Armor Bracers (Transformable Armor):

These magic items are similar in nature to transformable weapons and marbles of transformation. They are an armor bracer that when the command is given, transform into armor. While all types of armor can theoretically be made into this magic item, there are no examples of cloth or padded armor being enchanted in this manner. All other types of armor, from soft leather to plate armor, have been enchanted in this manner. While half suits can be enchanted as well, they are uncommon. Most popular types of suit include studded leather, chain mail, scale mail, and plate armor. Armor can also be of Dwarven or Kobold manufacture and can be constructed with additional armor.

The magic is such that when activated, the armor forms around the person wearing the bracer. Like transformable weapons, the transformable armor can be changed back and forth between armor and bracer form without limit. The bracer is always in the same style as the armor is. A bracer which forms leather armor would be constructed from leather, a bracer which forms studded leather would be constructed from leather and be reinforced with metal studs, a bracer which transforms into chain mail would be constructed from chain links, and a bracer which becomes plate would be in the form a plate bracer. Generally, if the armor has a motif, the same design will usually be integrated into the bracer as well but it is not always the case.

While the bracer can be transformed endlessly, the armor does not repair any damage and all damage remains through transformations. Like normal armor, the A.R. Rating of the armor is reduced by two points when the armor is reduced to half of its S.D.C. and the A.R. Rating of the armor is reduced by two more points (four total) when the armor is reduced to one third of its original S.D.C. If the armor is badly damaged, the bracer will also show signs of being damage and if the bracer is damaged, the armor will be damaged as well. The bracer has 25% of the S.D.C. of the armor and for every point of damage that bracer takes, the armor takes four points of damage. If all of the S.D.C. is gone, the armor / bracer will no longer be able to transform and is destroyed. Due to the enchantment, the armor can only be repaired through magic. Most Alchemists have the ability to repair the armor. Both the armor and bracer register as magic but no additional enchantments can be put on the armor. The magic item is popular with those who do not want to constantly appear to be wearing armor and by those who do not like being restricted by armor but want to have the advantages of heavy armor in combat.

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