White Fire (Lesser Holy Sword):

While considered by most to be a lesser holy weapon, White Fire is well know and has a long history of being wielded by champions of light. The long sword was enchanted long ago by Isis for one of her champions. It is believed that the weapon is over two thousand years old. The name of that champion has been lost in time but many of the wielders are well known and include several famous knights both male and female. Most of the wielders have been human but not all have been worshipers of Isis.

The long sword is considered one of the most beautiful weapons ever crafted and comes with a scabbard that matches. The handle of the sword is a combination of ivory and gold. The pommel is constructed from gold and is highly engraved in intricate beaded patterns. The handle itself is ivory and spiral grove pattern with a beaded strip of gold entwined around the handle from the pommel to the hand guard. The hand guard is constructed from gold and is in an intricate pattern that seems to be the wings of an angel. When the sword is drawn, the blade appears to be one fire and glows with a bright white light. The blade is not actually on fire and can be touched without harm. The blade itself is bright silver and comes to a sharp point designed for stabbing. On the blade, there is the hieroglyphic symbol of Isis just above the hand guard. The blade itself is super sharp and the weapon appears to have taken no damage over its long history. It is believed by most that the weapon is indestructible. The scabbard is covered in white satin and is banded with beaded gold strips.

In spite of its beauty, White Fire is well balanced and is of incredibly fine quality as a weapon. Many scholars who have studied the weapon believe that the weapon was originally forged by a Dwarven weapon smith. The enchantments on the weapon are fairly normal for holy weapons. The weapon inflicts greater damage than one might expect from a long sword and is especially effective against supernatural creatures. The glow of the blade is bright enough when drawn that it actually illuminates an 30 foot (9.1 meter) area.

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