Tabitha [Nightbane Werepanther Thief N.P.C.]:

Name: Tabitha
True Name: Tabitha Lin
Alignment: Unprincipled (Good/Selfish)
Hit Points: 68 S.D.C.(Physical): 125 Chi: 29
Horror Factor: 12 as humanoid panther-thing or huge panther. The horror factor does not apply to human form.
Attributes: I.Q.: 20 (+7%/+3), M.E.: 13, M.A.: 12, P.S.: 40 (+25), P.P.: 28 (+7), P.E.: 29 (+7/+18%), P.B.: 23 (74%), Spd.: 44 (+4)
Weight: 95 lbs (43.1 kg) Height: 5 ft 3 in (1.60 m)
Age: 24 Race: Were Panther Sex: Female
Disposition: She can be playful and is usually pretty cheerful. Magic is fascinating to her. She can be a bit of a trouble maker at times and likes to make practical jokes. To her friends, she is trustworthy but will steal or cheat anyone she does not consider to be her friend. She hates vampires with a passion and will try and kill them if she has a chance. She is a firm believer in survival and if it looks like it is suicidal, she will not attempt to fight. She is very sensual and enjoys the company of both male and female. Sex to her is something that should not involve money and she is very unlikely to steal from a lover. She has had some bad experiences with Nightbane so she is very cautious when dealing with them
Occupation: Thief (Free Agent) Experience Level: Third
Combat Skills: Jeet Kune Do (See writeup for details) and Boxing
Number of Attacks: Six (6) [Nine (9) in Half Panther Form]
Martial Art Powers & Abilities: Chi Gung (AR 15), Kick Practice (Chagi)
Bonuses, Combat: Damage: +25, Strike: +10 (+14 Kick Attacks), Parry: +15 (*+17), Dodge: +19 (*+22), Roll: +17, Initiative: +3 (*+9), Pull Punch: +4, Knock Out: Natural 20, Stun: Natural 20, Critical: Natural 19, 20, or from behind. +1 to Combo Moves
*for sixth sense
Martial Art Moves: Escape Moves: Roll with Punch/Fall/Impact, Maintain Balance, Basic Defensive Moves: Dodge, Parry, Automatic Parry, Advanced Defenses: Automatic Roll, Automatic Dodge, Multiple Dodge, Combination Parry/Attack, Hand Attacks: Strike (punch), Palm Strike, Bil Gee (SPECIAL! An eye gouging attack derived from Wing Chun. Requires a Called Shot with a -4 to Strike. Does 1d4 damage, and the opponent suffers a -5 to Strike, Parry, and Dodge for 1d6 melee rounds), Hook (SPECIAL! 1d6 damage), Uppercut (SPECIAL! 1d6 damage), Basic Foot Attacks: Snap Kick, Kick Attack, Roundhouse Kick, Tripping/Leg Hooks, Special Attacks: Death Blow, Elbow, Knee, Body Flip/Throw, Combination Grab/Kick, Combination Hand Hold/Strike (SPECIAL! See Wui Wing Chun(N&SS) for details), Holds/Locks: Arm Hold, Body Hold, Weapon Katas: None, Modifiers to Attacks: Pull Punch, Knock-Out/Stun, Critical Strike, Critical Strike from behind
Damages: Human Punch: 1D6 [+ Strength (+25)], Claw (Beast): 2D6 [+ Strength (+25)], Claw (Hybrid): 5D6 [+ Strength (+25)], Restrained Claw (Hybrid): 2D6 +2 [+ Strength (+25)], Power Claw (Hybrid): 1D4x10 [+ Strength (+25)] (Costs 2 attacks), Bite (Beast): 1D2, Bite (Hybrid): 1D4
Saving Throws: Lethal Poison [14] +7, Non-Lethal Poison [16] +7, Harmful Drugs [15] +7, Insanity [12] +2, Psionics [12] +2, Magic [12/16] +9, Horror Factor [Varies] +6
Were Panther Abilities/Vulnerabilities:
Invulnerability: Like a vampire, a werepanther is immune to virtually all weapon. This includes energy weapons, explosives, bullets, fire, wood, poisons, and drugs. They are vulnerable to magic, magic items, and silver weapons. Weapons with 50% silver content inflict double their damage. Powerful explosives or rail guns may stun or knock down a werepanther.
Natural Abilities: Communicate with cats. Speak while in animal shape, night-vison 300 feet (91 meters), bio-regenerate 2D6 HP/S.D.C. per hour, Keen color vison and hearing, +2 to perception, Horror Factor 12 in Panther and Hybrid Forms, Speed: 55 in hybrid form and 75 in Panther form, leap 30 feet (9.1 meters) high/long from a standing position, Track by smell 60%, Natural Acrobat 60%, Natural prowl 70%, Natural Swimmer 60%, Natural Climber 85%/75%.
