Headdress of Omadara (Enchanted Crown):

There are many legends about an extremely evil sorceress called Omadara. The stories of her originate in the dark times around when the Elven Kingdom. Her beauty was said to rival her magic abilities, which were said to be formidable. The histories which have been written about her seem to tell that she was both a wizardress and a summoner. Her reputation is also one of extreme torture, often using torture in combination with death magic to further boost her powers. There are also tales that she used to bath in the blood of her victims and that she had a ritual which allowed her to fight the hand of time. Omadara was said have reached over a thousand years old although she appeared to be completely human. Eventually, a group of adventurers were able to penetrate her defenses and bring her down. While no scholars have reliable knowledge where her fortress is, it is said that there are incredible treasures there. The greatest treasure of hers was said to be a slender crown which she always wore.

For centuries after her death, there was no records of the headdress. Omadara had been virtually been forgotten about by that time. A noble lady named Savara somehow acquired the headdress. No one knows how she found it. Some speculation is that a group of adventures found the fortress of Omadara and sold it to the noble woman. She had a reputation for cruelty already but she seemed to become more evil after she began wearing the tiara. Even so, she was said to be extremely charming and incredibly beautiful. Not a sorceress, with the headdress she acquired the ability to dominate others along with being able to inflict agony. Most of the women who have worn the headdress seem to have followed this pattern. One was an evil assassin who used her charm to get into the home of her victims. Another was a priestess of darkness who used her abilities to climb virtually to the top of her temples hierarchy. One might think that the slender crown is actually evil but at least one extremely heroic woman has worn the crown. A knight who went by the name "Black Rose" is known to have worn the headdress. She wore black set of armor but fought on the side of light.

The headdress is a slender black and silver crown. It appears to size to fit the wearer’s head. The band of the crown is silver. Along the front of the headdress, it widens out into four individual slender bands. Along each of these bands are tiny black opals in square cuts and the crown has two extremely large blue sapphires and four smaller sapphires. The sapphires are incredibly dark, almost black themselves. The center of the headdress is a large diamond, larger than any of the sapphires. These large gems, both the sapphires and the diamond, are cut into ovals and each is surrounded by black opals.

There has been much discussion among scholars about what the powers of the headdress. The crown is known to give the wearer the ability to dominate others as well as agony. Not as well is that when worn, the woman wearing the headdress had both their physical beauty and their basic charisma increased. Finally, while worn the crown makes the wearer more resistant to both magic and psionics.

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