Evelynne [Beyond the Supernatural Arcanist N.P.C.]:

Name: Evelynne
True Name: Evelynne Harmon
Alignment: Unprincipled (Good / Selfish)
Hit Points: 25 S.D.C.(Physical): 24
Attributes: I.Q.: 22 (+8%/+4), M.E.: 17 (+1), M.A.: 14, P.S.: 12, P.P.: 20 (+3), P.E.: 19 (+8%/+2), P.B.: 17 (+5%), SPD.: 25
Height: 5 ft 2 in (1.57 meters) Weight: 96 lbs (43.5 kg)
Hair: Dark Brown with red highlights Eyes: Brown Skin: Pale Caucasian Build: Slender
Age: 22 Years Race: Human Sex: Female
Evelynne tries real hard to be a nice person and treat others with respect. Sometimes she manages this and sometimes she does not. She has a bad temper which she struggles to keep under control. In addition, she is very curious and adventurous. This can sometimes get her into trouble but she has always been able to get out of trouble in the past. She prefers to believe in herself over others including Gods. Due to her childhood and life as a teenager, along with the teaching of Aunt Lindsey, she is very independent and self reliant. This does not mean that she cannot work with others and she realizes that it is necessary many times.
She is a neo-pagan like her mother but is not as devout as her mother is. She prefers the Celtic gods and goddesses over other deities with Bridget being her favorite single deity. In general she prefers to rely on her own magical abilities than the help of gods.
O.C.C./R.C.C.: Arcanist / Mage Experience Level: First Experience Points: 0
Combat Skills: Hand to Hand: Basic
Number of Attacks: Four (4)
Bonuses, Combat: Damage: +0, Strike: +3, Parry: +1 (+4), Dodge: +1 (+4), +3 to Roll with punch/fall/impact, and +2 to Pull punch, Critical Strike of Natural 20, +1 (+3) to strike with body block / tackle
Saving Throws: Lethal Poison [14] +2, Non-Lethal Poison [16] +2, Harmful Drugs [15] +2, Insanity [12] +1, Psionics [15] +2, Magic [12] +6
Special Arcanist Abilities: Understand Magic 78%, Read Magic 88%, Recognize Enchantment 58%, Sense Magic: Can feel use or presence of magic within 120 ft area
P.P.E.: 99 + 1D6 per Level (Revised P.P.E. of 2D4x10 + ME) Spells Known: First Level: Blinding Flash (1), Increase Weight (4), See Aura (2), See the Invisible (2), Second Level: Concealment (3), Detect Concealment (4), Mystic Alarm (4), Turn Dead (4), Third Level: Armor of Ithan (10), Impressions (5), Invisibility: Simple (6), Telekinesis (6), Fourth Level: Charismatic Aura (7), Fire Bolt (7), Repel Animals (7), Fifth Level: Energy Disruption (8), Escape (8), Eyes of Thoth (8), Heal Wounds (10), Sixth level Spells: Call Lightning (15), Mask of Deceit (15), Tongues (12), Seventh level Spells: Constrain Being (20), Second Sight (20), Wind Rush (20), Eight level Spells: Locate (30), Negation of Magic (30), Temporary Enchantment, Ninth level Spells: Familiar Link (55), Protect Circle (Simple) (45)
O. C. C. Skills:
Science: Anthropology (+20%) 63%, Archaeology (+20%) 68%, Astronomy (+20%) 78%, Math: Basic 98%, Technical: Art (+20%) 68%, History (+20%) 73%, Language: Egyptian [Coptic] (+20%) 83, Language: English [Native] 98%, Language: German (+20%) 83%, Language: Hebrew (+ 20%) 83%, Language: Latin (+20%) 83%, Lore: Demon and Monster (+30%) 73%, Lore: Geomancy & Lines of Power (+ 30%) 68%, Lore: Ghosts and Faeries (+30%) 73%, Lore: Religion (+30%) 68%, Research (+30%) 88%
Elective Skills: (Language Skill Program and Journalist Skill Program)
Computer: Computer Operation (+20%) 88%, Espionage: Intelligence (+20%) 70%, Technical: Language: Ancient Greek (+20%) 83%, Language: Arabic (+20%) 83%, Language: Old Celtic [Gaelic] (+20%) 83%, Photography (+20%) 78%, Writing (+20%) 62%
Secondary Skills:
