Garments of the Traveler (Enchanted Clothing):

These enchanted garments are popular with Adventures of all type. There are few things worse than being cold and wet while traveling through the wilderness. These specially enchanted clothing are very similar in nature to the "Environmental Tent." The magical clothing will protect the wearer from most weather and keep a comfortable temperature of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius). The garments protect from both heat and cold, making them popular in northern areas, jungles, and deserts. While the garment will protect the wearer from rain, it will not protect the person from getting wet if they are immersed in water such as from crossing a river or from getting caught in flooding water. It will still keep the wearer at a comfortable temperature and when the person is no longer immersed, all water soaked into the magic garment (but not other garments) will be repelled to the outside of the clothing and drip off. The garment will not provide protection from drowning or from gas attacks. The garment is usually not fancy but normally good quality and sturdy travel cloths. The most common style of the garments are those of a tunic and leggings. The tunic will have a hood to protect the wearer’s head. Some Wizards have hooded robes and some female travels will have a long skirt instead of leggings. Whatever the style of the clothing, it must cover the body to provide full protection. A simple jacket would not protect the entire wearer and the less said about the idea of "Bikini of the Traveler" the better. The Garments usually do not clean themselves but can be designed to repel dirt and to magically stay clean.
Cost: 2000 Gold with an additional 500 gold for the self cleaning feature.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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