Adventure: Temple of the Demon Lords:

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This adventure is for characters who have at least some experience (Second to Fourth Level) and four to six characters. The adventure can be modified for slightly higher level or more characters by adjusting the number of enemies that the characters have to face. One way is to add animated Mummies or adjust the number of animated Mummies as is appropriate. The explanation for this fairly simple, the Necromancer has had more time to create mummies.


The characters find out about a temple dedicated to the demon lords near the present location. The temple has been known to kidnap people for human sacrifice and rob local villages. It is also rumored that the temple is hiding a magic item of great good (like the Holy Sword "Shallar" for example but other items can be substituted) and has a small fortune in other treasure for those who are less noble. The story is that the item is concealed inside of the altar inside of the temple. The stories come from Goblins which were captured by local peoples. In most cases, someone comes to kill the escaped Goblin within a few days.

The general area is one of hills and low mountains that is rocky with the bedrock being only a few feet down in some areas. Many of the hills and low mountains have small rock caverns. The area has small villages and is a mixture of forest and clearings. No villages have populations of over about one hundred. The people subsist off of sheep farming and lumber products. The land should be placed is outside of the control of any of the major nations of the Palladium world.

Area around Temple:

The areas around the temple are patrolled by Orc and Goblin teams looking for the unwary. There are few fields and most of the area is forested. Characters with tracking will be able to see clear signs of their patrols. Anywhere from one to two parties from the temple will be on patrol at most times. These parties usually consist of four Orcs and two Goblins. There is a 1 in 6 chance that one of the goblins will be a Cobbler. In most cases, the groups will go after lone travels or those who look like easy targets. The parties are not suppose to engage any group that looks too tough to deal with and is expected to report back in those cases. Either the parties will be strengthened in number to attempt to deal with them or the groups will barricade themselves within the temple. If the Goblins and Orcs are engaged in combat, The Orcs will attempt fight in direct hand to hand combat while the Goblins give support using crossbows. The Goblins are more likely to break and run than the Orcs if the fight goes against them.

When characters gets near the temple, they will start smelling the stench of death. It will get stronger as the characters get nearer and can be used to find where the temple is located at. There are also several trails which go in the direction of the temple. In addition to patrols, the smell of carrion attracts many predators which characters can be attacked by if the animals are startled.

There are several secret exits from the temple but they are well concealed and are covered with earth and plats that have not been disturbed for several years making them almost impossible to be detected. The secret exits are only designed to be used in a real emergency. They are also locked to prevent anyone from entering them from the other side. The secret exits are only known to the witches.


  1. Entranceway:

    Description: This will be the strongest location of the smell of death yet discovered. The local area is heavily forested but around the entrance for about 100 feet is cleared in an apparent effort to make it harder to sneak up to the entrance. The clearing is mostly bare earth and rocks although a bit of short vegetation grows here and there. The entrance appears to be a natural cavern in the side of a low mountain. The cavern seems to have rock walls and a sandy floor. Above the cavern, the ground is bare rock filled with what looks like sharp rocks which would make climbing down very difficult. In the back of the cavern, a flat wall of stone can be seen which is obviously not natural. Inset into the wall is a iron reinforced door with arrow slits on either side.

    Information: The entrance is well protected with several layers of defenses. The first layer is actually two layers of pit traps. The pit traps are half dug in the earth and have tunnel though rock. The traps are 20 feet deep and contain stone headed wooden spears. Each spear inflicts 2D6 points of damage and roll 1D6 to determine how many spears the person gets hit by if they fall through the trap. Careful examination of the trail will show where the safe paths are. Inside the cave and partially buried in the sand are caltrops. The caltrops inflict 1D4 points of damage each. The trail snakes through the cavern and any person walking into the cave can follow the trail to avoid the caltrops. From the two arrow slits (-6 to called shot), two goblins will fire crossbow bolts at any attackers. The Goblins are fairly alert and will notice most movement. One goblin wears an amulet of “See the Invisible” to prevent attackers from using invisibility to sneak up to the door. The position of guard is passed between the goblins at the temple. If the guard are killed before the characters get to the entrance, more goblins will take over shooting positions. The door is very strong and will require a combined force of about 5000 pounds of force and is locked by an iron bar. The other choice is hacking at the door with axes.