Domestic: Sewing (+5%) 53%, Espionage: Picking Locks (+5%) 48%, Pick Pockets (+5%) 43%, Medical: First Aid (+5%) 63%, Physical: Hand to Hand (Basic), Athletics (General), Prowl (+5%) 59%, Running, Pilot: Automobile (+5%) 59%, W.P.: Ancient: Knife (+1 [+4] to throw), W.P.: Modern: Revolver (+3 Aimed / +1 Burst)
While not a dwarf, Evelynne is fairly small in stature and is only a couple of inches above five foot. She is slender with slim breast and weighs less than one hundred pounds. Her skin is very pale and she sunburns very easily. Evelynne has brown eyes which seem to glow with curiosity. She has a small nose and a little mouth and is quite cute. She usually wears little makeup and uses very light tones when she does. Her hair is a dark brown with reddish highlights. Her hair is extremely full as well as wavy and she has allowed it to grow down to the small of her back. She often wears two long braids on the sides of her face like she is some kind of ancient Celtic chieftain or warrior. Few know but she has a star shaped birth mark on her buttocks.
She wears square style glasses and while most would look funny with the glasses, the dark glasses seem to fit her face perfectly. She is both near sighted and is light sensitive and needs the glasses. To keep her long hair from her face, she wears a band with Celtic designs. She often also wears skirts with Celtic Knot-work designs. She also likes to wear medieval style tunics with low collars.
Weapons of Note:
Ruger P97: Weight: 1.7 lbs (.77 kg)
Compact Pistol, sleeker and less heavy version of the Ruger P90 although uses a different magazine. Barrel and slide are made from stainless steel and frame is polymer. The Pistol uses .45 ACP Rounds. It has 8 shot magazines and she has four extra magazines hollow point with one magazine having silver hollow points. Caliber .45 (5D6) Mode of Fire: Double Action w. Decocker. Range: 165 ft (50 m) Magazine: 8 + 1 shots.
Kindjal: Weight: 1.1 lbs (0.5 kg) Length: 1.6 feet (0.5 m)
High quality weapon with stainless steel blade. Has +1 to strike, +2 to strike when thrown, and +2 to initiative. Large straight double bladed dagger, Durability is 80. Damage: 1D8+2
Ammo: 200 Rounds of .45 ACP Full Metal Jacket, 50 Rounds of .45 ACP Hollow Points
Characters's Equipment:
1976 Ford Mustang: Fully restored and is painted a metallic charcoal grey with black trim and a grey cloth interior. Has an automatic transmission. The car also has tinted windows. Car has a good quality but relatively inexpensive stereo system with a CD player which can also play MP-3 files. Car is protected by a security system and a concealed kill switch.
Clothing: Clothing as per picture, lots of additional clothing (mostly Celtic in style)
Other Items: Makeup and Feminine Items, Comb and Brush, Purse, journal, 2 notebooks, daily planner, very high quality leather bound book (spell book, has mystic alarm on it), many pens and pencils, cellular telephone, digital camera, pepper spray / mace, lock picks.
Panasonic Toughbook 29: Has a 1.2 Pentium-M processor, 512 MB of RAM, 40 Gig shock mounted removable Hard Drive, 1.44 MB Floppy, and Combo-Drive (DVD-ROM/CD-RW.) Display is 13.3" 1024 x 768 Active Matrix Color LCD and has an integrated 10/100 Ethernet and 56 K Modem. Has a built-in G.P.S. unit. Has 4 hour Lithium Ion battery. Laptop has a full magnesium alloy case, moisture and dust resistant LCD, keyboard (sealed rubber), and touch pad, sealed port and connector covers. Laptop is vibration and drop-shock resistant. Has Windows XP professional, MS Office 2003 Professional, Corel WordPerfect Office 11 Pro, and Window Washer 5.0.
Valuables: 8,000 dollars in savings and house worth 120,000 dollars.
Leather Backpack: Backpack is brown leather and has Celtic scroll work designs embroidered into the backpack. Has four compartments with three dimensional pockets (3 ft x 3 ft x 3 ft) which are attuned to her and are water proof

