Mistress Veronica [Night Priestess N.P.C.]:

Name: Mistress Veronica

True Name: Veronica J. Larocca

Alignment: Miscreant (Evil)

Hit Points: 39 S.D.C. (Physical): 51

Horror Factor: None

Attributes: I.Q.: 12, M.E.: 7, M.A.: 20 (60%), P.S.: 18 (+3), P.P.: 19 (+2), P.E.: 15, P.B.: 22 (60%), SPD: 18

[by spending 2 P.P.E. per minute, the Night Priest's strength becomes supernatural]

Weight: 127 pounds (57.6 kilograms) Height: 5 foot 8 inches (1.73 meters)

Age: 36 years. Race: Human. Sex: Female.


Veronica is only interested in herself and doe not care who she has to hurt to get ahead. She will take advantage of anybody in her own interests. Lying, cheating, stealing, does not matter. Child or adult are all the same in her opinion. Even murder is not above her. One might call her a typical psychopathic personality, having no empathy for anybody else.

While she actually has no particular loyalty to the Nightlords, she will not betray them. This is partially because she is more afraid of them than anybody else. As well, they will strip her of all of her powers and she likes the gifts that they gave her.

She does get a dark pleasure out of watching others in pain. This can both be physical pain or emotional pain. She is a bit squeamish about doing it herself, preferring to let minion do it although she does enjoy watching and / or thinking about what is being down. In general, she prefers to work behind the scenes. She realizes that in s straight fight, she is dog meat against a Nightbane or Vampire. Even a well trained soldier would likely be too much for her to deal with. As a result, she almost always has several Hollow Men with her and in some cases, when she expects danger, will have a pack of Nightlord Hounds with her.

Still, there is something of a dark charisma about her. One will find themselves compelled by her. She is quite willing to pretend loyalty and friendship in order to get what she wants out of people. Not afraid to use sex as a tool as well and can be extremely seductive. Still, one has a very poor change of surviving being seduced by her. This charisma was never part of her before she became a Night Priestess.

She is on the lazy side and does not like exerting herself in hard work. Never was one to want to work at anything too hard. Might be one of the reasons why she prefers to leave the actual torture for others when she can. In addition, she gets bored pretty easily. Prior to becoming a Night Priestess, never held down an job for any length of time. It is possible that one might be able to take advantage of her laziness and easy boredom. Does not mean that she is without cunning and trickery, however.

O.C.C.: Night Priestess. Experience Level: Fourth (4)

Combat Skill: Hand to Hand; Basic.

Attacks per Melee: Five (5)

Bonuses, Combat: +2 to Strike, +5 to Parry, +5 to Dodge, +3 to Damage, +3 to roll with punch, fall, or impact, +2 to pull punch, +0 to initiative, and Critical Strike on Natural 20. Kick attack inflicts 1D6 (+strength)

Supernatural Punch Damage (Burns 2 P.P.E. per minute): Inflicts 1D6+3 S.D.C. on a restrained punch, 2D6+3

on a full strength punch, or 4D6 on a power punch (counts as two melee attacks).

Bonus; Save: Lethal Poison +0 [14] , Non-Lethal Poison [16] +0, Harmful Drugs [15] +0, Insanity [12] , Psionics [15] +0 (+1 with Amulet), Magic [12] +0 (+1 with Amulet), Horror Factor +0 (+2 with Amulet),

O.C.C. Abilities and Bonuses:

Gift of Power: Transforms to be powerful physically and psychologically. M.A.: +8 (min. 18), P.B.: +8 (min. 18), P.S. 4, P.P.: 2. Spending 2 P.P.E. per minute, P.S. becomes supernatural. Also, H.P.: +3D6, S.D.C.: +30.

Gift of Magic: P.P.E.: 115, Gains 2D6 P.P.E. per level.


