Victoria (Vicky) Lowry:

Name: Vicky
True Name: Victoria (Vicky) Lowry
Nickname: Raven
Alignment: Scrupulous
Hit Points: 28 S.D.C.: 97 Chi: 17
Attributes: I.Q.: 15, M.E.: 11, M.A.: 20 65%, P.S.: 24 +9, P.P.: 26 +6, P.E.: 17 +6%/+1, P.B.: 21 65%, Spd.: 25 +4 Weight: 138 lbs (62.7 kg) Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.72 meters)
Age: 22 Race: Human Sex: Female
Disposition: Very discipline and military minded yet is still very adventurous. Like many military people, she has little patience for people such as terrorists and violent protestors. She loves firearms and is a firearm collector as well.
Occupation: Veteran Grunt (1st edition) Experience Level: Second
Combat Skills: Hwarang-Do Karate and boxing.
Attacks per Melee: Five (5) / Seven (7) with other games
Martial Art Powers & Abilities: Chi-Gung (AR 15), Zanshin (Awareness), Weapon Kata - Knife (Paired)
Bonuses, Combat: Damage: +11, Strike: + 6, Parry: + 9, Dodge: +13, Roll: + 8, Leap: + 1, Flip: + 6, Knock Out: Natural 20, Stun: Natural 20, Critical: Natural 20
Martial Art Moves: Escape Moves: Roll, Leap, Maintain Balance, Backflip, Attack Moves: Leap, Roll, Backflip,
Defensive Moves: Dodge, Parry , Auto Parry, Multiple Dodge, Circle Parry, Hand Attack: Punch, Knife Hand, Back Hand Foot Attacks: Kick, Wheel Kick, Cresent Kick, Backward Sweep, Reverse Turn Kick, Jump Kick, Flying Jump Kick Special Attacks: Leap Attack, Body Flip/Throw, Crit Flip/Throw Hold/Lock: Neck Hld-Choke
Bonus; Save: Lethal Poison +1, Non-Lethal Poison +1, Harmful Drugs +1, Insanity +0, Psionics +0, Magic +1, Horror Factor +4, +6% against Coma & Death
Character Skills Packages: Basic Military Program, Military Intelligence, Military Guerilla War Military Armor & Artillery, Basic Language Program, Basic Science Program
Character Skills: Communications: Cryptology (+10%) 45%, Radio: Basic Communication (+10%) 65%, Radio: Scramblers (+5%) 50%, Surveillance Systems (+5%) 50%, Computers: Computer Operation (+10%) 75%, Cultural: Cook (Secondary) 56%, Sewing (Secondary) 45%, Espionage/Military: Detect Ambush (+15%) 60%,Detect Concealment (+15%) 50%, Disguise (+10%) 55%, Escape Artist (Secondary) 25%, Forgery (+5%) 40%, Interrogation (+10%) 55%, Land Navigation (+30%) 74%, Microfilm/ Microfiche/ Microdot Technology (+10%) 54%, Pick Locks (Secondary) 30%, Sniper +2, Tracking (+10%) 45%, Wilderness Survival (+15%) 60%, Mechanical: Automobile Mechanics (Secondary) 43%, Medical: First Aid (Secondary) 45%, Military: Armorer (+5%) 65%, Demolitions (+20%) 83%, Demolitions Disposal (+20%) 83%, Military Intelligence (+12%) 58%, Pilot Tank (+15%) 69%, Military Weapon Proficiencies: W.P.: Artillery (+1 burst & +3 aimed), W.P.: Assault Rifle (+2 burst & +4 aimed), W.P.: Grenade, Thrown (+2 burst & +4 aimed), W.P.: Grenade Launcher (+1 burst & +3 aimed), W.P.: Infantry Missiles (+1 burst & +3 aimed), W.P.: Mortar (+1 burst & +3 aimed), W.P.: Vehicle Mounted (+1 burst & +3 aimed), Physical: Athletics (Secondary), Body Building (Secondary), Boxing, Climbing (+15%) 83%, Gymnastics (Sense of Balance 55%, Climb Rope 72%, Back Flip 78%, Prowl 35%), Running, Swimming (Secondary) 58%, Pilot: Automobile (+10%) 103% / 96%, Offensive Driving (+10%) 45%, Truck (+10%) 74%, Commercial Vehicle (+10%) 53%, Freight Hauler (+10%) 53%, Pilot Related Skills: Read Sensory Instruments (+20%) 65%, Science: Biology (+5%) 50%, Botany (+5%) 50%, Chemistry (+5%) 60%, Mathematics, Basic 82%, Mathematics, Advanced (+5%) 73%, Technical: Language: Arabic (+10%) 70%, English (Native) 98%, French (+10%) 70%, German (+10%) 70%, Japanese (+10%) 70%, Korean 60%, Russian (+10%) 70%, Temple Philosophies and Skills: Buddhism 82%, Weapon Proficiencies: Ancient Weapons: W.P.: Knives [Paired] (Kata) +1 Strike/+0 Parry /+1 Throw, W.P.: Bow +2 Strike/ 3 Attacks, Modern Weapons: W.P.: Pistol (+1 burst & +3 aimed), W.P.: Rifle / Shotgun (+1 burst & +3 aimed), W.P.: Machinegun (+1 burst & +3 aimed), W.P.: Submachinegun (+1 burst & +3 aimed).
Appearance: She is very attractive and looks in many way like the American Dream Girl with flawless and very fresh looking skin. She is tall and has a very attractive and athletic figure. Most of the time she wears little makeup and keeps her black hair straight down her back. She has light blue eyes. She does dress up sometimes but normally weapons simple clothing including blue jeans and tee shirts with marine corps or other logs. She normally wears sneakers or boots and will only wear flats when it comes to dress shoes.
Weapons of Note: AMT .45 ACP Backup (She normal carries the pistol in a holster in the front of her pants when she cannot carry the Colt 1911. Normally carries 2 magazines of hollow points), Barrett M82A1 (She has both standard and night scope, Normally carries 2 magazines of full metal jacket), Colt M1911A1 (Has a special laser targeting system, Normally carries 5 magazines of hollow points), Thomson M3A1 Grease Gun (Normally carries 4 magazines of hollow points and one magazine of full metal jacket), M-16A4 Combat Rifle (Normally carries 3 magazines of full metal jacket), Remington XP-100 Custom (.223 REM, She has a standard and a night scope for the pistol), 2 M-1 Garand Bayonets (Damage: 1D8+2+(Strength) 6 Grenades(2 Explosive Grenades, 2 Smoke Grenades - Grey Smoke, 2 Knockout Gas Grenades)
Extra Ammo (Not in Magazines): 1000 Rounds 5.56 mm NATO Full Metal Jacket, 1000 Rounds .45 ACP Hollow Point, 1000 Rounds .45 ACP Armor Piercing, 100 Rounds .50 BMG Full Metal Jacket
Armor of Note: Riot Jacket (A.R. 10 S.D.C. 50 Weight: 12 lbs)
Other Equipment:
Vehicles: Porche 1911 Carrera 4 (Hot Pink) - Rear Engine 4 Wheel Drive Car, SOHC Flat 6, 250 HP, 0-60 in 5.8 Seconds, Top speed is 161 MPH. Has Alpine CD and Stereo System. Also has C.B. that can receive and transmit into police frequencies, Radar Detector, Cellular Telephone, and a Shortwave Radio
Computers: Ms Dos Pentium II Laptop - 64 meg ram, Active Matrix Full Color Super VGA Display, 8 Gig hard drive, internal 48X speed CD-ROM, LS-120 Smart Drive, Network Card, and 56K Baud FAX Modem
Clothing: Uniforms (Dress, Utility, and Combat), Combat Helmet, Non Uniform Combat Fatigues (Black and various camouflage styles), Regular Clothing with her favorite clothing being simple blue jeans, tee shirt, and jean jacket. She does have many dresses which many are gifts from her family (Many are very expensive and some which she purchased he self are very revealing), Black Body Suit (Stealth), Martial Art Outfits
Other Items: Lock Picks, Handcuffs, Makeup and other Feminine Items, Comb and Brush, Ear Protectors, Purse, Zippo Lighter (USMC), Field Backpack, First Aid Kit, Canteen, Ammo Bandoleer, Medium Unbreakable Flashlight (Attaches to jacket), S.C.U.B.A. Gear, Sleeping Bag, Tent, Climbing Rope (100 ft), Compass, 2 weeks emergency rations, Satellite Navigation Device, Hand Held Short Wave Radio, Headset Radio, Shooting Glasses, Weapon Cleaning Kit
Valuables & Properties: 120,000 dollars, $8,000 Worth of Jewelry (Gifts from her family)