    If characters keep watch of entrance from forested areas, they will see patrols enter and leave the cavern at various times. From their paths, the location of the traps can be assumed. As well, characters with some sort of telepathy will be able to detect the Goblin guards periodically falling asleep and may be able to use that time to sneak up to the doors. In most cases, trying to open the doors will wake up the guards though.

  2. Main Corridor:

    Description: This corridor shows some signs of being natural but appears to have been widened although rough cut from the rocks. As characters enter the corridor, the smell of death will seem even stronger and be coming from directly in front of them. The corridor is illuminated by very greasy burning torches along the walls. It is as if they are burning some kind of animal fat. At the end of the corridor, the passage seems to widen out into a large room. There are passages on either side of the corridor.

    Information: The surviving Goblin guards surviving will back up into deeper into the corridor and position themselves near the temple room as soon as it appears that the characters are going to break through the doors. They will continue to fire crossbow bolts. As the characters enter the corridor itself, Orcs will burst through the side doorways and attempt to surround the characters. At least eight Orcs will attack the characters and may be more depending on how many are on patrol. At this point, the Goblins will only select targets which are along to avoid shooting the Orcs. Common targets will be archers and spell casters on the other side. If the fight goes against the temple defenders, the Goblins will attempt to retreat into the temple using Cobbler magic, if any Cobblers survive, to escape. The Orcs will continue to fight

    The side corridors are the living areas for the Goblins and Orcs. Characters will find little of valuable (100 gold worth of silver and copper total) but will find flea infested bedding, cooking areas and eating areas, and even latrines. Virtually everything is filthy and some of the food remains are humanoid. There is no Goblin or Orc families in occupation in the temple.

  3. Temple of Blood:

    Description: The temple is rough cut like the corridor but shows no signs of a natural cavern. The smell of death is absolutely overpowering in this room. Characters must make a save against non lethal poison or throw up. Th reason is obvious. The walls and floor are absolutely covered in blood which while dried in most places still, is still moist in some areas. In addition, several bodies are lying around a black stone altar. The bodies have been messily disemboweled and shredded. Bodies include both humanoid and animal bodies. On the walls, there are six spiked clubs. There are several black candles around the stone altar which appears to be constructed of obsidian. There is a black curtain in the back of the temple. In front of the curtain are several statues of Demon Lords. The temple contains no chairs..

    Information: The Necromancer is hiding behind the curtains along with any surviving Goblins. Depending on the power level of the group, there will also be 2 animated mummies in chain mail with battle axes. As soon as the characters enter the temple, she will animate the dead bodies. There are at any one time 1D4+4 humanoid bodies and 2D4+4 animal bodies around the altar. The Necromancer will animate as many bodies as he can and will use the animal bodies to attack while the humanoid bodies grab the spiked clubs and any other weapons available and the attack. All will attack to the death and chase characters wherever they go. The Necromancer will watch for a few moments before fleeing down the corridor. If the characters get through the animated dead quickly or they use turn dead on them, the mummies will be directed to attack instantly by the Necromancer. Like the animated bodies, the Mummies will fight to the death and pursue characters. The Necromancer will try to also use any surviving Goblins to slow down the characters. The Goblins seem to be more afraid of her than they are of the characters although they will be willing to surrender in some cases. They know that they will not be allowed to go further down into the temple.

    If examined and the characters are knowledgeable, the characters will note that the wax used to make the candles use humanoid fat. The altar is solid black stone and takes a lot of work to destroy if the characters try to see if anything is inside the altar. There is no special items (or items period) inside of the altar.

  4. Long Corridor:

    Description: Behind the area after the curtains, a long corridor (400 ft) leads from the bloody temple. The corridor is smoothly carved and goes downward as the passage goes deeper into the hill. It also curves slightly to the right side. The corridor is lit by lanterns every few feet. As the characters near the end of the corridor, the passageway ends in a heavy looking iron reinforced door. There are several narrow slits in the door. They are obviously meant for spying because they are not wide enough for arrows to be fired though. Along the walls are eight niches. Each seems to contain old mummified bodies wearing chain mail and holding either a heavy battle axe or a claymore.

