Elisha [Nightbane Secondary Vampire N.P.C.]:

Name: Elisha
True Name: Elizabeth Shippen Collins
Alignment: Miscreant (Evil) - Anarchist Tendencies
Hit Points: 110
Natural Armor Rating: Special, as a vampire, she is immune to virtually all weapon. This includes mega-damage energy weapons, explosives, bullets, fire, poisons, and drugs. She is only vulnerable to magic, magic items, sunlight, wood, and silver weapons.
Attributes: I.Q.: 13, M.E.: 21 (+3), M.A.: 24 (80%), P.S.: 27 (+12), P.P.: 20 (+3), P.E.: 20 (+10%/+3), P.B.: 17 (35%), Spd.: 25 [Strength and Endurance are supernatural]
Weight: 112 lbs (50.8 kg) Height: 5 foot 3 inches (1.60 meters)
Hair: Golden Blond Eyes: Light Blue Skin: Pale Caucasian Build: Slender
Age: 242 years (225 since becoming a vampire / Appears around 18) Race: Secondary Vampire (Was Human) Sex: Female
Horror Factor: 13 (When known as a vampire) P.P.E.: 30
Elisha was fairly young when she became a vampire and had lived a destitute life after her family had lost their fortune. The strongest part of her personality is her selfishness. She likes to live in comfort although power has never been important to her. She like to find somebody, often the son of a wealthy man, who can support her. She bind him to her as a servant and slowly drains him of both money and blood. Once done, she always makes sure the person dies in a way which makes not suspicion fall on her. Common means most recently have been car accidents, suicides, and drug overdoses.
Just because she prefers to keep a bonded servant, this does not mean that she does not go after other prey. After all, one must extend the life of ones servant until all of his money is drained. In some cases these are random targets while at other times they are the friends and family of the person who she has under her spell. She does like to go to clubs, parties, and concerns both for the music and to pick up the men she feeds from. She does like sex and likes to combine blood with sex. She dislikes "Drinking it from the bottle" so to speak and prefers to drain it while still warm.
Her style is quite different than most vampires. Many of them get stuck at the time that they became vampires. Elisha was always far more adaptable and always avoids the vampire cliche. She prefers to seem just a bit shallow so that she might be underestimated but always keeps a close eye on the changes in style and fashion. She also keeps a close ear on changing idioms. Her style of cosmetics and dress is designed to make her look vibrant, preferring bright colors. Many vampires like to dress in dark colors and look sinister. She does like to dress in revealing outfits which show off a lot of skin. It might be that she is a bit of an exhibitionist. Even though few older vampires learn how to drive a car, she has.
Even though fairly powerful as a secondary vampire, Elisha prefers to generally avoid other vampires. She has met them and has talked to them but tries to go her own way as soon as possible. Master vampires, even young ones, are extremely powerful and many other vampires are not as careful as she is. Often they will not dispose of their bodies carefully and they also may make her own prey more scarce. As one might expect, she has never created any other vampires. Generally, she avoids all other supernatural. She does not consider herself to be really a fighter and prefers trickery over fighting. That is with anyone she considers dangerous. Beating up a defenseless human is a bit different.
She might be willing to help Nightbane and others to get rid of the Nightlords because they make a world much harder for her to hunt in. She does not have any particular loyalty to anybody though. If she finds a better offer, she will quite likely backstab any who consider her to be their ally. As well, one must also always remember that he goals are quite different than theirs might be. She sees if at protecting her food supply.
Insanities: None
R.C.C.: Secondary Vampire Experience Level: Nine (9)
Combat Skill: Secondary Vampire
Attacks per Melee: Five (5) / Seven (7)
Bonuses, Combat: +4 to Strike, +4 to Parry, +3 to Dodge, +12 to damage, +3 to Initiative, Critical on Natural 20
Damages (Supernatural): Killing Bite: 2D6+12 S.D.C., Restrained Punch: 2D6+12 S.D.C., 4D6+12 S.D.C. for normal punch, and 1D4x10+12 S.D.C. for power punch (counts as two melee attacks).
Bonus; Saving Throws: Impervious to all magic and psionic forms of sleep and paralysis, Does not breath and is immune to poisons and drugs, and Immune to knockout and stun attacks, Insanity [12] +3, Psionics [15] +3 (+5 vs vampire min control and +6 vs other forms of mind control), Magic [12] +3 (+6 to mind control), Horror Factor +6
Natural Abilities: Has +3 to perception. Limited metamorphosis (Bat, Wolf, and Mist Forms), super regeneration (2D6 H.P. per melee and can regrow new limbs and body parts), limited invulnerability and immortality, smell blood one mile away (1.6 km), night-vision 1600 feet (488 meters), does not need to breath, summon rodents and canines, and prowl 50%. Like all vampires, she requires feeding on human or humanoid blood every 24 to 48 hours. See Nightbane /Vampire Kingdoms writeup for full details on vampires.
Magical Knowledge: None
I.S.P.: 183. Psionic Powers (Considered Major): Healing: Deaden Pain (4), Induce Sleep (4), Physical: Alter Aura (2), Death Trance (1), Mind Block (4), Sensitive: Empathy (4), Presence Sense (4), Sense Evil (2), Super: Hypnotic Suggestion (6), Super Hypnotic Suggestion (20). Psionic Abilities equal to a fifth level psychic. Can also use mind control on other vampires.
R.C.C. Skills: Domestic: Cook (+5%) 40%, Dance (+5%) 35%, Sew (+5%) 45%, Sing (+5%) 40%, Piloting: Pilot Automobile [Gained at Sixth Level] (+5%) 65%, Rogue: Pick Pockets (+5%) 30%, Seduction (+5%) 29%, Streetwise (+5%) 25%, Technical: Art [Gained at Ninth Level] (+5%) 40%, Computer Operation [Gained at Ninth Level] (+5%) 45%, Language: English [Native] 98%, Language: French 55%, Literacy: English [Native] 98%, Literacy: French (+5%) 35%, Lore: Demon and Monster [Gained at Sixth Level] (+5%) 40%, Lore: Vampire [Gained at Third Level] (+5%) 35%, Weapon Proficience, Ancient: Knife (+1 [+5] to throw), Weapon Proficiency, Modern: Pistol [Gained at Third Level] (+3 Aimed / +1 Burst)
Elisha is not tall for modern times although for the time she comes from she was pretty tall for a woman. She has a slender figure although it is definitely feminine She is quite attractive with blond hair and soft blue eyes. One would not think that there is a killer hiding behind those soft eyes. Only very occasionally is there a tinge of evil. She mostly keeps her hair straight but varies by what is the common fashion. She sometimes curls it and has dyed it with a bit of honey color in the past. She does not like it real short and likes it almost of the long side. When straight, he hair usually hangs down to the small of her back and sometimes down to her waist. Her cosmetics, she keeps fairly soft colors such as a peach or pink. Her nails are usually painted a pink color as well.
In clothing, she likes bright colors although she does not really like blood crimson. Instead, she would more likely wear a hot pink outfit. She often also will wear white mixed with pink. She likes to wear mini-dresses although also sometimes will wear a short t-shirt with tight white jeans. Silk camisole type shirts are also quite common. At present, most of her clothing is quite revealing. She avoids black completely. For shoes, she usually wears high heels, mostly pumps or sandals. They are of similar bright pinks and white. She also has a weakness for jewelry and wears several gold and diamond necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings.
Weapons of Note:
None although will use a pistol if handy
Properties: None, prefers to stay wherever her currently mind control slave is. She will occasionally rent a condominium for a few months.
Vehicles: "Brand New" BMW Z-4 with all extras. Car is a white and has extremely dark tinted windows.
Clothing: Lots of clothing including expensive silk mini-dresses, short skirts, jeans, camisoles, short t-shirts, high heels (pumps and sandals), and underwear.
Other Items: Makeup and Perfumes, Purse, Pocket Mirror,
Valuables & Properties: 250,000 Dollars in bank accounts, 50,000 Dollars worth in jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings)

