Arms of the Silver Oak (Magical Shield, Sword, and Armor):

One of the oldest sets of magic items known to have survived. The Arms of the Silver Oak consist of a set of plate an chain armor, a shield, and a long sword. All of the items are exquisitely crafted and are intricately engraved. It is believed that the items were originally made for an Elven Knight during the Elf and Dwarf Wars. Many famous Elven Knights and Paladins have possessed these artifacts throughout the ages. None of the objects have ever been separated. There is a legend that a noble Elven Knight who wears the items will chase the monster races from the lands once occupied by the Elves and rebuild the Old Kingdom. Because of this, many Elven Knights and Paladins have quested for these arms and makes them some of the most wanted for magic items that are not Rune Weapons. Over the ages, many copies of these artifacts have been made. Some are so old that they are considered artifacts themselves. All of the copies only posses the abilities common to magic weapons and armor.

The Arms of the Silver Oak were made by one of the most skilled and powerful Elven Alchemists ever known and many of his magics are only recently being rediscovered by other Alchemists. For reasons that are unknown, there are several magic enchantments that are keyed specifically to Elves. The long sword is slim, lightweight, and very well balanced. It is also extremely sharp and indestructible. When the sword is swung by an elf, it seems absolutely perfectly balanced. There are no cases where an Elf has been disarmed of the sword or dropping it accidently. Like the sword, the shield is indestructible. When in the hands of an Elf, the shield is even better balanced. When the sword and shield are used together by an Elf, the wielder is treated as if he or she has the skill of paired weapons with them. The armor has some of the most incredible enchantments on it. It is incredibly strong and is lightweight. The armor also regenerates damage it receives. It is believed that if the armor is destroyed, it will not be able to regenerate but the armor has never been brought to that level. The armor will magically adjust itself to fit an Elf who wears it. It will fit to either male or female elves and takes about seven days to fully adjust itself. When fully adjusted, the armor will feel weightless and will be un-restricting of the wearers movement. It is so comfortable that it is similar to wearing a modern day leotard. The armor creates no prowl penalties for an Elf who the armor has adjusted itself to fit.

The Shield, Sword, and Armor are bright silver in color and does not tarnish. The center of the breastplate has an oak tree design. This is mimicked on the back plate of the armor as well. Surrounding the trees is the design of oak leaves and branches. The other pieces of plate armor are also decorated by oak leaves and branches. The shield is designed to echo the design of the breastplate. The center of the shield is an ok tree design. It is surrounded by a design of oak leaves and branches. The long sword’s blade is engraved with tiny oak leaves. The grip appears as twined branches which spread out as the quillons. The tips of the quillons are tiny oak leaves.

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Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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