While Werepanthers do not have supernatural strength, their hand to hand does inflict damage harmed only by magic means (Such as vampires).
Shape Shifting Abilities: The metamorphosis takes about 15 second to complete and there is no limit to the number of times that it can be completed or how long a form may be maintained. There are three forms: Human, Panther, and Panther/Human Hybrid.
Bonuses: +3 to Initiative, +2 to Strike, Parry, and Dodge, +4 to Pull Punch, +5 to Roll vs Impact, +6 to save vs Horror Factor, +2 to save vs Psionics, +2 to save vs Magic. Also, in hybrid and animal form, gains an additional 3 attacks.
Magical Abilities: PPE: 99; Chameleon (6), Repel Animals (7), Summon and Control Felines (50), Sense Evil (2), Sense Magic (4), Tongues (12)
Psychic Powers: I.S.P. 41 + 1D6 per level, Considered a Minor Psionic; Mind Block (4), Presence Sense (4), See the Invisible (4), Sixth Sense (2).
Character Skills Packages: Espionage Thief, Computer Hacking, Basic Military, Basic - Physical
Character Skills: Communications: Cryptography (+5%) 82%, Surveillance Systems (+22%) 79%, Computer: Computer Operations (+15%) 92%, Computer Networking (+20%) 92%, Computer Programming (+20%) 77%, Supercomputers (+20%) 62%, Cultural: None, Electrical: Computer Repair (+5%) 62%, Espionage/Military: Concealment (+27%) 64%, Escape Artist (+22%) 69%, Forgery (+17%) 64%, Land Navigation (Racial) 105%, Hojo-Jitsu [Binding] (+22%) 69%, Microfilm/Microfiche/Microdot Technology (+18%) 73%, Palming (+22%) 69%, Pick Pockets (+32%) 79%, Safe Cracker (+22%) 83% / 105%, Wilderness Survival (Racial) 107%, Mechanical: Locksmith (+22%) 64%, Medical: None, Military: Demolitions (+5%) 78%, Demolition Disposal (+5%) 78%, W.P.: Assault Rifle (+1 Burst/+3 Aimed), W.P.: Grenade Throwing (+1 to Throw), Physical: Acrobatics, Athletics (General), Boxing, Climbing 98%, Gymnastics, Running, Wrestling, Pilot Skills: Pilot Automobile (Secondary) 93% / 87%, Pilot Advanced Aircraft: None, Pilot Related Skills: Read Sensory Equipment (+5%) 62%, Rogue: Streetwise (Secondary) 35%, Science: Math: Basic (+10%) 101%, Technical: Art (Secondary) 45%, Languages: English [Native] 115%, Spanish (Secondary) 62%, Lore: Demon & Monster (Secondary - Learned at Third level) 42%, Weapon Proficiencies: Modern: W.P.: Pistol (+1 Burst/+3 Aimed), W.P.: Pistol [Paired] (+1 Burst/+3 Aimed)
Abilities From Acrobatics & Gymnastics: Sense of Balance 77%, Walk Tightrope or High Wire 77%, Climb Rope 91%, Back Flip 93%, Prowl 57%
In her human form, She is a small slim Oriental women with fairly pale skin. From her marshal arts training, she is muscular. Even so, she has a good figure with reasonable sized breasts. She has blue eyes which is quite unusual for an Oriental. She has relatively short black hair with blue highlights, She normally wears her hair in a shag type cut. Her background is undetermined but she appears to be most likely Thai, Cambodia, or Vietnamese descent. She wears for makeup red lipstick and light eyeshadow but little other makeup.
When dressing up for fun, she prefers to wear black leather and usually tight as well. She often wears short mini-skirts with silk blouses. The silk blouses usually are usually black or dark blue. She wears spike heels and prefers to wear stockings and garters instead of pantyhose.
When trying to dress up as a business person, she usually wears high value grey skirt style suits with a white or cream silk blouse. She normally still wears spike heals and prefers to wear stockings and garters instead of pantyhose.
When dressed for combat or espionage, she normally wears Combat Fatigues Pants with a Tee Shirt with Combat Boots. She will usually wear Black or Grey Camouflage so they do not quite as military.
Weapons of Note:
K-VAR AKU-94 Bullpup Conversion: Weight: 6.5 lbs (2.95 kg) empty