Elisha's History (In Her Own Words):

I was born Elizabeth Shippen during the later part of the Eighteen Century around the time of the American Revolution. You will note the last name of "Shippen." Yes, my father is cousin of Margaret Shippen, the woman who was a royalist sympathizer who later married the infamous traitor Benedict Arnold.

From what I understand, my father was also a Tory although he seems to have not gotten along with Arnold. I was just a little girl, born really only a few years before the war started, so don't really know exactly why. My mother had died soon after I was born so I don't really know what her allegiance was. As a result though of his relationship with Arnold, my father was not among the ones who were relocated to Canada or England when the British lost the war.

The name "Shippen" was in ill repute after what happened so my father changed his last name to "Collin." I cannot say that it was really successful. I remember my father having abuse yelled at him and even stuff thrown at him. From what I remember, we were pretty well to do before the war although not truly wealthy. After the wr though, my father seems to have lost his entire fortune. He lived just a few more years anyway and he died when I was just thirteen.

I traveled to New York City with one of my brothers after my father died, I had two of them. He soon disappeared, joining the crew of a merchant ship and I was completely on my own. New York is nothing like it is today but even then it was pretty crowded and extremely dirty. I tried working as a washing girl or anything else I could find but the only work I could find was as a whore. Sometimes I supplemented my meager

It only ever made a sender living and I lived on the streets. My dream was to attract a wealthy man and get him to marry him. Remotely possible but not likely even though I knew I was attractive enough. I have to admit that if I had stayed a whore, my life would likely have been quite short. Life for whores during the late Eighteenth and early Nineteen Centuries usually were and several of the girls who had become whores around the same time I had were already dead.

