Gauntlet of the Valkyrie (Enchanted Weapon):

Owned originally by a beautiful Viking warrior maiden, this enchanted weapon only works for women. The weapon can be dated to around 900 CE and there are several stories about the item's creation. Some stories indicate that her father was a powerful wizard and that he made it for her. Other stories tell that the weapon was made by the dwarves of Asgard at the request of the god Odin. Several stories further expand the story indicating the Odin requested the weapon because he was in love with her. Stories also tell tales of the wielder fighting magnificent battles against monsters and servants of evils. The tales of the original owner of the Gauntlet inspired a generation of female Vikings to follow the ways of the warrior maiden.

In the Gauntlets un-activated form, it appears to be a wide iron bracelet. The bracelet is wider than most and covers about half of the forearm of the wearer. The bracelet is a dull grey and is covered by old Norse runes. Located on the outside of the bracer, there is a highly detailed design of a Valkyrie riding a Pegasus at the center piece. The bracer shows no signs of any wear.

When the Gauntlet is activated, the bracelet transforms into a plate mail gauntlet. The gauntlet is lightweight and allows full movement in that hand. It is more like wearing a set of light gloves than actually wearing a grey metal gauntlet. The gauntlet is covered in runes with the same design of the Valkyrie riding a Pegasus on the outside of the gauntlets. When the gauntlet is activated, the wearer will become several inches taller and look tougher and stronger. Physical features are basically the same but the wearer becomes an ideal version of themselves. The wearer can project a short sword blade that is razor sharp from the top of the gauntlet. The blade is thin but razor sharp and has a wicked point. The grey iron blade is covered in Norse runes like the gauntlet. While the gauntlet can be hidden in long sleeves, there is no way the sword can be hidden in the same way. Finally, the wearer can summon a suit of armor. The armor looks like a plate and chain version of the armor worn in most pictures of Valkyries. The armors style is partially dependent on the wearer’s personality and imagination. The armor is virtually weightless and is noiseless. The armor does not restrict the wearer’s movement and can move around as if they are wearing ballet gear not full armor.

Besides the sword and the armor, the wearer is given several other special abilities by the gauntlet. The persons speed and strength is increased along with a variety of other special abilities. All abilities only work when the gauntlet is active. Remarkable stories indicate that the wearer has been able to dodge or parry virtually anything fired at them including bullets and energy blasts. The women’s reflexes are increased to the super human levels along with a sense similar to what might be termed radar. Many opponents have been freaked out when they saw the wearer parry an arrow or a bullet with the gauntlet or the short sword. The wearer’s strength is also increased to superhuman levels. There are stories of the wearer lifting and throwing large boulders. Another power is the ability to walk through fire without any damage. The wearer has been known to run into burning buildings to rescue someone and coming back out without any burns. The wearer has a limited ability to fly and when the wearer flies, ghost-like wings appear on the back. The wearer of the gauntlet can chose to become invisible. This can be very useful when an attempt is made to surprise an opponent. The final ability is that the wearer can heal both themselves and others by touch.

Once the bracer is placed on the arm, it will shrink to fit the arm. The only way to remove the bracer is to cut off the wielder's armor or by their death. The bracer will not work for those with super abilities, psychic abilities, are supernatural, or are wizards themselves. The bracelet will only work for normal mortals. The bracelet does seem to prefer to find its way to the hands of what could be considered the descendants of warrior maidens. Popular choices include female soldiers and police officers. Once the women puts on the gauntlet, she will start having dreams about the original owner of the gauntlet. From these dreams, the present wielder will learn how the use the abilities of the gauntlet. The gauntlet does not use verbal commands like many enchanted weapons but is instead mentally commanded. Often the weapon will be needed before the wearer has a chance to fully learn how to use the gauntlet. In this case, simple stress will cause the weapon to manifest but the bearer will not have full control. A good example of this is that the women wearing the gauntlet being unable to manifest the armor or extend the sword. The reverse situation can also be a problem. The person may be unable to go back to their normal form. Eventually the bearer of the gauntlet will be able to master it but it might take several months to master.

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Gauntlet of the Valkyrie is inspired by the comic book series and television series of Witchblade.

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