Aldackelm (Holy Sabre-Halberd):

This weapon is believed to have been made for servant of the Dragon God Kym-Nark-Mar, perhaps a great warrior. It is not actually believed to be an ancient weapon, maybe half a dozen centuries old. Even by the historians who use the earliest possible dates generally believe that it post dates the great war between the Elves and the Dwarves. If the weapon was made by a priest of the dragon god or the dragon god himself has been much speculated.

Very little is known about this servant. The stories differs so much as to not even allowing stories to narrow down. Over the years, the weapon has also been carried by a number of wielders and makes an “Object Reading” of the weapon not extremely useful to learn who the original owners are. One gets too many conflicting readings and hard to trace who actually was the original wielder. It has been carried by several knights and paladins over the centuries.

The blood of Kym-Nark-Mar is one of the most precious materials on the Palladium and incredibly the blade of the pole arm is almost certainly made from his blood. The blade appears to be perfect clear crystalline, absolutely razor sharp. Engraved along the upper edge of the blade of the pole arm is the design of stars. Otherwise, even though a work of art, the blade is unadorned. The shaft of weapon, while showing the grain of being wood, otherwise has the color of polished silver.

As with most enchanted weapons, Aldackelm is exquisitely balanced, at least the equal to finest weapons made by any creature - human, elf, or dwarf. Most believe the weapon was actually made by magic however. A warrior using the weapon will find themselves just a hair quicker and able to both parry and strike more accurately than most weapons.

There are two relatively common enchantments on the weapon. This is that the weapon inflicts greater damage than any conventional Sabre-Halberd. It also inflicts greater damage against supernatural creatures including demons, devils, and even dragons. Combined with the fact that the weapon can penetrate almost any material, it makes a truly dangerous weapon.

What makes the weapon incredible is how effective it is at protection its wielder against magic. The wielder is strongly fortified to resist magic. This strength is only against magic however, not against psychic attacks, horror, disease, or poison. In addition, the possessor of the sabre-halberd can cast the spell of “Negate Magic” up to three times per day.

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