it is possible that no one really knows. There are often individuals who claim to be the rightful decedent of an Emperors of old. Many Emperors have historically been indiscriminate.

Whatever happened to Syrelle, the crown first reappeared in the Eastern Territories about a decade after records on the mistress were lost. It was seen worn by a Duchess. Extremely beautiful as well, a much different individual from Syrelle is hard to imagine. The Duchess was said to have bright red hair and an extremely vivacious personality. She is said to have been a fairly powerful psychic but not the equal of a mind mage. With her bright red hair she used to joke with the crown that "Autumn is often crowned by Winter." She might have been the first to call it the "Winter Crown."

The crown has went through a variety of hands, mostly noble, since the Duchess passed on. It was passed onto her daughter after forty years but the crown seemed to have left the family soon after the Duchess passed it on to her daughter. The family had a change in fortune and became impoverished. As well, the daughter of the Duchess simply did not have the strength of personality of her mother. The crown has been treasured by the nobles who have worn it and the crown could sell for virtually a king's ransom. As a result, there have been several attempts by thieves to steal the crown.

The crown itself is a slender crown, better described as a tiara and looks incredibly delicate. Even though it looks delicate, the crown appears to be indestructible. It appears to have been somehow made from a single crystal likely through magic. The whole tiara is set in the design of snow flakes. At first the crown might appear to be made from solid ice but careful examination seems to show that the delicate appearing crown is made from diamond. It is an incredible work of art which few artists have ever been able to equal. As a result, the crown is considered to be worth a fortune even without the enchantments set in the tiara.

Anyone who wears the tiara will find it fitting to their head even if their head is much larger or smaller than another who wore the crown. Yes, a man can wear the crown and use its abilities although it looks quite silly in most cases. The second major enchantment is that whenever someone wears the crown, they appear to become more attractive. The wearer or the crown is protected against the cold and wearers of the crown often wear only the thinnest of clothing even when far below freezing. Even magical cold has much less effect on the wearer of the crown. There are two magical effects which the wearer of the crown can activate. The first is to create a circle of cold around them and the second is to produce a hail storm around them. The hail seems to fall around the wearer, never actually hitting her and can be an extraordinary method of protection. Each of these enchantments can be activated up to three times per day and none effect the wearer of the crown.

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