The AKU-94 is a modification kit for the Standard AK-47 rifle that converts the combat rifle to a shorter bullpup configuration. by changing the stocks, trigger assembly, and other components. She captured the weapon from some servants of the Nightlords and converted it herself. Bullpup configuration of the Soviet fully automatic assault rifle from post WWII (1947) to the 1970s. The AK-47 is still very commonly used and was copied by most soviet allies. The assault rifle uses 7.62 mm Soviet rounds. It uses 30 round magazines. She has 8 magazines used both for the AK-47 and the SKS. Caliber: 7.62 Soviet (5D6+3) Payload: 30 +1 shots Range: Range: 984 feet (300 meters)
Simonov SL Rifle (SKS): Weight: 8.8 lb (3.85 kg)
Soviet rifle design that is very popular in China, is in service in a large number of third world nations, and has been sold in the United States. The assault rifle uses 7.62 mm Soviet rounds. Most versions are semi-automatic. The Rifle has a scope mounted. The rifle is designed in two configurations. One has a 5 round fixed magazine and the other uses a 10 or 30 round magazine (the 5 round fixed can be modified to accept magazines). Her rifle has been modified to accept magazines and she has 8 magazines used both for the AK-47 and the SKS. Caliber: 7.62 Soviet (5D6+3) Payload: 5, 10, or 30 shots Range: 984 feet (300 meters).
2 SIG-Sauer SP 2340 [Sig Pro]: Weight: 1.73 (.79 kg)
Weapons are enchanted with the spell of "Enchant Weapon" and inflict double damage to supernatural creatures. Sig pistol available in 9 mm, .357 Sig, and .40 S&W (Hers are .357 Sig). The caliber can be changed by changing out barrels. This is pistol is designed to be operated in either double action or double action only mode (Hers are Double Action). The mode can be changed by a gunsmith easily by some small changes. The slide and upper components are of blackened stainless and frame is black polymer. The pistol is designed with rails that allow the mounting of a laser targeting system or a light (She normally has laser targeting systems mounted). Both can be mounted at the same time if desired as well. The handgrips are designed in various sizes for small or large hands. The pistol has a 12 shot magazine (She has 8 extra magazines of hollow points). Calibers: 9 mm, .357 Sig, .40 S &W (Hers are .357 Sig - 5D6) Range: 165 ft (50 m) Payload: 12 + 1 shots. Cost: $570
Characters's Equipment:
Vehicles: Mazda Miata MX-5 (1999) - Black convertible two seat sports car. Has a five speed manual transmission and is front engine and rear wheel drive. The car can do 0-60 mph in 8 seconds and has a Top Speed of 120 mph. Installed in car is a CB, Radar Detector - Cannot be detected, Cell Phone Hands Free Gear, and an Alpine stereo with a multi disk CD Player.
Computers: Top of the line IBM style laptop with all standard features (Including a high speed modem cell phone modem, DVD Read/Write ROM, large hard drive, USB Ports, Firewire Ports, and video ports, ), also has a photograph quality laser color printer and a scanner.
Clothing: Black leather Clothing (Includes Pants, Jumpsuits, Boots, Pumps, Mini-Skirts, and Jackets), Various Silk Blouses (Including Black, Dark Blue, White, and Cream), Stockings, Garters, High Heals, Several High Priced Skirt Style Business Suits, US Army Uniforms (Includes Both Dress and Working Uniforms), Black Combat Fatigues, Black T-Shirts, Grey Camouflage Combat Fatigues, Grey T-Shirts, Combat Boots, Martial Arts Outfits, and other types of clothing
Other Items: Makeup and Personal care items, Comb and Brush, 2 Pistol Holsters, Ammo Bandoleer, Shooting Glasses, Ear Protectors, Gun Cleaning Gear, Purse, Field Backpack, Sleeping Bag, First Aid Kit, Canteen, Tent, Compass, Satellite Navigation Gear, 2 Weeks emergency rations, Flashlight (mounts on front of pistol), Climbing Gear, Lock Picks, Cellular Telephone.
Valuables & Properties: $20,200 in spending money, $100,000 invested in various investments, Diamonds worth $300,000 total, and has about $2,000 in Jewelry.