A vampire named Gregory saw me. My beauty had not faded and he took an interest in me. He usually fed off of whores, sometimes killing them depending on his whim. A dead whore was rarely remarked on. Gregory decided to try and make me a vampire like him. Why exactly, I don't really know although he had tried several times before. Each time he had created a savage creature which he called a wild vampire. It is most likely that he killed them himself so that they would not spread wanton destruction.

I remember being little more than a puppet waiting for him to come back each night wedged between some boxes in a condemned warehouse. He told me that I would be his companion forever. The third night I was reborn, a vampire. I was still under his control but no longer a puppet. The first feeding was wonderful with the hot blood gushing in my mouth, a feeling of power and control I never had before. My first victim I still remember, it was one of my old johns.

Gregory did teach me about vampires a bit. I found out he was considered a secondary vampire although already pretty old, my guess is that he was at least a couple of hundred years old when he made me. He told me about master vampires but never told me where his was. Gregory had come from England a few years before and I think it likely that his master lives somewhere in England. From time to time, I have wondered if Gregory's master is still alive. Never missed sunlight much although I did try to step outside once before the sun had had gone down and the burns were memorable. And what had the church ever do for me. They left me to fend for myself, that's it.

One thing I never liked about Gregory is that he liked to keep a tight leash on me. I could feed on johns but could not have sex with anyone except him. The one time I tried, he beat me to the point of almost death. Maybe I could have fought him but it was almost impossible to resist his will and I was never much of a fighter anyway. Another problem was that he liked living on the street but I wanted to live in comfort. With our power, we could have easily dominated somebody, possibly a wealthy widow or well to do merchant, and lived in style.

It was not until the eve of the Civil War that I was able to find my freedom. Gregory liked to fight although he usually chose targets weaker than him. He saw a gang of thugs which were muscling in on Gregory's territory. Something he could not stand and it turned out that they were some kind of supernatural creatures who transformed into misshaped shapes. I am quite glad that he had not commanded me to fight with him because they tore him apart in moments and I would have been easy prey for them. They turned towards me and I ran, not transforming to a wolf until I was several streets away.

Finally on my own, I was more than willing to reinvent myself. I had been saving up a bit of money from my victims. I used the money to buy myself some nice clothes and I set myself as a high end mistress, the kind that most wealthy men had. Older men are not as entertaining as the younger ones and I prefer the scions of wealth. As well, they usually don't have wives or children.

When I found a good candidate, I would make him a human servant. The first man I made my human slave was named David Warren, the son of a wealthy railroad investor. It would be nice if I could control one but unfortunately I seem able to control only a single person in this manner at a time. I would slowly drain his bank accounts while slowly feeding from him. You don't want him to die before he had nothing left to give. There are also numerous ways of getting rid of them without any suspicion.

To extend the life of your slave, it is always best to hunt a bit for snacks. One advantage is that you don't have to be quite as careful with them as you do with your slave. Blood and sex together is something you cannot indudge in completely with him. Good targets include the friends and family of the mortal under your thumb. You can simply have your slave lure them into your clutches. Sometimes a little variety is nice as well though. You always have to tailor your hunting to the time and place where you are living.

I have met a few vampires over the years although I try to avoid them as much as possible. There were a number of other vampires living in New York, for example. Most of them seem stuck in time and do not seem to change much. That never made much sense to me and I have constantly worked to keep up with the times. During the wars, there is often many soldiers and sailors to feed from. I heard a few vampires feed from the bottle, not directly from a person but that has always been distasteful to me.

During the Nineteen-Twenties, I lived the life of a Flapper. That was a fun time with the rich speakeasy owner. With the liquor that many served, death was not an uncommon occurrence and what was yet another person dying from drinking the wrong hooch. Many people think that in the Fifties that there was little in the way of extramarital affairs going on but the truth is quite different. Still, it was an extremely uptight time. The Sixties was more fun. I reinvented myself as a Hippie although it is funny being a flower child who cannot go into the sun. It was also nice that dresses have shortened. Whatever time I live in, I try to keep up with the syles as well as the language. Being a valley girl in California during the Eighties was interesting.

No, I have not spend my life in New York. Sometimes it is fun to move around and sometimes the police will get a bit suspicious. I am a survivor and have heard about many vampires who have gotten into trouble. I have never been outside of the United States and Canada. The only places in Canada I stayed for any significant time was Toronto and Montreal. I live a few years in Boston and have also lived in Miami, Orlando, Seattle, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Francisco to name just a few. There are party spots in both Florida and California.

Dark Day caught me off guard. It has also greatly complicated my life. Many vampires are much less careful about when they take their victims. Because of this, more people believe in vampires and are much more weary then they had been. The Nightlord's minions also make hunting far more dangerous and the creatures who killed Gregory are in much larger numbers than ever before. They are known as Nightbane and many hate vampires. I might be willing to help them though if they only would get rid of the other creatures which make my hunting much harder.

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