Character History:

Vicky was born the daughter of the owner of the largest paper in the city of Sacramento, California. While her parents had tried many time to have additional children, Vicky has no brothers or sisters. Her family has been wealthy since the times of the California gold rush. She lived the seemingly ideal childhood of a child of the wealthy but this never worked for her. While there is obvious love between her and her parents, she was always different than the other wealthy children. She loved reading military action adventure novel not the romance novels that most of the girls her age. She also had a general interest in the military and fire arms. She tended to also prefer to dress plainly instead of either expensive clothing and strongly disliked the grungy or punk style that some of the wealthy children preferred. She worked out in the gym often and was very athletic.

As she got older, she decided she wanted to join the Marine Corps. Her parents tried to get her interested in college but she was set on joining the Marine Corps. As a final attempt, they tried to get her to join the Air Force Academy instead of the Marines but when she graduated from High School, she took the military tests and joined the Marine Corps going into Marine Intelligence. She made it through Marine Bootcamp with extreme ease and went into her MOS training which she graduated very high in her class.

On her first assignment, she was assigned to American Marine Forces in Korea. She had only some basic hand to hand training but was always interested in learning martial arts. While she was in Korea, she learned the martial art of Hwarang-Do Karate. She had an extremely hard time proving that she could keep up with the training but she was able to do far more than keep up and was able to far exceed her instructors expectations. While in the military, she took multiple courses in science of foreign languages.

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