Enchanted Seeker Map (Miscellaneous Magic Items):

While it basically just looks like a normal map which shows faintly of magic, this magic item is very useful in searching for somebody. While fairly expensive, it is a popular magic item in alchemists shops. The ability to locate a person on the map is limited to the area of the map. If the target is not within the area covered by the map, the map will not work.

Maps are limited to an area of around sixty by sixty miles (96.5 km by 96.5 km) but the less area covered by the map, the closer the target individual can be tracked. In addition, the user of the map needs to be within ninety miles (144.8 km) of the individual being located by the enchantment or the map will not work even if the target of the map is within the area of the map.

In addition to the map, the map requires a special enchanted powder. In addition, something from the person or creatures's body being located is needed. Examples include skin, hair, nail clipping, or dried blood. Personal possessions do not generally work. The material is burned and the ash needs to be mixed with the enchanted powder. It is then sprinkled on the map and will clump where the person being located. Enchantment has an 89% chance of success. If the target moves, the powder will move. The map has to be kept level and if the powder is spilled, the magic will be disrupted.

Cost: 50,000 gold for enchanted map and 4,000 gold for enchanted powder.

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