Were-Fox R.C.C. [BTS / Nightbane Creatures & Races]:

While the most secretive and rarest of the Were-Beings, they are also the most able to survive in a modern environment. Werewolves like to kill, Were-Bears like their privacy, and Were-Cats like to hunt. Were-Foxes like to trick and rarely do anything directly. Few people in reality know much about the Were Foxes, all that is know is through a few stories. Some people who consider themselves experts on them believe that they are the truth behind the Legend of the Kitsuné. It is true that the Were-Fox do nothing to dissuade this and if Kitsuné exist they are keeping quiet about it as well. Not as strong or as powerful as the other Were-Beings, they make up for this by being among the quickest and through just shear dirty tricks. Even they are likely to play tricks, they are the least likely to be evil and intend true evil towards their "victims". Besides being tricksters, they are generally fun loving and have a strong love for life. A disdain for laws is also part of their makeup although as described earlier, they do not like harming others in the process. Keeping the Earth healthy is very important to them and many of the Were Fox in human society have strong connections to environmental groups although usually not members. Were Foxes normally live solitary lives or in mated pairs although this does not stop them from making friends. They do not often join gangs or clubs. The only exception are spell casters, they are slightly more organized simply to share magic easier. There are both were Foxes that live in the wilderness and the city and there is little if any animosity between them.

While there appears to have been a native population of Were Fox in North America, they seem to have been most common in Asia until just recently. Since the huge anarchy and problem of the last sixty or so years, many have moved to North America increasing the population by at least ten fold. Many of these new arrivals have settled in the cities. The Were Fox that integrate themselves into human society generally pick jobs that are fairly solitary. Were Fox that work as computer operators or programs tend to work out of their home.

Because the environment is very important to them, they have a strong hatred of beings that are attempting to destroy the Earth. Like might be expected, they generally do not confront them directly but instead use tricks to cause the others to self destruct. One example is a Were Fox luring a vampire into a warehouse filled with wooden Garden stakes with the stakes booby trapped. They have a special hatred for vampires that is mostly the Werebeing hatred of all Vampires. Because of the destruction of the Earth the Nightlords mean to inflict, they oppose them as well and fight them in the same manor they do other enemies. They will help Nightbane but are unlikely to join them actively.

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