Gabriella Knight [Nightbane Wampyr N.P.C.]:

Name: Gabriella
True Name: Gabriella Knight
Alignment: Scrupulous (With Aberrant Tendencies)
Hit Points: 48 S.D.C.(Physical): 168 P.P.E.: 4
Horror Factor: 11 (When known to be a Wampyr)
Attributes: I.Q.: 15, M.E.: 19 (+2), M.A.: 18 (55%), P.S.: 32 (+17), P.P.: 29 (+7), P.E.: 22 (+14%/+4), P.B.: 19 (45%), Spd.: 30 [Strength and Endurance are supernatural]
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.75 m) Weight: 128 lbs (58 kg)
Hair: Black with red highlights Eyes: Dark Brown Skin: Pale Caucasian Build: Slender
Age: 24 Years Race: Wampyr Sex: Female
The strength of her personality was such that she was able to survive her torment in the hands of the vampire mostly intact. She flat refused to give up. Even while under the control of the slow bite, she tried everything in her to fight it. It was not enough but she believes that the fighting to keep herself from being controlled what made become a Wampyr not a Vampire. She may very well be right.
She is not bitter about being a Wampyr and does not hate herself over it although it does feel like she has lost something. She has watched the Television show 'Forever Knight" and see herself a little like the main character of the show. She does not particularly hate vampires because she realizes that many of them were changed unwillingly. Still, she realizes many of them are too dangerous to allow to live and will kill any that she sees as dangerous to either her or others. She has a much stronger hatred of Nightlord minions and is much less likely to give them a chance.
One change in her personality is to become much harder than she was before than she was before. She will be more likely to kill an opponent than she would have previously and is more willing to use strong arm tactics than before she changed. This hardening seems mostly due to her losing her dream of being a police officer.
O.C.C./R.C.C.: Wampyr (Ex Police Officer) Experience Level: First
Combat Skills: Hand to Hand: Martial Arts and Boxing
Number of Attacks: Five (5)
Bonuses, Combat: Damage: +17, Strike: +7, Parry: +10, Dodge: +10, Roll: +7, Initiative: +1, Knock Out: Natural 20, Critical Strike: Natural 20
Damages (Supernatural): Punch: 5D6, Restrained Punch: 2D6, Power Punch: 1D6x10. Damage is added to martial art attacks and weapon attacks.
Saving Throws: Lethal Poison [14] +4, Non-Lethal [16] +4, Harmful Drugs [15] +4, Insanity [12] +2, Psionics [10] +2 (+7 vs Mind Control), Magic - Spell [12] +4 (+9 vs Mind Control), Magic - Ritual [16] +4 (+9 vs Mind Control), Horror Factor [Varies] +2 (+7), Possession +2, Disease +4
Wampyr Abilities/Vulnerabilities:
Super Regeneration: Has the same super regeneration as vampires and can heal 2D6 S.D.C./Hit Points per melee round.
Invulnerabilities and Bonuses: Take half damage from metal weapons but none of the normal vampire invulnerabilities. Character also has +1 on initiative, +3 to perception rolls, +5 to save vs Horror factor, +5 to save vs Mind Control and possession, and is immune to vampire mind control powers.
Knowledges: Instinctively knows all the strengths and weaknesses of true vampires, even the ones that do not effect Wampyrs.
Psychic Powers: I.S.P. 97 + 8 per level, Considered a Master Psionic
Sensitive Abilities: Empathy (4), Presence Sense (4), Sense Evil (2), Suggestion (2)
Physical Abilities: Alter Aura (2), Death Trance (1), Mind Block (4)
Healer Abilities: Deaden Pain (4), Induce Sleep (4)
Has Blood Dependancy: Character must drink one pint (about .5 liters) of blood every three days. Going without will result in the feeding frenzy but will not start until after the first week and it takes three days to aggravate the state.
Vulnerable to sunlight: When exposed to direct sunlight, character will take 2D6 points of damage for every minute (4 melee) of exposure. Getting into a shadowed area allows their regeneration to kick in and heal the damage. By running in and out of shade, a Wampyr can operate in sunlight. This is however very painful. Those suffering from sun exposure loose one attack per melee round, are at -1 on all combat rolls, -2 on initiative and perception, and is -20% on all skill rolls. These penalties also apply when in shade or underground during the day.
Character Skills:
Background Skills: Science: Math: Basic 45%, Technical: Language: English [Native] 98%
R. C. C. Skills: Communications: Radio: Basic 45%, Espionage: Interrogation Techniques 40%, Medical: Criminal Science & Forensics 35%, Paramedic 40%, Physical: Hand to Hand: Martial Arts, Boxing, Gymastics, Rogue: Streetwise 20%, Technical: Computer Operation 40%, Lore: Demon and Monster 35%
Secondary Skills: Espionage: Disguise 25%, Physical: Athletics (General), Running, Pilot: Automobile 60%, W.P.: Ancient: Blunt (+1 Strike /+1 Parry), W.P.: Modern: Pistol / Revolver (+3 Aimed/+1 Burst), Submachinegun (+3 Aimed/+1 Burst), Paired - Submachineguns (+3 Aimed/+1 Burst)
Skills From Gymnastics: Sense of Balance 50%, Work parallel bars & rings 60%, Climb Rope 70%, Climbing 25%, Back Flip 70%, Prowl 30%
Gabriella is slightly taller than average for a women being about five foot eight inches tall and is very slim. She still has an openly feminine figure. She has black hair with brownish red highlights which she wears straight and when hanging, hangs down to the middle of her back. Her skin is pale and she wears only light makeup. Her eyes are a dark brown almost to the point of being black.
Since becoming a Wampyr, she has taken to wearing to wearing black leather. She normally wears a black trench coat over tight leather pants and a tight leather vest. She also likes to wear tall leather boots.
Weapons of Note:
2 MAC-10 Submachineguns: Weight: 6.25 lbs (2.45 kg)
Submachinegun first manufactured by the Military Armament Corporation designed to be smaller, more compact, and less expensive than other comparative designs. It is very reliable. The standard magazine for the MAC-10 held thirty rounds, but many different versions can be found. Hers is .45 ACP and she has both a silencer and laser targeting for her submachineguns. She has eight magazines of standard hollow points and two filled with silver hollow point rounds. Caliber: .45 ACP Damage: 5D6 (5D6+10 for Hollow Points) Mode of Fire: Semi-automatic / Fully automatic. Range: 250 ft (76.2 m) Magazine: 30 rounds
20 Sticks of Dynamite:
Inflicts 1D4x10 per stick. Effective Casualty Radius: 10 feet (3 meters)
Characters's Equipment:
Clothing: Black Leather Trench Coat, Black Leather Vest, Black Leather Pants, Black Knee Length Leather Boots, Old Police Uniforms, Lots of Other Clothing
Other Items: Makeup and Feminine Items, Comb & Brush, Handcuffs, Shooting Glasses, Ear Protectors, Weapon cleaning kit, Purse, Knapsack, Heavy Unbreakable Flashlight
Valuables & Properties: 2,000 Dollars