First Level: See Aura (2), Sense Magic (2)

Second Level: Mystic Alarm (4)

Third Level: Invisibility: Simple (6), Magic Armor (10), Ritual: Call Nightlands Denizen (15)

Fourth Level: Charismatic Aura (7), Fire Bolt (7),

Fifth level: Domination (10), Escape (8), Horrific Illusion (10)

O.C.C. Skills (Dark Priestess): Domestic: Dancing (+15%) 65%, Physical: Hand to Hand - Basic, Pilot: Pilot Automobile (+10%) 76%, Science: Mathematics - Basic (+10%) 70%, Technical: Computer Operations (+10%) 65%, Language: English 98%, Literacy: English (+20%) 80%, Lore: Nightlands (+20%) 60%, W.P. Ancient: Knife (+1 [+4] throw / +1 [+4] strike / +1 [+6] parry).

O.C.C. Related Skills: Espionage: Disguise 40%, Forgery 35%, Rogue: Pick Locks 45%, Pick Pockets 45%,

Prowl 40%, Seduction 31%, Science: Archaeology 35%, Technical: Language: Greek (+5%) 70%, Language: Latin (+5%) 70%, Literacy: Greek (+5%) 50%, Literacy: Latin (+5%) 50%, Lore: Demon and Monster (+5%) 55%, Lore: Nightbane [Gained at Third Level] (+5%) 40%. 

Secondary Skills: Physical: Athletics - General, Swimming 65%, Rogue: Palming 35%, Streetwise 32%, W.P. Ancient: W.P. Knife - Paired Weapons, W.P. Modern: W.P. Pistol (+4 aimed / +2 burst)


However the Nightlord’s magic works, it does not completely change one’s appearance but instead refines it. She was not unattractive but now she is as attractive as most models. She is relatively tall at around five foot eight inches tall. She has the slender model form although still definitely feminine with attractive breasts, an extremely flat abdomen, and nice hips. While her hair used to be an unspectacular brown, he hair now is a specular shinny auburn. She keeps her hair down to her middle of her back. Her eyes seem to have changed. People swear that they once were brown, not they are a gorgeous emerald. Used to kind of dislike cosmetics but now seems to have become an expert at using them, able to do just the right highlighting.

Another case where she has changed is that she used to dress as a slouch. Now, she generally wears highly fashionable clothing. Does wear dress suits but also wears dresses. Often, the clothing will have open necks designed to reveal tantalizing cleavage. Usually, in keeping with her service of the Nightlords, she wears black although does seem to like the crimson of blood as well. In addition, she wears high stiletto heels commonly where before she could not abide them.

Weapon, Special:

2 Darkblade Knives: Weight: 0.6 lbs (0.3 kg) each

Damage: 2D4 (+3 for Strength), Ignores targets A.R. rating in most cases.

Weapon, Normal:

Glock 19 Automatic Pistol: Weight: 1.4 lbs (.65 kg)

It is a striker fire semi automatic sidearm made by Glock. The pistol uses 9 mm Rounds. It has a 15 shot magazine. She has 4 magazines of Hollow Points which he normally carries for the pistol. Caliber: 9 mm (3D6 / 3D6+6 for Hollow Points) Range: 165 ft (50 m) Payload: 15+1 shots.

Magic Items:

Amulets are taken from captured / killed sorcerers

Amulet of Charm: Gives a bonus of +1 to save against magic and psychic attacks.

Amulet of Protection from the Supernatural: Gives a bonus of +2 to save vs Horror Factor.

Amulet of See the Invisible: Enables the wearer to see the invisible



Large Estate outside of city - Virtually a mansion with multiple acres of land. Has wide variety of luxuries including a pool. Has a security staff largely of Hollow Men.


“Brand-New” Cadillac Escalade SUV - Black in color. Outfitted with light armor and run flat tires for additional protection.

She can also requisition additional vehicles when needed.

Clothing: Black dress suits, black dresses, red dresses, black dress shoes, black high heels, crimson high heels, underwear (mainly black and red.) Clothing is mostly of expensive designer labels and she has an extensive wardrobe.

Other Items: Makeup and feminine items, comb and brush, perfume, purse, cell phone, virtually brand new high end laptop computer, virtually brand new high end desktop computer.

