Amulets vs Soul Stealing (Enchanted Jewelry):

Many individuals are concerned about having their souls stolen even though rune weapons are extremely rare and rune weapons that can steal souls are even rarer. It is a serious concern due to the fact that a person does not have their soul stolen can be often raised from the dead. Most of those who are not interested from being raised from the dead want their souls to at least go to their final destination. Chief among the people concerned about soul stealing are adventurers, wizards, and nobility. Because of this, there is a large market for magic items to protect from soul stealing. Alchemists have come up with two different types of amulets to protect against soul stealing. Of course these amulets are expensive and Alchemists do not share how they make them. This amulets are very rare but are less rare than soul stealing rune weapons. Some scholars believe that Alchemists had to discover some of the secrets to rune weapons but the alchemists are not telling.

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