Charlotte Ratcliffe [Nightbane Wampyr N.P.C.]:

Name: Charlotte

True Name: Charlotte Ratcliffe (Has gone by a wide variety of names over the years)

Alignment: Unprincipled (Good / Selfish)

Hit Points: 74 S.D.C.(Physical): 203 P.P.E.: 3

Horror Factor: 11 (When known to be a Wampyr)

Attributes: I.Q.: 20 (+6%/+3), M.E.: 19 (+2), M.A.: 20 (60%), P.S.: 37 (+22), P.P.: 21(+3), P.E.: 22 (+14% / +4), P.B.: 22 (60%), SPD: 36 (24.5 mph / 39.5 kph)

[Strength and Endurance are supernatural]

Height: 5 foot 3 inches (1,63 meters) Weight: 116 lbs (52.62 kg)

Hair: Auburn Eyes: Green Skin: Caucasian Build: Moderate / Slender

Age: 155 years (Looks to be in her late teens or early twenties.) Race: Wampyr Sex: Female


There is a wisdom as part of her personality both due to her age as a Wampyr and as being pretty scholarly. Not really a trained scholar. Still, she still absolutely loves reading just for the shear enjoyment of it. Enjoys both fiction and non fiction. When she is in a place with a library, she will often visit it at night and also used to stay in late night book stores until closing time. Unlike some Vampires and Wampyrs, she still can deal with modern advances and technology. In some cases she still prefers the old such as preferring revolvers over automatics.

Still, she still has something of a country girl in her heart. She loves the wilderness and enjoys being in the forest and mountains by herself. Of course, she has to be careful because she realizes that she needs to feed on human blood pretty often. As a result, she tries to stay within a days travel of a town with a bar or other place she might pick up men.

Her method of feeding is relatively simple and designed to cause as little notice as possible. She will find a lonely man, often at a bar, and go home with him. Instead of using her teeth, she uses a knife and slashes at an arm or leg. She then uses hypnotic suggestion to persuade them that they had an accident with a blade of some kind. She prefers the term “target” to differentiate them from those vampires often kill which she called “victims.”

There have been times where she has been picked up by serial rapist or even worse. In those cases, she will kill them although will also drink her fill. She has also dealt with a number of vampires while hunting for her next meal. If they seem dangerous and a threat, she will kill them. Those who are not a threat, she tries to leave alone. After all, they are just surviving the same way she is. It is possible that she may be been hasty and she certainly has been hasty in the past. For her, there is nothing wrong with robbing her enemies although she does not rob her regular targets.

Beyond the feeding, she does like the company of an occasional man. Kind of wishes they could be long term but she would drain them dry. She does like that men, especially today, are far less domineering of women than they were in the past. She does enjoy living the life of a liberated woman.

Since Dark Day, she has become more concerned about the Nightlords and their minions. As a result, she deals less with vampires and other threats she considers less of an immediate concern. Doesn’t mean she will not deal with vampires if she comes across them. She is perfectly willing to work with most types including Nightbane and practitioners of magic. Does not really believe that “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” however.

O.C.C./R.C.C.: Wampyr Experience Level: Eighth (8th)

Combat Skills: Hand to Hand: Expert and Boxing

Number of Attacks: Six (6)

Bonuses, Combat: Damage: +22, Strike: +5, Parry: +9, Dodge: +9, Pull Punch: +2, Roll (Punch / Fall / Impact): +4, Initiative: +1, Knock Out: Natural 20, Critical Strike: Natural 18, 19, and 20

Has kick attack, judo flip/thow, and paired weapons.

Damages (Supernatural): Inflicts2D6 S.D.C. on a restrained punch, 6D6+22 on a full strength punch, or 2D4xl0+22 on a power punch (counts as two melee attacks).

Saving Throws: Lethal Poison [14] +4, Non-Lethal [16] +4, Harmful Drugs [15] +4, Insanity [12] +2, Psionics [10] +2 (+7 vs Mind Control), Magic - Spell [12] +4 (+9 vs Mind Control), Magic - Ritual [16] +4 (+7 vs Mind Control), Horror Factor [Varies] +2 (+7), Possession +2, Disease +4

Wampyr Abilities/Vulnerabilities:


Super Regeneration: Has the same super regeneration as vampires and can heal 2D6 S.D.C./Hit Points per melee round.

