Armor of the Seraph (Magical Plate & Chain Armor):

Urgath was the leader of a small band of Ogres which had been raiding villages in the border areas between the Timiro Kingdom and the wilderness. The small band of eight had been in the area for several months but had managed to terrorize virtually all the villages in the local area. Because it was just outside Timiro Kingdom Lands, there were no troops to worry about. The band had originally lived with the Old Kingdom lands but found that it was much easier to raid the local humans than to hunt or farm themselves. In addition they had managed to capture some human women for breeding stock. Several of the women already showed signs of being with child.

The problem was that the band was almost out of supplies so it was time for another raid. He selected two of the band to guard the females. One was old and would slow them down where the other was young and did not have much combat experience. Still, they were quite capable of keeping the human women in line. Him and five other Ogres headed out to a nearby village to see what they could pillage from the humans.

As they cleared the top of the hill above the village, he saw that there was a figure blocking the path dressed in gold. He walked closer and squinted to try and see what was blocking the path. It looked like it was a slim human, probably a woman. What she wore seemed to be some type of gold armor. Probably a foolish knight. He had killed knights before and there were six in his band to one. Perhaps she would make good breeding stock and she could survive the birth of an Ogre child. Most human women died in the birth of the larger Ogre children. It would be a bad idea because woman warriors were notorious for revenge. Better just to kill her. When he got fairly close, he saw that the argument was exquisitely engraved and that there were wings on the back of the armor. Strange but it did not matter. He drew his war hammer and charged the woman.

Melindra had never been a knight but knew she looked like one in her armor. She was a simple mercenary although she liked to think of herself as one of the best. She had been given the armor by a female knight who had been dying. She wished the villages would have had the backbone to have solved this problem a long time ago. They could simply have ambushed the Ogres using bows. Instead it was up to her. As the Ogre charged her, she caused her armor to burst into flame while drawing her flaming sword. She swung at the Ogre's hammer and left him with a handle with a smoking tip. She also took to the air and let the rest of the bandits run past her. She landed behind the last and slashed at him. As the others turned around, a couple more slashes brought him to the ground. She flew back to beyond their reach. A few threw weapons at her. Most missed but one managed to penetrate her fire field and armor. Still, it was a minor wound. She knew she was more skilled than they were and was far better equipped but they could still overwhelm her if she was not careful. She dropped behind who she though was the leader. He certainly was the largest. As he turned but she was able to get a slash in before he managed to get in close. He tried to punch her but all he managed to do was burn his hand and catch his cloths on fire. She took to the air again as the others came after her. She dropped down, slashed at one, and went back into the air. This was then repeated. It was a long and drawn out battle but was finally able to drop the last one. It would have been far more difficult if the bandits had been armed with bows or cross bows.

She turns to walk up the path. She knew that her job was not done yet and the Ogres had captured several women who needed rescue and there were at least two others surviving. She was not a good tracked but they seem to have left an easy to follow trail.

There are only twelve "Armor of the Seraph" in existence and the process to create them seems to have been lost in time. About four hundred years ago, the first set of the armor was created by the famous female alchemist named Kimbra. She only made four suits total but shared the process of their creation with her apprentices. When they became alchemists, they created eight more of the suits. The newest suits are still three hundred years old but several alchemists are attempting to recreate the armor. The armors were made for knights and heroes, most of whom were female. Although many find it hard to believe, stories are told that Kimbra made her armors without payment. Most of the suits were in fact made for females. Most of the armors are kept within the family lines who originally had the armor created for them. Many members of these families have become heroes themselves. Due to their incredible rarity and the fact that few are ever found for sale due being kept within family lines, the armors can sell for incredible sums when they are actually sold. Several owners of the armors have had flaming swords made for them to fit better within the image of a Seraph.

The armors are plate and chain armor of the finest quality. It is believed that the actual style of the armor was patterned from the observation of real Seraphs and the armor that they wore. This is unknown but the armors are incredibly beautiful. Most of the suits are made for females and only two of the suits are made for males. Kimbra made no suits of armor for men at all but one of her apprentices created two. The suits are enchanted so that they will fit any wearer as long as they of the same sex that the armor was originally designed for. All of the suits made for women are gold and the two suits made for men are made from some type of red metal. On the back of all of the armors are set of small white feathered wings.

The armor has a number of interesting powers. The armors are designed to be super strong but are extremely light weight and are non restrictive. The wearer of the armor is not affected by most fire attacks although magical fire does inflict some damage. The armor will regenerate damage it takes and is the reason why none of the armor has been destroyed. It is believed that like most magical armor that if an armor is destroyed, it will no longer regenerate. The armor is enchanted so that it will burst into flame at the wearers command. While in flames, the armor is even harder to penetrate and harder to damage. The flames also make it very hazardous to grab the wearer and wooden weapons often will catch on fire when used against the armor. The wearer of the armor is not affected by the fire. The final ability of the armor is the ability to fly which seems to be related to the wings. When the armor flies, the wings in back flap slowly.

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