Angelbane (Darkbringer Rune Weapon):

Intricately carved and highly stylized, this sword can only be considered extremely striking. The ivory handle of the sword appears to be that of an angel with her wings outspread as the guards for the blade. The curved silver blade is just as intricately carved as the handle. In many ways, it might be called one of the most beautiful weapons in existence. There is only one problem, the sabre is badly tarnished. The blade of the weapon appears be pitted with black and it is discolored with a yellow sheen. The handle is also encrusted with black, almost appearing to be dirt. Even with the tarnish though, it is a handsome weapon. Unfortunately, no amount of polishing or cleaning ever manages to clean the weapon either.

Even so, the weapon is a master quality sabre. It is as well balanced as the finest Dwarven crafted sword. The blade also is incredibly sharp and never dulls. The sword will cut deep into almost anything. Finally, the weapon appears to be completely indestructible. No blow has ever shown to damage the weapon in the least. In its history, it has been used to fight many beings of immense power. Possibly the blow of a god could destroy it but nothing else seems likely.

Careful looking at the blade will show it glows with a black and malevolent light. As one might expect, it is a weapon of evil. This weapon is known as "Angelbane" but also is known by the name "Tarnish." It is one of the rarest of enchanted items and some are even skeptical of the existence of such items. Many have heard of "Lightbringer" weapons but few have ever head of "Darkbringer" weapons. "Lightbringer" weapons themselves are quire rare. While "Lightbringer" weapons are often wielded by Paladins and Priests of Light, their evil mirrors are often wielded by Assassins, Dark Knights, Dark Priests, and Witches.

As one might expect, "Darkbringer" weapons are in most respects the evil mirror of "Lightbringer" weapons. As such, their powers are quite similar in basic style. The blade's abilities are psychic in basic type with all sensitive abilities and the ability to deliver catatonic strikes as well as using bio-manipulation. Even though paralysis is often more effective, pain is used much more often.

In addition to these abilities, any being of supernatural good takes greater injuries than those who are not and angels (also known as Spirits of Light") take even greater injuries when struck by the weapon. As might be expected, if an angel actually recognizes the weapon, the possessor usually is the first one attacked even if there appear to be even more dangerous opponents. It is believed that several dozen angels have been slain by this weapon. It has been captured by the forces of good several times but always seems to disappear.

Most "Lightbringer" weapons have relatively weak personalities and evidence indicates that most "Darkbringer" weapons do as well. While Angelbane does not have as strong a personality as some rune weapons, the weapon definitely has a stronger personality than most "Lightbringer" weapons. The personality seems to be more or less female. She still only seems to mostly whisper a few words. Still, her voice can be quite seductive and persuasive. Even though evil, there is something sad about her. Some scholars think that the personality trapped in the weapon is that of a fallen angel. Others think the weapon was actually made as a "Lightbringer" weapon and something happened to transform her.

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