    Information: Depending on the power level of the group, the mummified bodies are either simple dead bodies the animator will animate or they will be mummies themselves. If mummies were used in the previous encounter, two of the niches will be empty. Any normal animated dead will be large skeletons (Ogres or Trolls) and will be armed with giant battle axes or giant claymores. They will also be wearing chain mail. They will be animated by the Necromancer as the characters enter the area. Any mummies will be of normal size but will also be armed with Claymores and Battle Axes. In these cases, the weapons will be of normal size. Mummies will be wearing chain mail armor as protection. In either case, the creatures will attack to the death. This includes attacking any Goblins that enter the area. Animated Dead will be able to be turned but not the mummies.

    The iron reinforced door is held closed by a heavy bar like the main door although this bar is of wood instead of iron. The door can withstand about 2000 pounds of force or will take a long period hacking at it with axes.

  5. Inner Sanctum:

    Description: When the characters make it though the heavily reinforced door, they will end up in a fairly large room with two corridors that enter the room from the sides. The room and side corridors are smoothly carved like the main corridor entering the room. The walls are plain and the room is lit by more lanterns although. The two side corridors are dark. The item that will attract the characters attention is the door on the other end of the room. It is either covered in bone or constructed from bone. It is difficult to be determined. The center piece of the door is a humanoid skull. The door is open about a foot and a half wide. What can be seen on the inside of the temple seems to be more bones. It appears to lit by some kind of haunting red light.

    Information: As soon as the characters enter the room, the two massive ogres will charge from side corridors. They are armed with heavy battle axes and swords. Their purpose is more to distract the characters although they will be definitely be trying to kill the characters. As they attack, the Witch will sneak in using the ring of invisibility and will attempt a surprise attack against one of the more powerful looking characters. After that, she will engage in normal combat using paired weapons and her supernatural strength. The necromancer will stand by the doorway to the chapel of bone. She will use spells against the characters as well as using powers of the dragon skull and throwing poisoned daggers at the characters.

    The side corridors lead into the living areas for the Ogres, the Witch, and the Necromancer. There a variety of rooms and they contain all the expected rooms including sleeping area, separate cooking areas for the humans and ogres, and bathing areas. The necromancers room can easily be told by the others by the neat racks of preserved parts from humanoid and animals bodies. In a chest in the necromancers room, there is a heavily reinforced chest. Under cloths, the Necromancer keeps her spell book and 10,000 Gold in precious items. It contains coins, gems, and jewelry. The Witch also has 8,000 Gold in similar precious items. She keeps her items under her bed. The Ogres each have 1,000 Gold in precious metals, mostly coins, and precious gems. Careful examination will also determine that there are secret doors in a room in each side corridor that opens into escape passages that lead from the temple.

  6. Chapel of Bone:

    Description: In an dark sort of way, the chapel is striking. Everything in the chamber is constructed from bone or are covered in bone. Even the floor and ceiling are covered in bone. The bones from many different types of creatures have been used including humanoids and virtually every body in the body has been used on the chamber. Each wall has two rows of skulls running along them. Human, Dwarf, and Elf skulls are the most common. Each wall has two giant skulls with glowing red gems (red gems of light) in the eye sockets which gives the room a haunting red light. There are no seats in the chamber and the center piece of the altar is a giant skull. It is surrounded by smaller humanoid skulls. A variety of bone implements sit on the altar. In the rear of the chamber are four statues of demons which are carved and assembled from pieces of bone. In front of the statues are chest constructed from bone..

    Information: As might be expected, this is the altar which contains the special item the characters are looking for. The altar is built around the item and must be broken to get to it. There is a multitude of strange auras in the room which prevents the easy detection of the magic item. If someone attempted to use detection abilities, they will need to make a perception roll of 17 in order to notice the aura among the conflicting auras. The chests contain precious materials. There is a total of 220,000 Gold in precious metals, coins, gems, and jewelry.


12 Goblin Crossbow-man: Hand to Hand: Expert. Attacks: 4 (3 with crossbow), Bonuses: +1 to strike with crossbow and sword, +3 to parry and dodge (+4 to parry with sword) H.P.: 20 S.D.C.: 20. All stats average for goblins. Two of Goblins are Cobblers. Goblins are armed with Heavy Crossbows (2D6) with 20 Quarrels each, Scimitars (2D6), and Daggers (1D6). Goblins wear soft leather (A.C.: 10 S.D.C.: 20)
Goblins are generally kept from deserting by the threat that if they escape, they will be hunted down and tortured to death along with the Goblins who were on guard. The Ogres have done this job several times and the witches have made a great show of torturing to death the Goblins who have disobeyed. Often 2 to 4 goblins will be with patrols scouring the local area. Each patrol has two Goblins and four Orcs.

