Hendrik Ijzerbroot (Agent 327):

Name: Hendrik Ijzerbroot [Agent 327]
Nickname: Agent 327
Alignment: Scrupulous
Hit Points: 44 S.D.C.: +52 Chi: 27
Attributes: I.Q.: 15, M.E.: 11, M.A.: 15, P.S.: 24 +9, P.P.: 25 +5, P.E.: 17 +1 / +6%, P.B.: 11, Spd.: 25 +4
Weight: 155 lbs (70.3 kg) Height: 5 ft 10 in (1.78 meters)
Age: Should be 70 this year (year 2000), but being a comic book hero has its perks (For game terms, assume mid to late forties)
Race: Human Sex: Male
Disposition: Disciplined and serious, yet not averse to making fun of his enemies, even while in difficult situations. He is totally loyal to queen and country, and will do everything in his power to protect both.
Occupation: Operative Agent (First Edition) - Full Time Secret Agent of the BVD (This is the Internal Security Agency of the Netherlands)
Experience Level: Eighth (8)
Combat Skills: Boxing and Isshin-Ryu Karate
Attacks per Melee: Six (6) / Eight (8) with other games
Martial Art Powers & Abilities: Chi Healing, Falling Technique, Zanshin (Martial Arts Awareness), Bassai "Fortress Penetration" Kata, Kata of Five Principles, Weapon Kata - Bo Staff (+4 Strike, +6 Parry, +2 to Throw)
Bonuses, Combat: +10 to Damage, +7 to Strike, +11 to Parry, +15 to Dodge, +12 to Roll with Punch/Fall/Impact, +3 to Maintain Balance, Critical Strike on Natural 18 to 20, Knockout on Natural 19 or 20 and from behind, Death Blow on Natural 20.
Martial Art Moves: Escape Moves: Roll, Leap, Maintain Balance, Basic Defensive Moves: Dodge, Parry , Automatic Parry, Advanced Defenses: Combination Parry/Attack, Disarm, Hand Attacks: Punch, Knife Hand, Fore-Knuckle Punch, Palm Strike, Foot Attacks: Kick, Snap Kick, Backward Sweep, Reverse Turn Kick, Jump Kick, Special Attacks: Death Blow, Leap Attack, Combination Strike/Parry, Elbow.
Bonus; Save: Lethal Poison +1, Non-Lethal Poison +1, Harmful Drugs +1, Insanity +0, Psionics +0, Magic +1, Horror Factor +2, +2 to save vs Mind Control, +6% against Coma & Death
Character Skills Packages: Espionage: Information Gathering, Deep Cover Military: Basic Military, Advanced Infantry Basic: Language, Advanced Pilot
Character Skills: Communications: Cryptography (+20%) 85%, Laser Communications (+5%) 80%, Microwave Communications (+5%) 80%, Radio: Basic Communication (+15%) 98%, Radio: Scramblers (+10%) 85%, Computer: Computer Networks (+15%) 98%, Computer Operation (+15%) 98%, Cultural: Bonsai 93%, Calligraphy 70%, Cook 92%, Dancing 82%, Desert Survival [Secondary - Received at Eighth Level] 50%, Gardening 71%, Go 75%, Floral Arrangement 51%, Haiku 85%, Mountaineering [Secondary] 75%, Sewing 75%, Singing 75%, Electrical: Basic Electronics [Secondary - Received at Fourth Level] 60%, Espionage: Detect Concealment (+5%) 70%, Disguise (+20%) 95%, Escape Artist (+15%) 85%, Forgery (+15%) 80%, Imitate Voice (+10%) 90%, Impersonation (+15%) 90%/70%, Interrogation (+5%) 80%, Land Navigation (+10%) 74%, Microfilm/ Microfiche/ Microdot Technology (+10%) 74%, Wilderness Survival [Secondary] 55%, Medical: First Aid [Secondary] 75%, Military: Demolitions (+15%) 93%, Demolitions Disposal (+5%) 83%, Military Weapon Proficiencies: W.P.: Assault Rifle (+3 burst & +5 aimed), W.P.: Flame Thrower (+3 strike), W.P.: Grenade, Thrown (+3 strike), W.P.: Infantry Missiles (+3 strike), W.P.: Mortar (+3 strike), Physical: Athletics (General) [Secondary], Boxing, Climbing 98%, Gymnastics, Running, Swimming [Secondary] 98%, Wrestling, Pilot Skills: Pilot Automobile (+5%) 98%, Pilot Airplane (+15%) 98%, Pilot Advanced Aircraft: Basic Helicopter (+6%) 94%, Jet (+6%) 94%, Pilot Related Skills: Aerial Navigation (+10%) 75%, Instrument Rating (+10%) 75%, Read Sensory Instruments (+5%) 80%, Science: Mathematics - Basic 94%, Technical: Language: Dutch [Native] 98%, English (+10%) 98%, French (+10%) 98%, German (+10%) 98%, Japanese (Okinawan Dialect) 90%, Polish (+10%) 98%, Russian (+10%) 98%, Photography (+10%) 95%, Writing [Secondary] 50%, Temple Skills: Philosophies: Zen 94%. Weapon Proficiencies, Modern: WP: Machinegun (+3 burst & +5 aimed), WP: Pistol (+3 burst & +5 aimed), WP: Rifle/Shotgun (+3 burst & +5 aimed), WP: Sub-Machinegun (+3 burst & +5 aimed),
Appearance: Not very special looking in any way, Agent 327 has a slight hawk nose and tends to keep his brown eyes almost shut most of the time. Mr. Ijzerbroot keeps his black hair fairly short. He has a medium posture, and keeps fit fairly well. Don`t expect huge muscles, he is wiry, rather than bulky.
Weapons of note: Never leaves home without his Smith & Wesson model 19 in .357 magnum with a 4" barrel. However, Mr. Ijzerbroot is quite proficient in the use of many weapons, ranging from machine guns to a well thrown chair.
It should be noted that in the Netherlands the weapon laws are very strict, and consequently the use of weapons like machine guns and battle rifles is severely frowned upon. Mr. Ijzerbroot often goes under armed considering his assignments.
Extra Ammo: Usually carries two speed loaders with a total of 12 rounds of ammo with him. Otherwise makes do with whatever the BVD or the situation hands him.
Armor of Note: Occasionally uses body armor of varying quality(provided by the BVD).
Other Equipment:
Vehicles: Used to drive an old Volkswagen Beetle, nowadays drives a V.W. Golf. No, the Job does not pay well.
Computers: Ms Dos Pentium II Laptop - 32 meg ram, Active Matrix Full Color Super VGA Display, 4 Gig hard drive, internal 32X speed CD-ROM, LS-120 Smart Drive, Network Card, and 28K Baud FAX Modem. Seldom used though.
Clothing: His standard work clothes are a grey suit with deep blue tie, and a pair of comfortable brown shoes. The only exceptions to this are whenever he has to report to headquarters, something he invariably has to do in disguise (and often pretty ridiculous ones at that), and during assignment, when he will wear anything the job requires of him.
Other items: Zippo Lighter, Handcuffs, and whatever the BVD deems is required for a mission. Being somewhat underfunded for a security agency, this often tends to be slightly outdated or even second-hand equipment..
Valuables & Property: Some 30,000 guilders on a bank account, and keeps a pension fund.

