Enchanted Perfume Ball (Enchanted Jewelry):

This magic item is extremely popular with nobles and wealthy individuals and is comparatively common even though rather expensive. They are popular with both men and women. Most well stocked magic shops will carry at least few of these items. They protect the wearer from odor as well as having an enchantment which allows the wearer to clean himself or herself. As such, they are extremely useful items for daily life.

Non-Enchanted Perfume Balls are a small ball often work as a necklace or on the wearer cloths. It is a small ball which is used to contain various aromatic materials such as spices to hide the wearer’s body odor. As such, they have holes to allow the "perfume" to escape the ball. The Enchanted "Ball" simply does this through magic instead of though spices.

While some are plain, most are highly decorated and intricately carved. They are often made from precious materials including silver and gold and are usually incrusted with precious gems. Many are works of art which can cost far more than just what the enchantments should make the item cost.

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