Invulnerabilities and Bonuses: Take half damage from metal weapons but none of the normal vampire invulnerabilities. Character also has +1 on initiative, +3 to perception rolls, +5 to save vs Horror factor, +5 to save vs Mind Control and possession, and is immune to vampire mind control powers.

Knowledges: Instinctively knows all the strengths and weaknesses of true vampires, even the ones that do not effect Wampyrs.

Psychic Powers: I.S.P. 153 + 8 per level, Considered a Master Psionic

Sensitive Abilities: Empathy (4), Object Read (10), Presence Sense (4), Sense Evil (2), Sixth Sense (2), Suggestion (2), Telepathy (4),

Physical Abilities: Alter Aura (2), Bio-Manipulation (10), Death Trance (1), Mind Block (4), Pyrokinesis (varies), Telekinesis (varies)

Healer Abilities: Deaden Pain (4), Healing Touch (6), Induce Sleep (4)


Has Blood Dependancy: Character must drink one pint (about .5 liters) of blood every three days. Going without will result in the feeding frenzy but will not start until after the first week and it takes three days to aggravate the state.

Vulnerable to sunlight: When exposed to direct sunlight, character will take 2D6 points of damage for every minute (4 melee) of exposure. Getting into a shadowed area allows their regeneration to kick in and heal the damage. By running in and out of shade, a Wampyr can operate in sunlight. This is however very painful. Those suffering from sun exposure loose one attack per melee round, are at -1 on all combat rolls, -2 on initiative and perception, and is -20% on all skill rolls. These penalties also apply when in shade or underground during the day.

Character Skills:

Background Skills: Pilot: Horsemanship 74%, Technical: Language: English [Native] 98%, Literacy: English [Native] 98%.

R. C. C. Skills: Espionage: Tracking 66%, Wilderness Survival 81%, Physical: Hand to Hand - Basic, Boxing, Pilot: Pilot Automobile [Gained at Fourth Level] 72%, Science: Mathematic - Basic 86%, Technical: Computer Operations [Gained at Seventh Level] 51%, Lore - Demon and Monster 76%, Lore - Vampire 71%, Research 91%, Writing 56%, Wilderness: Identify Plants and Fruits 56%

Secondary Skills: Domestic: Cooking 76%, Dance 71%, Sewing 81%, Physical: Athletics (General), Running, W.P. W.P.: Modern: Pistol / Revolver (+5 Aimed/+3 Burst), Paired - Pistol / Revolver (+5 Aimed/+3 Burst), Rifle (+5 Aimed/+3 Burst),


Charlotte is on the short side for women today although not extremely short at around five foot two inches. Has a feminine figure with moderate breast and hips. Her eyes are a nice soft green. She has auburn, or reddish brown hair, which she sometimes wears loose and other times ties up in a knot. Her skin is pretty pale and while human had freckles but have long faded. Tends to wear a little bit of natural looking cosmetics only, nothing too overt.

Never been a one for fashions, both when she was a Human and now as a Wampyr. Does not dislike dresses but usually prefers jeans and simple button shirts. Doesn’t mind having the top unbutton to reveal a bit of cleavage but is understated compared to many. Sometimes will dress in period style to remind herself of her origins. Usually she will wear cowboy style boots and often will also wear cowboy boots. Doesn’t like real dark colors and never cared for the vampire moodiness style that some Wampyrs follow

Weapons of Note: Has a variety of older revolvers she does not normally carry them.

2 Smith & Wesson Model 29: Weight: 2.6 lbs (1.2 kg) empty.

Heavy stainless steel double action revolvers made by Smith and Wesson. Chambered in .44 Magnum, can also fire .44 Special and .44 Russian rounds. Four inch barrel model and are ported to reduce recoil. Caliber: .44 Magnum (6D6 /6D6+12 Hollow Points), Action: Double Action. Range: 150 ft (45.7 m). Cylinder: 6 rounds (Carries 96 rounds normal hollow points and 96 rounds silver hollow points.)

4 Silver Plated Daggers: Weight: 1 lb (0.45 kg)

Normal quality daggers. Damage: 1d6 S.D.C. + Strength Bonus

Characters's Equipment:

Properties: None (Does have a few secret hiding places in the wilderness)

Vehicles: Brown 1980s Land Rover Series III - Six cylinder four wheel drive diesel and has antique plates. Generally is in good mechanical condition.

