Dagger of the Rat King (Holy Weapon):

A favorite story among Ratling parents is one named Garn. Hard to know how long ago he lived, several hundred years ago is most likely however. As many Ratlings, he started life on the margins of the other societies, a thief and scavenger. Even from an early age he was said to be a great warrior and able to inspire other Ratlings.

As time went on, he grew in stature, become a leader of first a small gang and then a much larger gang of Ratlings. The story also tells that he became noticed by Kirgi, the Ratlings god. Some telling of the tale suggest that he retrieved a great treasure for the god. Whatever the reason, Garn was suppose to have been blessed by Kirgi. Among these blessings was on one of the Ratling’s daggers.  

Blessed by Kirgi or not, Garn lived a relatively short life. He is believed to have been only in his mid twenties when he was killed. As it is, most Ratlings don’t live much past forty. It has been suggested that he got into a fight that was simply too much for him. It also has been suggested that some priests of Kirgi were jealous of him and had him murdered.

The dagger passed into legend with nobody seeming to know what happened to it. It was said that if a Ratling was to find the dagger, he could unite his brethren and bathe the surfacers in their own blood. A new Ratlings kingdom would be build on the ruins of the humans that they overthrown. Of course this tale has been told numerous times and never seems to come true.

As one might expect, the Dagger of the Rat King cannot be considered a normal Holy Weapon and its appearance is no exception. The vast majority of holy weapons, whatever god that they are dedicated towards, are works of art. Dagger of the Rat King is an exception and has been described more like a shiv or a shank than a dagger. The weapon itself appears to be crudely forged from low quality iron with different colors in the metal indicating different purity and cargo content. In addition, the dagger has rough edges and even has deep scratches in the blade. Finally, the dagger’s grip appears to be wrapped with uncured leather.

In spite of how crude the dagger looks, the weapon is surprisingly well balanced. In fact, it is generally considered to be the equal to the best weapons made by Kobold smith. It fits comfortably in a wielder’s hand, especially if that wielder is a Ratling. While the weapon appears scratched and dented, further blows seem to inflict no more damage to the weapon and it appears to be indestructible.

As with most Holy Weapons, the dagger has a number of enchantments. When used in combat, it appears to inflict more damage than it should have any right to. In fact, it compares favorably with a full sized sword. It is even more effective against supernatural and magical beings. There are stories about Garn slaying lesser demons summoned by a sorcerer to kill him.

In addition to being a potent weapon, the wielder can create bread and milk. Even comparatively well off Ratlings often go hungry but the wielder of the weapon never has that issue. In addition, the wielder can feed a number of follower. Normally about half a dozen can be fed per activation and can be activated up to six times per day. Finally, the dagger can be used to summon a horde of rats up to twice a day.

Scholars have long debated if the weapon should be considered a holy weapon of light or a holy weapon of evil. As Kirgi does not neatly fit in such categories, it is hard to judge what the weapon should be considered as well. Some scholars even argue that one should not even try to catagorize the weapon.

Basic Statistics:

Damage: 3D6+9 (+ Strength), weapon inflicts double damage against supernatural beings and creatures of magic. (Weapon inflicts S.D.C. in S.D.C. World and Mega-Damage in Rifts).

Weight: 1.1 lbs (0.7 kg). Length: 1.6 feet (.5 meters).

Bonuses: +1 to parry, +1 to strike, +1 to strike when thrown, and +2 to initiative.


Special Abilities:

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