< Long Bow of the Seraph (Lightbringer Rune Bow)

Long Bow of the Seraph (Lightbringer Rune Bow):

Even compared to other Lightbringer weapons, Lightbringer bows are believed to be extremely rare. There is only a handful of Lightbringer Bows believed to exist. One of these is a long bow known as “The Bow of the Seraph.” Besides being a bow, it is unusual in several respects to other Lightbringer weapons.

There is a whole host of stories about this long bow and of the different heroes and heroines who have carried this bow through the centuries. It is hard to know how old the bow is but the first stories are only about eight hundred years ago. Many professions have carried this long bow from the expected ranger and long bow archers to knights, wizards, and mind mages. Now, the weapon has never been possessed by a thief. The owners of the bow have been extremely honorable generally.

Even compared to many other Lightbringer weapons, this bow is a work of art. The staves of the bow seem to be in the design of wings covered with white feathers. When not being used, there appears to be no bow string. When the bow is drawn however, a string which appears to be made of fire appears. This fire though does not burn the fingers of the archer trying to use the bow. As with many Lightbringer weapons, the bow is extremely finely balanced, the equal of the finest made Elven bows.

Unlike many Lightbringer weapons, this bow does have a strong personality. The personality is female and is quick to anger. There is something other worldly about the personality. Some scholars have suggested that the personality in the bow is a trapped Seraph. Otherwise, the personality can be foolhardy and recommend courses of action that are highly risky. Extremely honorable and heroic, the bow will not let even those who are generally good but a bit unprincipled wield her. The bow is extremely strong willed and intelligent. As far as people who the bow allows to bond with her, she is extremely choosy.

As an usual enchantment, the bow is enchanted so that a person who does not have experience with a long bow can use the bow as they would a short bow. The archer much still have skill in the bow but otherwise a knight, mercenary, or even a wizard with skill with a short bow can use this bow normally.

As with many enchanted bows, the bow will adjust to the strength of the archer. A stronger archer will inflict greater damage generally than a less strong archer. When fired, the arrow head is surrounded in fire and inflicts greater damage than a normal arrow. The one weakness is that normal arrows are completely destroyed. Many archers will try to acquire a number of dragon bone arrows so that they are not destroyed. While not as well balanced as a melee weapon, the bow can be used for melee combat. The bow itself is indestructible.

In addition to firing burning arrows, the bow also has a number of elemental abilities. As one might expect, the bow controls the element of fire. One of the most common is throwing mini-fireballs. They are hard to dodge and might be used if the possessor of the bow is almost out normal arrows. Others include creating a circle of flame around the archer, fueling flames, extinguishing flames, creating a blinding flash, and finally creating a dense cloud of smoke. The bow does however have limited magical energies.

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