Gabriella Knight's History:

All Gabriella ever wanted to be growing up was a police officer. Her favorite game with her friends was cops and robbers with her always playing the cop that got to look up the crooks. Her hobbies were also geared towards the police. When the other girls collected police patches. When the other girls read romances, she read police stories. She was a bit a bit different than all the children around her and did not have many friends growing up. She did not seem unhappy about it.

Her parents, while never quite understanding her obsession to become a cop, never attempted to stop her and even helped her towards her goal. They enrolled he in martial arts training when she was ten years old. It too much persuading but she was able to convince her parents to allow her to join a shooting club for youths. She was extremely determined and quickly grew to excel in both unarmed combat and shooting. At the same time, she graduated from reading fiction novels about police to books on law enforcement techniques.

She graduated from high school with good but not top of the class grades. Afterwards, she went to college for a few years studying law. In both High School and College, she was a student monitor. After leaving college, she worked at a variety of jobs including working as a security guard in various locations. She was able to get accepted to the police academy and while she did not graduate at the top of her class, she did graduate with respectable scores.

With her graduation from the police academy, her dream of being a police officer was realized. She worked hard and was considered by many of the other officers to be a show off and a glory hound. She did manage to get a large number of arrests. While she tried to be friendly to other officers, most of the officers were distant to her. While she did not take dangerous risks, many other officers thought she did and she was very unpopular as a partner. Crooked cops also avoided her because they thought that she was a rat. She attempted to make detective several times but each time she was turned down due to what other officers said about her.

Dark Day changed everything. More police officers were murdered that day than had ever been in the past. Many of the officers were either ripped apart or hacked into pieces. As well, many officers simply disappeared that day. Most assume that they were murdered but there are rumors that they were in fact kidnaped. After dark day, the same thing kept happening but at a slower pace. It seemed live every day another few officers were either killed or they disappeared. Most of the deaths and disappearances happened at night and many officers refused to work at night. Even more disturbing in its own way was the fact that many of the remaining officers began acting strangely and the new police officers brought in to replace the dead and missing officers were often even stranger. While many other officers quit, Gabriella stayed in the police force and was grimly determined to do what she could. She was afraid every time she went out at night but she was one of the few officers who would go out.

