Aha Seba “Dawn Star” (Holy Khopesh Sword):

Dawn Star is believed by many scholars to be one of the oldest Holy Weapons known on the Palladium World. In fact, the weapon does not appear to be even made from steel but in bronze. Because of its believed ancient age, it is highly prized. It is believed by many to be the oldest artifact from the Church of Light and Dark. Most commonly the weapon is associated with the god Osiris. Several of the most famous priests and champions of Osiris are known to have wielded the weapon. If the church perceives that the weapon is in the wrong hands, they very likely will go to almost any lengths to get it returned including war.

Khopesh type swords are very uncommon in the Palladium World. If they were once common, most have been destroyed over the Millenniums. Long Swords and other types are far more common. The blade curves forward and is almost axe like in its form. Dawn Star's blade is slightly longer than that of a normal Khopesh. The blade glimmers as if freshly polished and never seems to tarnish. Along the blade runes ancient hieroglyphic writing. At the base of the sword is an Ankh. Inlaid with turquoise , the handle of the Khopesh is designed for a single handed grip.

Dawn Star is not quite as well balanced as some of the more recently crafted weapons. Some believe that weapon crafting had not quite reached its zenith. Still, the weapon is very well balanced. Even though the weapon is ancient, it shows no real signs of wear, and even though it appears to be made from bronze, it is far stronger than steel.

The weapon has the enchantments of a Greater Holy Weapon. It glows with a golden aura. When in the presence of evil, the blade's glow turns from golden to blood red. The range of detecting evil appears to be around twenty feet. As a second ability, the weapon can be used to turn the dead by raising it above one's head. Several dozen usually are turned when the sword is used in this fashion and they cannot come back in the area for several hours. The weapon also inflicts more damage than one might expect from a normal blade and is even more effective against supernatural creatures.

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