Clothing: Blue jeans, button up shirts, t-shirts, some dresses (mostly relatively simple), underwear, cowboy style hat, cowboy boots.

Other Items: Makeup and feminine items, comb & brush, shooting glasses, ear protectors, weapons cleaning kit, purse, backpack, flashlight, moderately new laptop computer (about 2 years old), notebooks (likes old fashion writing), dozen wooden stakes.

Valuables & Properties: 10,000 dollars, gold, silver, and gems worth 100,000 in various secret caches.

Charlotte’s History (In her own words):

I was born in the middle of the Nineteenth century, a bit before the Civil War. I was born in the Nebraska territories in a small northern mining town although my father was a farmer. One might say that I was a typical farm girl but not real accurate. Never really fit in with the other girls. Marriage was never a key interest of mine. Sure, I wanted to get married some day but wanted more.

The options open to women were pretty limited at that time but I was always extremely bright. Was always reading and borrowing books from my teachers. My plan was to become a school teacher. I yearned for something greater, maybe a lawyer, but such roles just were not really an option at that time. The College of Notre Dame in California had only comparatively recently opened up as a collage for girls and was planning to try to go there.

Of course my parents were not very rich so whether I would have even managed to go off to college is an open question. As fate would have it, another course was in store for me. Our town was attacked. Not as one might expect by Indians, a constant fear of many of the townspeople. No, by vampires.

I found out later that just about everyone in the town was slain, my parent included. At the time, I only knew about my farm having been attacked. They decided to not kill me outright. Instead, the leader of the vampires decided to keep me a captive. I guess because I was pretty attractive but don’t know why some of the other girls were not chosen. Vampires have an ability to do a mind control bite. Once bitten, I no longer had any will of my own. I would do virtually whatever the vampire commanded. There is nothing sexy or erotic about being under the control of a vampire. The one who had bitten me told me that soon I would be his for eternity.

He commanded me to stay. Then, maybe half hour before sunrise, he left me to escape the sun. All I could do was lay on the bed with the bodies of my parents and younger brother laying on the floor of the kitchen. Never was one to just allow anybody to control me, I tried to fight it in my own mind. Still, it was like be buried in the ground and unable to move. No matter how hard I fought, nothing did any good. My body was not under my control. I was weak from being drained but even if still strong, I don’t think it would have done much good.

A second night followed the first. Was told that after the third night, I would be reborn as a vampire. Not how things turn out. Not quite how thins worked out. Often when a secondary vampire creates another vampire, they become a bestial creature which is controlled only by instincts. Sometimes though, another kind of creature is created. Known as Wampyrs, there are somewhere in a half state between remaining human and becoming a vampire. That was what I became.

Suddenly, the vampire’s hold on me completely slipped. He tried to establish dominance on me but it slid off like rainwater. Next to my bed was a broom. I grabbed the broom, broke it in half, and jabbed it into him. At first he only looked shocked. Ran for the kitchen, grabbed a knife and cut his head off. Somehow I knew that you needed more than a stake through the heart to kill them.

My heart burned with fire, the need for revenge. While I had not seen any of the other vampires after the day which my parents were killed and I had been first bitten, I knew there were others and I wanted them dead for my father, mother, and brother. Could almost accept what had happened to me but not to them.

At the time, I did not know that they had killed everybody in the town. My mother had a number of wooden stakes she used for the gardens and put them in a bag. I also grabbed my father’s hunting rifle. He had taught me how to use it. When I reach the town, I could see several bodies. If anything, my anger heated up several more notches.

A figure appeared in the darkness from behind the church. From appearances, it was a tall man in a heavy coat. Was it one of the vampires. Would know soon enough and had a stake for his heart if he was a vampire. As he came into better view, I could see that his whole face looked like it had been melted in a fire and bone stuck out in places. He was absolutely horrid in appearance. In his hand was a wooden stake as well.

There was a lot of confusion. Luckily, he did not try to stab me and I did not attack him either. Found out that there were other supernatural creatures in the world. He was a creature known as a Nightbane and had been tracking the pack of vampires. Did not know what I was at the time and he did not know a word for me either. He had heard stories of failed transformation attempts by vampires.

