The Bride [Nightbane Sorceress N.P.C.]:

Name: The Bride

True Name: Rebecca (Becky) Danvers

Alignment: Unprincipled (Good / Selfish)

Hit Points: 27 [75 Nightbane Form] S.D.C.(Physical): 52 [190 Nightbane Form]

Horror Factor (Nightbane Form): 13

Attributes: I.Q.: 22 (+8%), M.E.: 14, M.A.: 11 [20 (60%)], P.S.: 9 [19 (+4)], P.P.: 21 (+3) [27 (+6)], P.E.: 22 (+14% / +4) [32 (+32% / +8)], P.B.: 15 [23 (65%)], SPD: 15 [25]

Attributes in brackets [] are when in Nightbane form [Physical Strength and Endurance are Supernatural in Nightbane form]

Weight: 122 lbs (55.3 kg) [145 lbs (65.8 kg) in Nightbane Form] Height: 5 ft 4 in (1.62 meters) [5 ft 8 in (1.73 meters) in Nightbane Form]

Age: 22 years Race: Nightbane (Human) Sex: Female


The Bride is a person who is hard to get to know. Some say she is aloof while others say that she is shy. It is quite true that she is a very private being. She is more than willing to fight the Nightlords and other beings who are out to dominate or destroy the world and is a good ally to have.

She is loyal to those around her but still reveals little of her inner self. Still, she has the ability to work with others. She has had some problems with non-Nightbane and she has a hard time trusting people who are not Nightbane. As well, she prefers to work with other Nightbane before working with any others.

Even though a capable warrior like virtually all Nightbane, she does not consider herself to be a warrior but really a scholar. Her biggest interest is the study of magic and she is constantly seeking to learn spells even thought she does not have a huge number at present. She is extremely knowledgeable in multiple areas of lore and is an excellent being as an advisor although she is not really a leader.

Unlike many other girls, while she likes boys well enough, she is not obsessed by them. As well, fashion and how she dress has never been a major concern. She mostly prefers to dress comfortably and casually. She was always just a bit of a geek as well and never one of the truly popular kids in school. In college, it was similar where she was never extremely popular either.

R.C.C.: Nightbane Sorceress Experience Level: First (1)

Combat Skill: Hand to Hand; Basic [Hand to Hand: Martial Arts in Nightbane Form]

Attacks per Melee: Four (4) [Five (5) in Nightbane Form]

Bonuses, Combat: Facade Form: +3 to Strike, +4 to Parry, +4 to Dodge, +0 to Damage, +3 to roll with punch, fall, or impact, +2 to pull punch, +0 to initiative, and Critical Strike on Natural 20.

Nightbane Form: +8 to Strike, +9 to Parry, +9 to Dodge, +4 to Damage, +7 to roll with punch, fall, or impact, +6 to pull punch, +1 to initiative, and Critical Strike on Natural 20.

Supernatural Punch Damage (Nightbane Form): 1D6+4 S.D.C. Restrained Punch, 2D6+4 S.D.C. Full Power Punch, 4D6+4 S.D.C. Power Punch (Costs 2 Attacks). Bite inflicts 3D6 S.D.C.

Bonus; Save: Facade Form: Lethal Poison [14] +4, Non-Lethal Poison [16] +4, Harmful Drugs [15] +4, Insanity [12] +0, Psionics [15] +0, Magic [12] +9, Horror Factor +4, Possession +2

Nightbane Form: Lethal Poison [14] +8, Non-Lethal Poison [16] +8, Harmful Drugs [15] +8, Insanity [12] +2, Psionics [15] +3, Magic [12] +15, Horror Factor +5, Possession +2

Nightbane Abilities:

Change to Nightbane Form: Takes one full melee round (Save vs M.E. [12+] to transform in one attack)

Supernatural Senses: Night vision (Facade, 200 feet / 61 meters; Nightbane, 500 feet / 152 meters) / Sense Other Nightbane (300 feet / 91.4 meters with an additional 30 feet / 9.1 meters per level)

Regeneration: 10 S.D.C./ Hit Points each melee round.

Mirror Walk: Cross into Nightlands. Costs 2 P.P.E., takes one round.