16 Orc Soldiers: All stats average for Orcs (20 Strength) Hand to Hand: Expert. Attacks: 4 Bonuses: +1 to strike with sword and +5 to damage due to strength. H.P.: 20 S.D.C.: 25., Orcs are armed with Long Swords (2D6) or Spiked Clubs (2D6) as their main weapon. All Orcs will also have a dagger (1D6). Orcs wear full chain mail (A.R.: 14 S.D.C.: 44)
On average, four to eight Orcs are on patrol at any time scouring the local area. Each patrol has two Goblins and four Orcs.

4+1D4 Animated Medium Humanoid Bodies: Attacks: 2 S.D.C.: 80 Armed with either Long Swords (2D6) or Spiked Clubs (2D6). Damage inflicted by punches, kick, and bites is 1D6 S.D.C. Animated Bodies wear no armor. Note: missiles and stabbing weapons (knives, swords, spears, etc) inflict 1 /3 damage, blunt and smashing weapons/attacks do full damage while fire does double damage .
Group is a mixture of different races but most commonly are human (Local Villagers who have been kidnaped and sacrificed) but may include Elves, Dwarves, and even Wolfen.

4+2D4 Animated Small Animal Bodies: Attacks: 2 S.D.C.: 50. Damage inflicted by kick, claws, and bites is 1D6 S.D.C. Animated Bodies wear no armor. Note: missiles and stabbing weapons (knives, swords, spears, etc) inflict 1 /3 damage, blunt and smashing weapons/attacks do full damage while fire does double damage .
Includes mostly goats and livestock. May also include Wolves, Dogs, and Forest Cats

0 to 8 Animated Large Humanoid Bodies: Attacks: 2 S.D.C.: 140 Armed with either Giant Claymores (4D6) or Giant Battle Axes (4D6). Damage inflicted by punches, kick, and bites is 1D6 S.D.C. Animated Giant Bodies wear full chain mail (A.R.: 14 S.D.C.: 44). Note: missiles and stabbing weapons (knives, sword points, spears, etc) inflict 1 /3 damage, blunt and smashing weapons/attacks do full damage while fire does double damage. Will be either Ogres or Trolls.

0 to 8 Mummies: IQ: 4, PS: 20, SPD: 7, Attacks: 3 Horror Factor: 10 Bonuses: +5 to Damage,+1 to Strike, and +1 to Parry. S.D.C. Linen has 50 (A.R. 10) and Corpse has 70., Armed with either Battle Axes (3D6) or Claymores (3D6). Damage 2D6 by punch. Mummies wear full chain mail (A.R.: 14 S.D.C.: 44) Note: Fires have horror factor 7 (small), 13 (medium), or 16 (large) Fire and Magic Weapons only damage the Mummy. Magical Fire inflict double damage. Torch will do 2D4 damage per strike.
Bodies are Human or Elves. The Necromancer considers Mummies easier to animate than Zombies and prefers them for this reason.

2 Ogre Mercenaries: PS: 28, PP 20, PE 22, all others average. Fourth (4) level of Experience. Hand to Hand Expert. Attacks 6. Bonuses: + 13 to Damage, +5 to Strike (+7 with Primary Weapon), +8 to Parry (+10 with Primary Weapon), +8 to Dodge, +5 to Roll, and +2 to Save vs Horror Factor. H.P.: 42. S.D.C.: 75. One is armed with a Giant Battle Axe (4D6+3, Kobold Manufacture: +3 to Damage, +1 to Strike, +2 to Parry, and +1 to Initiative - Quality Bonuses have not been added to total strike and parry bonuses) and the other is armed with a Giant Claymore (4D6+3, Kobold Manufacture: +3 to Damage, +1 to Strike, +2 to Parry, and +2 to Initiative - Quality Bonuses have not been added to total strike and parry bonuses). Each is also armed with two daggers. Each also wears half plate mail (A.R.: 14 S.D.C.: 60)
The Ogres are both male and are huge for their race. The Ogres are used as enforcers by the Witch and the Necromancer. While in many ways, the Witch and Necromancer are more dangerous, the huge Ogres are very effective at keeping the Goblins and Orcs under control. The Ogres respect the two humans and are afraid enough of them that they will not try and size power from them.