Character history:

Hendrik Ijzerbroot was born in 1930 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In 1948 he joined the BVD, but before this he had already had a initiation into the world of espionage and action. During WWII Hendrik was a student, keeping in hiding from the Germans, so that he would not be deported to Germany. He was hiding with a miller, and one day a English spy parachuted down close to the mill. Hendrik was asked by the resistance to help out because of his knowledge of the English language. One of the members of the resistance group he helped out was the man who would later ask him to join the BVD. Even to this day Hendrik only knows the man as "Chief".

Hendrik has received much training throughout his career, and is fluent in several languages, including German, English, French, Polish and Russian. He also holds a piloting license (both small plane and helicopter), is a master of disguise, and can operate most NATO and Soviet weapons. Agent 327 also has some experience with electronics.

Agent 327 is quite enthusiastic about his job, and would not give it up for the world. One of the few things he is less enamored off is the fact that he has to report to the BVD headquarters in disguise. These are chosen for him, and can be fairly ridiculous, ranging from wearing Bear suits to playing a Elvis look alike. The hassle of getting to work often makes him exclaim: "Grutjes-nog-aan-toe, wat een geheim agent al niet moet doen om op zijn werk te komen!"(Oh My word! The things a secret agent has to do to report for duty!).

Over the course of time Agent 327 has gone through many adventures all over the world (over 24 case files are known, with many more still confidential), and faced many enemies, both those of the free west, and personal ones. One of his most feared enemies is the ex Soviet agent known as Boris Kloris, who is now acting on his own. Due to the many times that Agent 327 has thwarted his plans, he has developed a active hatred for him, to the point of jeopardizing his own plans in order to kill Agent 327. Other enemies of note are Dr. Maybe, Wu Manchu, and Dr. Papa.

However, during many assignments he has also made several friends. One in particular is Miss Olga Lawina, a freelance Secret agent from Switzerland (think Brigitte Nielsen with Princess Leia hair, and build to a bigger scale. No, bigger than that, kinda like Battleship vs. light cruiser.). Somewhat infatuated with Agent 327, she currently works for the BVD.

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