Evelynne's Background:

Both of Evelynne's parents belonged to the "Four Stars Circle", a commune in northern California. Her parents went to northern England on commune business just before she was born. Her father went by the name "Alistair Blackthorn"although it is doubtful that it is his real name. She heard rumors when she was growing up that her father had gone to visit with a necromancer. As far as Evelynne understands, her mother had been in the commune for several years and had been her fathers lover for almost the entire time. Evelynne's mother had been a flower child named Elsbeth Harmon who went to the commune to seek enlightenment . Evelynne was born, along with a twin brother, while her mother was in England with her father and the were born of Summer Solstice. Her brother, who was named Dustin by her mother, was born a few minutes before Evelynne. Their father never acknowledged that he was the father of either her or her brother although it appears to be quite clear. A locked book was left with her mother when she was born. Evelynne has never found out who left the book. When she got older, Evelynne learned that an aunts on her mother's side died when Evelynne and her brother was born.

After she was born, her father and mother went back to northern California and the commune. Much of her early childhood was in the commune. The commune was neo-pagan in its general views and was into free love and sex along with their other views. Drugs were used as well although not abused to the extent that some communes have. All of the members of the commune are considered family members. Evelynne's father was one of the leaders of the commune and is a powerful sorcerer although it is whispered that he is a master of dark magic. He was always very cold and never seemed to show any love to either her, her mother, or her twin brother. The only thing she can clearly remember is that he used to limp and used a cane. When she was only five years old, her father was dismissed from the commune by the other leaders for abusing his position, both financially and in the arcane. No-one seems to know where he went and Evelynne's mother has not heard anything from him.

Her mother stayed in the convent for a couple of years after her father was dismissed from the commune. While her mother continued to retain her religious views and is very devout in her own way, the life in the commune diminished its hold on her and she decided to leave. She gave up the use of drugs when she left the commune and moved to San Francisco. Evelynne's mother had several family members in the area. She got a job working as an office secretary while she both raised her two children and went to school to get a degree in business. The family almost never had enough money although they never starved. Their mother tried to spend as much time as she could with her children but they were left one more than they should have. Evelynne and her brother hung around with some other children who were on the wrong side of the law. She learned how to both pick locks and pick pockets in addition to learning how to defend herself. As time when on, she began spending less time with them although her brother continued spending large amounts of time with the others. As time went on, Evelynne began to worry about her brother.

Evelynne was always a book worm and loved to read. She loved to read both history and fantasy novels. She had dreams of becoming a fantasy writer herself. While fairly attractive, she was thought of as a bit of a geek and wore glasses since she was about seven. Evelynne's mother had always been pretty tiny and it appeared that her daughter would grow up the same and the young girl was always short for her age.

When Evelynne was twelve, her mother gave her the book which she had been holding since Evelynne had been born. The book was still locked and looked ancient with engraved brown leather covers. It took several days for Evelynne to pick the lock and it was the strangest book which she had ever seen. She began studying the book carefully and learned that it was a book of the arcane. From the old book she began learning the rudiments of magic although she could not get very far with the book alone.

Always too curious for her own good, she heard a whispered conversation about a group of mages meeting. She decided that she would spy on then and snuck up to their meeting place which was deep in a park. They were summoning some kind of demon and in the middle of the ritual, the noticed her spying on them. They pursued her and she would not have probably survived if not for the rescue by a friend of her mothers. She knew her as Aunt Lindsey and found that she was a powerful mage. The older women had been watching the group of mages as well but was watching them to stop them from successfully summoning a demon. Evelynne was able to persuade her to teach her magic and became in effect her "Aunts" apprentice. In addition to learning how to cast magic, Evelynne was taught about the supernatural. The older woman pushed Evelynne to do better in school so that she might graduate with honors. Evelynne never really did badly in school but nothing had previous pushed her to do her best.

At the same time Evelynne was learning magic, her brother's activities with the other kids caught up with him. He was caught breaking into a car and was given several months in juvenile detention. Unfortunately, the time in juvenile hall did her brother little good and was in trouble again some after being released. He began to build up a variety of charges including drug possession, possession of firearms, and additional robbery charges. Evelynne's twin brother soon dropped out of school as well. She begged him to stay in school and stop hanging around the kids who he kept getting in trouble with but to no avail. She lost touch with her brother soon after and she worries what happened to him.

With her mentors help, Evelynne graduated high school with a high enough grade point average to be able to get into college. She enrolled in the schools journalism course and also took language and history classes to improve her skills in those areas. She graduated with a major in journalism and a minor in ancient history and languages. She did spend a bit of time with male students but studying always came first for her. She also was very careful while in school so that she would not get pregnant.

One of the temporary teachers in her school was a member of a secret society known as Legacy. He noted that she was a budding mage and kept a careful eye on her. Luckily, she noticed that he was watching her and decided to watch him in turn. He had made multiple enemies including a necromancer who sent a force of the dead after him. She observed what was going on and was able to help the man defeat the animated dead. Unfortunately, the necromancer was able to get away. Through him, she became a member of the Luna Foundation, a cover organization for the Legacy in San Francisco.

Evelynne had a gay uncle named Bruce who was dying of AIDS. She never cared one way or the other about anyone's sexual orientation and spend some time with him when he was dying. His lover had died a few years previously. She was extremely surprise when she found out that he had left his house to her when he died. He left a bit of money as well but virtually all of the money was spent on remaining medical bills and various taxes associated with settling the estate. He also left to her a restored 1976 Ford Mustang that he seemed to treasure more than anything else. While she has been unable to directly detect his presence, sometimes she thinks that he is riding beside her in the car.

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