One day while Gabriella was out on patrol, she was surrounded by what she thought was a normal gang of thugs. When they would not stop, she unloaded her pistol into the gang member closest to her. It did nothing more than tear large holes in his clothing. She reloaded and used another magazine on another gang member. This worked no better on him than on her first target. They grabbed her and while she fought them with all of her ability, they were far too strong for her. They were stronger than any person had the right to be. The reality was that they were a group of secondary vampires that had ganged together.

Instead of simply killing her in the alley that they ambushed her in, they decided to take her back to the place that they made their lair. It was an old boarded up hotel which had been abandoned for years. Once there, they took turns beating her, raping her, and draining her of blood. Before they were finished it, she was too weak to continue standing but was still determined to fight. The leader of the gang deiced she would be more useful as one of them and decided to turn her into a vampire. He stopped the abuse before the rest of the gang killed and he made the first of the slow kill bites that night. It requires three slow bites that are at least a day apart to turn someone into a vampire and she was held prisoner in the abandoned hotel during that time. Unlike many stories, there is no sexual attraction and she was deathly afraid but could not move.

At the third bite, the leader got something very unexpected. Instead of becoming a secondary vampire like himself, she became a Wampyre. A Wampyre is a sort of half vampire with many of the strengths of a vampire but while not invulnerable like a true vampire, they do not have many of the vampires major weaknesses. They are also completely immune to a vampires mind control and intuitively know the weaknesses of all vampires. She grabbed a wooden chair and shattered it on the floor. She then grabbed a shard from the ruins of the chair and stabbed the leader through the heart with it. A fight with the remaining vampires started and before it was done, two more vampires were stabbed through the heart with wooden stakes. The remaining vampires fled instead of continuing the fight.

She simply sat in the abandoned hotel trying to decide what to do next. After several hours of deciding what to do next, she finally decide that it would be best to head back to the police station. She was able to find some cloths that fit her in one of the rooms in the hotel and headed for the station on foot. She figured she would tell them what had actually happened minus the fact that the gang that held her had been vampires. As soon as she got to her precinct building, she knew that something was wrong. None of the officers even tried to talk to her, even the ones that had been her friends. Everybody in the building just ignored her presence for the most part. She had been worried that her story would fall apart under grilling but had not expected this at all.

As she continued to walk around the station, she noticed four figures following her. They wore black suits and had dark sunglasses covering their eyes. She noted that they had almost no facial expression and their skin color did not look quite right. It was as if they were some kind of robot. She had lost her pistol when she had first fought the vampire gang in the alley and was unarmed. She had a feeling that she would need some sort of weapon to be able to get out of the station alive. She first attempted to go to the evidence room but the way was blocked by another pair of expressionless figures in black suits. Some weapons and ammo were also stored in the Evidence Room so she headed for there instead. These were weapons waiting to be used in a trial.

There were none of the creepy men in black waiting in front of the evidence room. She pushed through the security clerk into the evidence room itself and the barricaded the door. There were two MAC-10 Submachineguns that had been captured during a drug bust. Gabriella had trained on using an MP-5 and so knew how to use a submachinegun. She grabbed them and several magazines for the weapons that had been seized at the same time. The drug dealers had taped the magazines in pairs and they had been stored that way in the evidence locker. She grabbed them and some boxes of ammo and began loading the magazines without bothering to separate the magazines. She also found a pile of dynamite sticks which she grabbed as well. The remaining boxes of ammunition she stuck in her pocket.

Just as she finished, the six figures in black suits broke down the door. She sprayed them down with the two submachineguns until they went down. A couple were able to hit her but were unable to wound her significantly. When the figures in black went down, the heads ripped away and giant insects kind of like cockroaches started crawling out. She dispatched the bugs before the could complete their crawl out of the neck compartment. She ran from the room throwing several sticks of dynamite in before she shut the door.

It was a running firefight for her to escape the police station. She ended having to reload the submachineguns multiple times before she made her way out and had to use the sticks of dynamite much like grenades to clear a path of escape. The fight was one of the hardest she had even been through. She had to shoot people that she had once considered to be her friends but she had no intention on just laying down to die. In the fight, she was hit multiple times but the bullets only caused light injuries and she was able to escape.

She tried going back to her apartment after escaping from the police department but they had it surrounded. Since the escape, she has been running and hiding. From other beings, especially those known as Nightbane, she has been able to learn much about what has happened but she knows that there is much more she needs to learn. Occasionally, she will attempt to deal with Vampires or other creatures but for the most part, she has been working in the background. She has had to become good at disguises due to the fact that there is an all points bulletin for her since the fight in the police station.

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