William Kent:

Name: William
True Name: William Kent
Alignment: Miscreant (Evil)
Hit Points: 60 S.D.C.: 133 Chi: 28
Attributes: I.Q.: 15, M.E.: 12, M.A.: 14, P.S.: 33 (+18), P.P.: 26 (+6), P.E.: 28 (+17% / +7), P.B.:14, SPD: 33 (+4) Weight: 220 lbs (99.8 kg) Height: 6 ft 2 in (1.88 meters)
Age: 32 Race: Human Sex: Male
Disposition: William is a hard person to classify. He is a self serving individual who cares little about himself and is capable of great cruelty. At the same time he understands backstabbing an employer will make it very difficult to find further work and he realizes that when he works with a time, he must treat them with discipline or he will be unable to control them. The reason why he was dismissed from the US Navy Seals was due to he outright enjoyment of violence. He considers himself to be tough and is very body proud. He was proud of being a Seal, not because he served his country but due to the fact that he was one of the toughest of the tough. He has a dislike for women who consider themselves to be as tough as a man because he feels that they are taking a mans job. He has an especial dislike for the women who has joined the special forces over the last few years. As a result, he has trouble working with women in a combat role with him. He rarely tortures but likes to bully others. People who will not be cowed he will use physical violence against. He treats women the same. If he can cow them into sex he will, otherwise he will forcefully rape them. While he may underestimate an opponent, he still knows how to fight. If an opponent is tough, he will try and kill them by any method at his disposal. What ever else can be said about him, it has to be said that he is an intelligent and extremely capable soldier and that should be remembered.
Occupation: Veteran Grunt (1st edition) Experience Level: Seventh (7)
Combat Skills: Tae Kwon Do
Attacks per Melee: Eight (8) / Ten (10) with other games
Martial Art Powers & Abilities: Chi-Gung (AR 17), Kick Practice, Zanshin (Awareness),
Bonuses, Combat: Damage: +22, Strike: + 8 (+12 with Kicks), Parry: + 11, Dodge: +15, Roll (Punch / Fall / Impact): +13, Maintain Balance: +4,Knock Out: Natural 20, Stun: Natural 20, Critical: Natural 18, 19, 20
Martial Art Moves: Escape Moves: Roll, Maintain Balance, Attack Moves: Leap, Roll, Backflip, Defensive Moves: Dodge, Parry , Auto Parry, Multiple Dodge, Power Block/Parry, Automatic Roll, Breakfall, Hand Attack: Punch, Knife Hand, Back Hand Palm Strike, Duo-Fist Strike Foot Attacks: Kick, Snap Kick, Roundhouse Kick, Backward Sweep, Reverse Turn Kick, Drop Kick, Jump Kick, Flying Jump Kick, Flying Reverse Turn Kick, Special Attacks: Death Blow, Leap Attack, Combination Grab/Kick, Butjapgo Chagi, Modifiers to Attack: Pull Punch, Knock-Out/Stun, Critical Strike, Critical Strike From Rear.
Bonus; Save: Lethal Poison +7, Non-Lethal Poison +7, Harmful Drugs +7, Insanity +0, Psionics +0, Magic +7, Horror Factor +4, +17% against Coma & Death
Character Skills Packages: Military: Basic Military Skill Program, Advanced Infantry Skill Program, Guerilla Warfare Skill Program, Littoral Warfare Skill Program, Basic: Physical Program
Character Skills: Communications: Radio: Basic Communication (+10%) 90%, Computers: Computer Operation (Secondary) 75%, Cultural: Fishing (Secondary - Learned at Third Level) 80%, Mountaineering (Secondary - Learned at Fifth Level) 50%, Spelunking (Secondary - Learned at Seventh Level) 45%, Sports - Football 60%, Espionage/Military: Detect Ambush (+15%) 85%, Detect Concealment (+15%) 85%, Escape Artist (Secondary) 50%, Interrogation (+5%) 75%, Land Navigation (+10%) 74%, Pick Locks (Secondary) 55%, Sniper +2, Tracking (+10%) 70%, Wilderness Survival (+15%) 85%, Mechanical: Automobile Mechanics (Includes Small Boats - +10) 78%, Medical: First Aid (Secondary) 70%, Military: Armorer (+10%) 95%, Demolitions (+20%) 98%, Demolitions Disposal (+20%) 98%, Military Weapon Proficiencies: W.P.: Assault Rifle - Sharpshooting (+1 Attack / +4 Burst / +8 Aimed), W.P.: Grenade, Thrown (+6 to Throw), W.P.: Infantry Missiles (+4 Burst / +6 Aimed), W.P. Vehicle Mounted - Includes Grenade Launcher and Machinegun (+4 Burst / +6 Aimed), Physical: Athletics, Body Building (Secondary), Boxing, Climbing (+15%) 98%, Gymnastics (Sense of Balance 80%, Climb Rope 82%, Back Flip 98%, Prowl 60%), Running, Swimming 98%, Swimming - Advanced (+15%) 95%, Wrestling, Pilot: Automobile (+5%) 98% / 98%, Motorcycle (Secondary) 74%, Truck (Secondary) 74%, Boat - Motor (+20%) 98%, Pilot Related Skills: Navigation (+10%) 90%, Read Sensory Instruments (+20%) 90%, Rogue: Streetwise 44%, Science: Mathematics, Basic 92%, Technical: Language: Korean 85%, Spanish (Secondary) 75%, Weapon Proficiencies: Modern Weapons: W.P.: Pistol - Sharpshooting (+1 Attack / +4 Burst / +8 Aimed), W.P.: Pistol (Paired), W.P.: Rifle / Shotgun (+1 burst & +3 aimed), W.P.: Submachinegun (+1 Attack / +4 Burst / +8 Aimed), Temple Philosophies and Skills: Zen 92%.
Skill Alterations for Nightbane: Replace Secondary Skills of Fishing, Mountaineering , and Spelunking with skills of Lore: Demon and Monster 45%, Lore: Magic 35% / 25% / 20%, and Lore: Vampires 36%
Appearance: William is a tall and muscular man who is not just strong but very dexterous at the same time. He could be considered handsome but has expression of uncaring evaluation of all around him and maybe a bit of anger. He has short dark brown hair and brown eyes. He normally has a bit of stubble but does not have a beard or a mustache. He normally wears black fatigue style clothing with black combat boots. He also normal wears a pistol on each side of a utility belt.
Weapons of Note:
2 H&K SOCOM: Weight: 2.5 lbs (1.14 kg)
Pistol replaced the M1911-A1 in American Special Forces including the Navy Seals. The weapon is very tough and is designed to accept a silencer and has a combined The magazine holds 12 rounds, and is made of stainless steel. He has 8 additional magazines (2 Magazines of Silver Rounds in Nightbane) The gun also features a special double recoil spring, which helps to reduce felt recoil. He has a silencer for both pistols. Caliber: .45 ACP (5D6), Range: 165 ft, Payload: 12 + 1.
M-4A1 Combat Rifle: Weight: 7.30 lbs (3.32 kg).
Shortened version of the M-16 which is American Standard 5.56 Assault Rifle. He has a silencer and scope for the rifle. He has two 99 round magazines (2 30 round Magazines of Silver Rounds in Nightbane) Caliber: 5.56x45 mm NATO (5D6) Mode of Fire: Semi-automatic or fully automatic, Range: 1200 feet (366 meters). Payload: 5, 10, 20, 30, or 99 rounds.
Other weapons: 8 Grenades (2 Silver Grenades in Nightbane), Plastic explosive (Prefers C-4 Explosive because he has the most experience from the Navy Seals.)
He has a far larger selection of firearms than listed above including high powered hunting rifles used for sniper shots and a variety of cheap street weapons to look like it is a random hood shooting.
Armor of Note: Concealed (A.R. 12 S.D.C. 40), Class 4 Armor (A.R. 17 S.D.C. 280 Weight: 20 lbs)
Other Equipment:
Vehicles: Bronco 4x4 (Painted Black and is fully loaded), Racing Boat
Other Items: All Gear that might be expected for his skills and profession. Included gun smithing and shooting gear, scuba gear, climbing gear, satellite navigation equipment, survival gear
Valuables & Properties: 2 million dollars in cash assets and another 10 million in investments. His starting fees are around 10,000 and often gets payed over 100,000 for a job. He has a several million dollar ranch in Arizona.