1 Female Human Witch - Pact of Power "Melkandra": IQ 12, ME 12, MA 8, PS 32 (Supernatural), PP 30, PE 20 (supernatural), PB 21, SPD 20. Sixth (6) level of Experience. Hand to Hand Basic. Attacks 5. Bonuses: +5D6+17 on full strength attacks, +9 to strike (+12 with sword), +10 to Parry (+12 with sword), +10 to dodge, +2 to initiative, and +3 to roll. Has a critical strike on Nat 19 or 20 and paired weapon in sword. H.P.: 47. S.D.C.: 212. Armed with 2 Magical Scimitars (3D6+7 each, Dwarf Manufacture: +4 to Damage, +3 to Parry, +2 to Strike, and +2 to Initiative, Enchantments: Additional Damage, Eternally Sharp, and Indestructible. Quality Bonuses have not been added to total strike and parry bonuses), Crossbow (2D6), and 4 Daggers (1D6 each) Wears Leather of Iron (A.R.: 15 S.D.C.: 300) and has a ring of Invisibility and Cloak of Guises (Grey or Black). Special Abilities: Impervious to Poisons (and Drugs, Gasses, and Disease), Super Tough, Supernatural Strength and Endurance, Increased Physical Prowess, and Bio-Regenerate.
Older Sister of the Necromancer. After her parents were killed and she was chased out of her village, she bonded with her demon lord as a witch. Used Miracle Cream to change appearance due to be wanted dead or alive in many areas and increase physical beauty at the same time. She has found that attractiveness lets her trick many males. Ordered by her demon lord to guard the temple.

1 Female Human Necromancer "Elerica": IQ 14, ME 18, MA 10, PS 13, PP 20, PE 20, PB 22, SPD 15. Sixth (6) level of Experience. Hand to Hand Basic. Attacks 5. Bonuses: +4 to Strike (+6 to strike with dagger or whip, +9 with thrown daggers), +5 to Parry (+8 to Parry with Dagger), +5 to Dodge, and +2 to Roll. Has a critical strike on Nat 19 or 20 and paired weapon in daggers and combination dagger and whip. H.P.: 45. S.D.C.: 15 (255 with Dragon Skull activated - Needs 50 P.P.E.) Armed with 2 Magical Daggers (2D6+4 each, Dwarf Manufacture: +4 to Damage, +3 to Parry, +2 to Strike, and +2 to Initiative, Enchantments: Additional Damage, Indestructible, and Returns to Wielder when thrown. Quality Bonuses have not been added to total strike and parry bonuses), 8 Kobold Daggers (+3 to Damage, +1 to Parry, +1 to Strike, and +2 to Initiative, Quality Bonuses have not been added to total strike and parry bonuses), and Bullwhip 2D6). All weapons are coating in poison. Wears Cloak of Armor (A.R.: 14 S.D.C.: 250) and Cloak of Guises (Grey or Black). Also has a dragon skull to use with Necromancy. P.P.E.: 143 Spells: Necromancer: Command Ghouls (10), Consume Power and Knowledge (20), Divining: Tombs & Graves (10 or 35), Maggots [Insects] (20), Object Read the Dead (8), Recognize the Undead (8), Stench of the Dead (60), Strength of the Dead (60), Summon Magot [Monster] (320), Summon Vampires (150), Summon Worms of Taut 210). Standard Spells: Sense Magic (4), Turn Dead (6), Shadow Meld (10), Horrific Illusion (10), Fire Ball (10), Tongues (12), Constrain Being (20), Life Drain (25), Commune with Spirits (25), Sickness (50), Control/Enslave Entity (80), Create Mummy (140)
Younger Sister of the Witch. Was raised by her older sister when they were chased from their home village and learned to become a necromancer. Like sister, she was wanted dead or alive and used Miracle Cream to change appearance. She increased her physical beauty at the same time because she also found that it made it easier for her to trick most males. She traveled with her sister when she was told to travel to guard the temple.

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