Chalice of Love (Enchanted Chalice):

Rumor is that the first chalice was made by the Goddess of Love. The tale is that she fell in love (or lust) with somebody who was completely immune to her charms and she wanted to force love on the subject. Only a few alchemists know how to make these chalices. As such, they are fairly rare. These chalices are great if the owner wishes to seduce somebody.

Most of these chalices are extremely bountiful and many are works of art. Some common metals include god, silver, and palladium. Most are highly engraved and decorative. Precious gems decorate many of them. A few are carved from a single price of crystal.

The chalice must be filled with wine or champaign. The chalice is commanded with a verbal command, usually the word for "Love" usually in Elven. The magic transforms the drink although the appearance and taste is unaffected. After being transformed, whomever drinks from the chalice (cannot be stored) is effected as if the spell "Love Charm" is cast on them if they fail their saving throw. They fall in love with the first person they look at. The enchantment is able to be commanded up to three times per day.

Effects: This enchantment affects most intelligent beings, except gods, godlings, demon lords, entities, elementals and alien intelligences. When the enchantment is commanded and somebody drinks from the chalice, they must make a saving throw or be effected. The magic causes the drinker to fall madly and devotedly in love with the first person they gaze on. Victims of this enchantment will believe, trust, and defend anything that they say or do. The drinker will also obey any request by their lover, including murder or suicide (the latter two requests provoke another saving throw). The charmed person will constantly stay at the person's side and will often suggest amorous pleasures.
Side effects as per the spell "Love Charm" (Page 204 of Palladium Fantasy Second Edition)
Can be activated up to three times per day with a duration of 30 minutes.
Cost: 45,000 gold or more.

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