Immunities: Immune to all forms of mind control and transformation

Nightbane Characteristics: Marred Beauty:

Unearth Beauty: Animal Magnetism (+8 PB (20 minimum) / +8 ME (20 minimum))

Stigmata: Razor Wire (4D6 S.D.C. / 3 Horror Factor)

Stigmata: Stitches (3D6 S.D.C. / 3 Horror Factor)

Unusual Facial Features: Sharp Teeth (3D6 bite / 2 Horror factor)

Alien Shape: Unusual Skin Color - Chalky White (1 Horror Factor)

Nightbane Talents: P.P.E.: 202 (Gains 2D6+6 per level)

First Level Talent: Shadow Blast (Free) [Special]

Magic Abilities:

Understand the Principles of Magic: 78%, Same as the Sorcerer O.C.C.

Sense Ley Lines and Nexus Points: Range 1 mile (1.6 km) or line of sight (whichever is less). Ability is same as the Sorcerer O.C.C.


First Level: Blinding Flash (1), See Aura (2), See the Invisible (2), Sense Magic (2),

Second Level: Concealment (3), Extinguish Fire (4), Mystic Alarm (4),

Third Level: Invisibility - Simple (6), Magic Armor (10), Telekinesis (6),

Fourth Level: Fire Bolt (7), Repel Animals (7), Shadow Meld (7),

Fifth level: Charm Weapon (15), Escape (8),

Eight Level: Negation [Magic] (30)

R.C.C. Skills (Nightbane Sorceress): Physical: Hand to hand: Basic, Science: Mathematics: Basic (+25%) 78%, Technical: Computer Operation (+10%) 58%, Language: English [Native] 98%, Language: Egyptian [Ancient] (+15%) 73%, Language: Sumerian [Ancient] (+15%) 73%, Literacy: English [Native] 98%, Literacy: Egyptian [Ancient] (+15%) 53%, Literacy: Sumerian [Ancient] (+15%) 53%, Lore: Nightbane (+15%) 53%, Lore: Nightlands (+15%) 43%, Research (+20%) 78%, Writing (+10%) 43%.

R.C.C. Related Skills: Medical: Paramedic (+5%) 53%, Science: Archaeology (+10%) 38%, Astronomy (+10%) 43%, Math: Advanced (+10%) 63%, Technical: Lore: Demon & Monster (+10%) 53%, Lore: Geomancy (+10%) 48%, Lore: Vampire (+10%) 48%.

Secondary Skills: Domestic: Singing 43%, Physical: Athletics - General, Pilot: Automobile 68%, W.P.; Ancient: Knife / Dagger (+1 [+4 /+9] to Throw)


In her facade or human form, Becky is a mousy blond woman. She keeps her hair fairly short and in a conservative cut which does not quite touch her shoulders. She is not unattractive but is not spectacular. She is a bit shorter than average and has a fairly solid figure. She is not fat but does not have the super thin body which many woman seem to like. She has pale blue eyes in a nice face. She does not generally wear any makeup, being usually more concerned with her magic studies. As well, Becky does not wear nail polish and keeps them fairly short. She generally wears comfort jeans and a sweater although she will switch to shorts and tee-shift in hot weather. The emphasis of the jeans and tee-shirt are comfort not fashion.

As “The Bride,” her appearance is quite different. In fact, it is impossible to see any resemblance of Becky in “The Bride.” It is very close to the “Bride of Frankenstein” from the old movie by that name although not an exact likeness. Her skin is a chalky white, almost that of a corpse. Under her chin are scars with sutures running along them. She has large full lips which are bright red under a slim nose. Her eyebrows are slim and straight and she has extremely long eyelashes. Black eyes stare out and when she opens her mouth, her teeth are extremely sharp. Her hair is black in a beehive style haircut with white stripes which are almost shaped like lightning bolts. She is dressed in a white gauze like gown which almost looks like the wrapping of a mummy. Her arms are wrapped with razor wire. Finally, her fingernails are long and bright red.

Weapons, Magical:

Black Razor: Weight: 1.5 lbs (0.7 Kg)

Weapon is enchanted with the spell of “Enchant Weapon” permanently enchanted and inflict double damage to supernatural creatures. Equivalent to a Cinquedea style dagger and is forged from the metal of a dark blade weapon. Weapon is incredibly well balanced as if made by a master weapon maker. Gives +2 to Strike, +3 to Strike when Thrown, +3 to Parry, and +2 to Initiative.

Damage: 2D6+4 (+2D6+4 for Strength as Nightspawn), does double damage vs supernatural creatures and ignores AR ratings. Range: Hand to Hand or Thrown.

Weapons, Normal:


Other Equipment:

Properties: Small one room loft style apartment. Contains a relatively large library with a good sized occult collection.

Vehicles: 1995 Blue Honda Accord - Decent conditional although has a few places where the paint is peeling.