Valuables & Properties: 500,000 dollars in bank accounts (although has access to more as a government agent), 10,000 dollars of jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings), and one million dollars of investments.


Veronica was a person with lots of dreams but without either the drive or patience to work for it. Somehow, in spite of never really pushing herself, she was able to get into university. Not one of the truly elite colleges but a reasonably decent one.

In addition to never really applying herself, she never really fit in at school although she dreamed of being popular. Tried to hang out with the popular kids although they had little interest in her and were always chasing her away. As a result, she grew up to be a loner. Not really ugly but never attractive enough to be one of the “beautiful people” either.

Her parents, well, they were almost never there. They both worked and even when home, they rarely had time for her. Not getting along real well, often they fought. Each found excuses to stay away from home. These facts and the fact that she was an only child compounded the problem even further.

Due to some of the people she hug around with, she learned a few illicit skills. These included both learning how to pick locks and pick pockets. In school, she was arrested for shoplifting but the store owner was persuaded not to press charges. Rumor is that she might have snuck into school records to increase her grades. Might have been one of the reason why she managed to actually get into university.

In high school, you can often coast though your studies and slide by. Not with a university. In a university, you have to work to stay ahead. Not pushing herself, she quickly fell behind and her grades were either just barely passing and even failing in many cases. She had a passing interest in archaeology but even that was not enough to get her to exert full effort.

Instead of putting the work into getting her grades up and studying, she decided to cheat. One night, she tried to break into the professor’s office to get the test questions. She was halfway in the middle of looking at answers when the professor and several university officers caught her. Quietly, she was expelled. Few students even noticed her disappearing.

Before she started copying test questions, she had looked at the papers on the teacher’s desk. There was something highly unusual. It seemed to suggest that magic was real and that he was teaching a select group of student about magic. At that point, she became obsessed with leaning magic herself.

Still, it was fruitless. She worked a number of dead end jobs, often quitting as soon as she got bored or frustrated with the job. In the meantime, she managed to find a few bits and pieces about magic. Never was able to put them together however. Likely, even this was too much work for her.

In general, she grew to hate other around her and wanted revenge on anybody who she perceived as slighting her. Teachers who treated her badly, students who ignored her, and bosses who mistreated her. In her mind, it was not her, it was them. Did not matter that the whole situation was largely brought on by her.

One night, after quitting yet another job, she was visited by a ghostly figure. This figure offered to give her magic without her having to work at it. Offered to make her beautiful and charismatic as well. Revenge as well, on all those who slighted her. All she would have to do is serve him and give up a little bit of her humanity. It was a deal which she took without any hesitation.

It was as if the magic just appeared in her head. In addition, while guys barely showed any real interest in her, now she was popular. She found herself with a good job, working for a local government agency. Her job was to cripple those who would stop the Nightlord’s rise to power as well as making people simply suffer. This included the destruction of social service programs wherever possible.

When Dark Day came, her job expanded including dealing with subversive elements. To that end, she had a team of “Hollow Men” assigned to her. One of the first on the list was the professor who had her expelled. Attempting to escape, he met with a rather nasty accident while resisting arrest. Next she started hunting down his students one by one. From a few, she managed to steal amulets to give her better protection.

One of these students was a man by the name of Joshua Steen. He worked at a museum that was rumored to have some ancient texts, some which might contains things that were a threat to the Nightlords. The four figures with her, dressed in black business suits, entered with guns drawn. She immediately went to examine the ancient manuscripts that it appeared he had been looking through.

What Veronica had missed was the fact that he was in reality a Nightbane, a powerful supernatural changeling creature. Took him several moments to recognize her but eventually he did. He was made out of much sterner stuff than most of those she dealt with. He threw a blinding flash at her and the four “Men in Black.”

A few seconds after that, instead of fighting a normal person even if magically talented, the were fighting a red skeleton with vines growing out of the bones. A few moments later, all four of the creatures were down, almost torn appear. Realizing that it was a losing battle and she would most likely get killed if she stayed, she beat a hasty retreat.

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