Character History:

William Kent was born in a poor dirt farmer family in the Southwest. Even in school, he was always know as a bully, taking advantage of others weaker than himself. His father beat his mother and from his father he learned that women should be subservient to them.

He joined the US Navy to get away from his life in poverty and to prove how tough he really was. From the very beginning, he cared nothing for serving his country but joined for himself. He was accepted into the Seals and was one of the small minority who pass the training. He quickly got a reputation as a hard charger although even then he seemed to show a coldness from the very beginning . Still, he was considered to be a lifer (one who serves a full 20 years in the Navy) by his commanding officer. He served in several actions including Panama, Desert Storm, and several more classified missions. He made the rank of first class petty officer but never made the rank of chief. By the time he was ready to become a chief, there were ugly rumors about him. These included violence to prisoners and rape. None of this could be substantiated but made his officers unwilling to promote him to chief and made them look for a way to get him to retire. At the same time, women were becoming members of the other special forces like the Army Rangers and he did not like the idea of working around women. His commanding officer decided to resort to "recommending" that he "retire" from the Seals. He accepted the recommendation and left with an honorable discharge.

As soon as he left the Seals, he went to work as a mercenary. He has done work for many groups and has gained a reputation for being willing to work for virtually anyone as long as the money is right. He started by working as a hit man from drug dealers although he did not deal with the drug directly. When he amassed a good amount of money and a fearsome reputation, he went freelance and has worked ever since for anyone as long as the money is right. He will do both protection jobs and elimination jobs. Many of his protection jobs are legitimate and is how he claims his other income is legitimate as well. He is an expert at getting rid of bodies so that they cannot be traced and all of his methods are designed to leave no clue as to who did the job. This included the fact he gets rid of all clothing whenever he completes a job so that he cannot be traced by his clothing. He will even make a job look less perfect so to make an amateur group. For example, even though he prefers military C-4 explosive, he will use a fertilizer bomb is it will cause another group to be blamed.

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