Clothing: Jeans, Shorts, Sweaters, Sweat Shirts / Hoodies, T-Shirts, Sneakers, and other clothing (including a few dresses)

Other Items: Feminine Items, First Aid Kit, Backpack, Purse, Old Laptop Computer (about 4 years old), Old Desktop Computers (about 3 years old), extensive library, spellbook.

Valuables & Properties: 1,000 Dollars

The Bride’s History:

Becky was adopted by a middle income family when she was not much older than a baby. Basically all Nightbane seem to be without birth parents. It is a mystery which is not really understood. Still, Becky’s adopted parents raised her as if she was their own child and were reasonably good parents. Not perfect by any rate but many Nightbane do not have the childhood she did. For some reason which the doctors could never pin down, they never seemed to be able to have children of their own.

Becky was extremely intelligent even as a child and excelled in her studies whenever she concentrated on them. Often Becky was bored in school to be honest and many of the teachers wanted to have her medicated as a result. The problem was that she kept up pretty good grades and there was no real excuse to do so. It is likely that if she was not quite so bored much of the time, she would have had outstanding grades. One fall out from this was when she tried for college, while her grades were good enough to get in, they were not near good enough for a scholarship.

In addition to her studies, the girl loved to read and had a special fascination with fantasy. Her reading level was far above that of any of the other children at her grade level. In addition, she liked to play role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons. While magic was portrayed as fiction, somehow she considered that it may actually be real. There was a feeling deep in her gut. She tried to put the pieces together as far as magic but could not quite get the magic together.

One day, she saw a book at an estate sale which when she skimmed through seemed to talk about the principles of magic in a fashion where they were described as if real. Becky had been perusing the estate sale for books on ancient lore. Several other books were in her basket. Still, she just had to have this book. Even though it was not much to look at, it was all she was able to afford. She did get an allowance and worked various odd jobs but it was basically all of the money she had. Still, she bought the book on the spot.

Once she was able to look at it closer, she found that it was over a hundred years old. It did have what she though. It contained the principles of magic, the key to be able to learn magic on her own. Few ever master the arts of magic of their own but she was determined. Might have helped that she was a Nightbane and had untapped magical resources. Still, it is quite an achievement to be one of the few self taught sorcerers or sorceresses.

In high school, she had mostly taken classes in fields that would lead her into the fields of research and archaeology. None of the languages offered in high school interested her that much. Once in college though, she was introduced to ancient languages and began devouring both ancient Egyptian and Sumerian. She was also able to greatly increase her knowledge in archaeology.

It was in some of these classes where she first met other practitioners of the mystical arts. None of the ones she met though were self taught like she was. Most had been taught by their parents. Still, being in contact with other practitioners was quite helpful in understanding areas she was having trouble with. One thing she noticed is that she had a lot more energy for her magic than any of the others she met.

She continued working odd jobs and was able to acquire quite a number of additional books. In addition, she visited a pawn shop outside the college grounds one day. There was a strange black dagger on display. She could feel magical energies emanating from it. The pawn shop owner claimed to he to have not been able to sell it so was willing to let it go for a fraction of what he originally wanted. Becky found out later that it was made from a material known as Dark Metal. Interestingly, the Pawn Shop shut down soon after she bought the blade.

Odd jobs were not enough to support her and she was not interested in joining a military ROTC program either. Her adopted parents sent her a little money but never quite enough. She had a car, which while not new, she had to make car payments. She had other expenses such as rent as well. As a result, she decided to take a course in paramedics and found a job as one.

When Dark Day engulfed the world, she was working as a paramedic. It was like nothing she had ever seen before with emergencies everywhere. Hundreds of calls from everywhere and no way to respond to them all. Pandemonium everywhere with fighting and murders like nothing anyone had ever seen. She was caught as confused as everybody else although she had a sense of foreboding.

The day was also when she learned that she was not human but a powerful supernatural creature known as a Nightbane. The ambulance that she was in was attacked by a pair of skeletal creatures which she now know are called Hounds. Besides her, there were two other crew. One, the driver was shredded almost instantly by the Hounds. It was then that she transformed for the first time into the “Bride of Frankenstein.” She was able to fight off the two Hounds. The surviving Paramedic fled in fear after she transformed.

Becky was pretty confused after the fight and ended up just wandering the streets. While walking, she met another Nightbane, the first time she has known to have met one. Took her to a relatively safe place where they talked about what was happening. He was far more knowledgeable about what was going on than she was. She had read some intriguing items but had not been able to get everything together. This Nighbane told her about the Nightlords and their various minions. Also, taught her a bit about the Nightbane, their special abilities, their ability to transform, and other lore.

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