He asked me if there were any caves nearby. I told him that there were a number of mines near the village that had petered out and had been abandoned. Together we went to the closest one. Needed to be quick because who knows hat they would do with their leader dead and they would need to move on to new hunting grounds within just a day or two. Knew myself that I would need to feed myself within a few days.

We confronted them within the abandoned mines. In total there were nine vampires. While I do not share their invulnerabilities, I do not share their vulnerabilities either and am extremely tough. Between the two of us, we were able to kill all of the vampires. It helped that they did not expect a farm girl that had been a mulling slave a few hours before to be able to fight them. Still, the victory seemed hollow. My family was dead and I knew that my dreams were dead too.

For a time, I traveled with the Nightbane. I learned that his name was Robert although he often went by the name “The Burned Man.” There were not many Nightbane around then and he had been caught in a fire where he first transformed. Taught me how to survive in the wilderness, how to fight, and how to shoot a revolver. There was always a problem though in that I had to have human blood to survive. Heard from other Wampyrs that one can be sustained on the blood of a Nightbane with no ill effect on the Nightbane but he never offered. As a result, I soon ended up striking out on my own.

I am a thrifty sort and decided to collect the money of the town. You can call it stealing from the dead if you would like but it is certain that they no longer needed it. It gave me a fair nest egg which allowed me to survive for a while. Hunted vampires whenever I could. In the first few years, I was overzealous, killing a number of vampires who did not need to be killed who mostly kept to themselves. Eventually however, I settled down to a less destructive routine. Lived a variety of different lives, hunting vampires when I needed to. Had to reinvent myself a number of times.

When I first became a Wampyr, there were few schools that taught women or were at night. As a result, I had to teach myself. One could, until the last few decades, sneak into a library at night and peruse books. Now of course security systems make it far tougher to do that. Still, while I like the easy access to libraries in cities, there is still something of a country girl in me. I still enjoy the wilderness. Sometimes I like to go in the wilderness and survive for a time. Of course, one always has to be careful because I need to feed on people once in a while.

As far as feeding, I have found a method which works. You find a lonely gentleman, often at a bar, and allow him to take you home. You don’t feed from the neck, instead feed from an arm or a left. Instead of using your teeth, use a knife. You then use your ability of suggestion to persuade them that they were injured accidently. Has worked quite well over the years. While targets are much easier to find in cities, it is easy enough to find them in rural areas as well. Some female Wampyrs have gone to prostitution to find men for their

I have yet to find any human men which can overpower me. Over the years with my cruising, I have met a number of serial rapists and worse. People today often think that they are a new phenomena but in reality that is far from the truth. One does not need to be a vampire or servant of the Nightlords to be truly evil. Several have ended up in unmarked graves after I was able to get my fill.

Have met a few vampires cruising for food over the years. Some have not been interested in any trouble and those I have left alone. Much like me, they were interested in just a few sips. Most though are less much like the vampires that killed my family over a hundred and fifty years ago. I survive off of drinking the blood of people, who am I to judge vampires who do the same thing as I do.

Over the years, my firearms have evolved. Still do not really like automatics and have carried almost exclusively revolvers. I have mostly carried Colt Models but switched to Smith a Wesson with the Model 29 which I have carried since the mid Nineteen-Fifties. I prefer a large caliber round, either the .44 or .45 caliber. My first revolver was the Colt Dragoon. Those that don’t know it, you have to load the individual cylinders with powder and the lead round. You also need a percussion cap for each one. The Colt Single Action Army was a large step up. It used cartridges which made it much easier to load. Staying with the same caliber, I carried the Colt New Service for around six decades until replaced by the Smith and Wesson. Thought about replacing the with Colt Anacondas but not much point to do so.

One change that I have seen is in men, especially since the late 1960s, I have found a lot more men willing to show women respect and threat them equally. Kind of would be nice to find somebody I might settle with although the problem is that I need to feed and would kill a single person eventually.

I was actually mostly satisfied living my life quietly, drifting around the country. Dark Day though changed that. As much as vampires are threats, the Nightlords and their minions are far worse. As a result, I have mostly been avoid dealing with vampires but instead trying to fight the Nightlords and their servants. Does not mean that I actually ignore the activities of vampires.

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