Tabitha's Background:

Tabitha does not know her parents were and may very well never know. She was raised since just about birth at Orphanages, Foster Homes, and other Government Institutions. Due to the particular circumstances, she spent much of her times on the streets. She sometimes associated with a gang but most of the time she spend just hanging around. On the Streets, she learned how to pick pockets, break into houses, and commit other criminal activities. This is how she learned to support herself. One day she discovered she was more than human but at the same time she discovered that there were many things that were not human. Some could turn to animals, some looked like creatures from a horror film, and others of all varieties.

Ten years old is young to learn all this but she survived. At eleven, a Vampire was tearing through the gang that she had been hanging around. She was the only one left on the street after he got through. One little Asian girl, easy stuff, until she transformed into her man-beast form and tore him apart. As she got older, she realized that it was far easier to get money through hacking than through individual pockets, robbery, and breaking and entering. Never being one to care for drugs, which was likely due to her system being almost impervious to them, she never got involved more than superficially in dealing them although robbing the drug dealers themselves especially in altered form could make allot of money. Their weapons could not harm her and they had no one to got to. She also never had any desire to sell her body so that never entered into the situation as well.

Being much smarter than most people on the streets, she realized that she would need to be more than just strong to fight and looked for a martial art to take. She chose Jeet Kune Do and found one of Bruce Lee's old student turned teacher. His school was very expensive so much of her theft went into paying for the training. She pretended to be a spoiled rich girl with very rich parents so as to able hide how she got the money to pay for her classes. Her hacking was never caught but due to being caught at petty theft, she was given a choice of jail or joining the army.

Juvenile hall was one thing but jail was that horrible four letter word. She did not want to fight off the bull dikes (even though she could quite easily) so she chose to join the army. Boot Camp was a breeze. Between being a Werepanther and her martial arts training, neither the physical activity or the discipline was much of a problem. She did not like many of the sergeants and came very close to blows with one during training which would have likely been the death of a sergeant and a ticket for her to Levenworth or a life on the run from the army. Luckily, that never happened and she then was trained in computer operations as her MOS. This complimented quite well with hacking skills she had already picked. She found that she actually liked the military but decided not to reenlist because she did not like the restrictions on her freedom and left after serving for only four years in the army. Prior to leaving the army, she achieved the rank of Sergeant. Since then she has been traveling from place to place fighting Nightlord Minions and Vampires supporting herself with a few theft and special jobs.

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